God level Extraction System Chapter 1462

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After all, with Lin Qianqian and Dong Shu’s lessons learned, Lin Kai doesn’t want to hurt others anymore.

Therefore, Lin Kai came decisively.

As soon as he arrived, he sensed a middle-aged man with a face of horror and fled towards him.

And Jiang Enyi also happened to be here.

What happened to Jiang Enyi not at all in front of the mountain range was actually the place where he couldn’t find the hole where the Dragon Vein was born, and where the evil spirit was sealed.

Inside that cave, it was very hidden, not professional, and there was no way to find that place.

Jiang Enyi returned without success.

Lin Kai saw these two people coming, he was slightly hidden in a corner.

When the two people get together, he will come out again.

He wants to see what the specific purpose of these two people is to do.

Yinshen only knows the purpose of the middle-aged man.

At this moment, Jiang Enyi saw the middle-aged man with a serious injury and was very surprised, so he asked.

The middle-aged man told himself and all the strange experiences that happened there.

Lin Kai in the vicinity, heard the middle-aged man’s words, slightly smiled, without even thinking about it, it was the hands and feet of the hidden gods.

And at this time, he also sensed the hidden god, he had already come here, and he secretly sound transmission to the hidden god, don’t act blindly without thinking.

Sure enough, the next moment Jiang Enyi stated his purpose, not only to come to Dragon Vein, but also to send back the news here.

In addition to looking for the Dragon Vein, he also came to explore the terrain of the mountain range. When the time comes, he would send someone to blow up the mountain range.

As if, Leiyuan Group noticed this mountain range.

Lin Yuan certainly did not want this mountain range to be developed by Li Shengxian and become a scenic spot.

In fact, this was expected by Lin Kai, but he did not expect that Lin Yuan would notice this place so quickly.

It seems that it is him, the recent series of blows to the Leiyuan Group have made Lin Yuan more urgent and want to make the Leiyuan Group dominate the Eastern Sea.

And the biggest obstacle to a dominance is Li Family.

As the unshakable overlord of Eastern Sea, Li Family is naturally not so easy to fall.

Although the scale of Leiyuan Group is now expanding wildly under continuous acquisition or investment, it far exceeds that of Li Family.

But after all, Li Family is still there, no matter what, it can sustain its dominance for several years.

Leiyuan Group must be unable to wait for several years or even a few months.

From what Lin Yuan wanted, and the Great Family group in several nearby cities, the alliance would know that Lin Yuan wanted to make the Leiyuan Group extremely large in a short time.

Then he swallowed Li Family and became the true leader of Eastern Sea.

And now Li Family has no emerging industries, and can only wait to be slowly swallowed by Leiyuan Group.

But Li Shengxian is an odd number here, because Lin Kai helps.

Most importantly, in the past few days, Leiyuan Group also heard that the suburb of Western District was purchased by Li Shengxian and started to develop into a scenic spot.

Under investigation, I understood the reason.

If Li Shengxian succeeds, Li Shengxian will not only secure his position as the heir of the Li Family, but also inject new industries into the Li Family, which may even bring the market value of Li Family several times higher.

Because Lin Yuan also learned that Lin Kai took the film crew starring Yin Suyan to the mountain range to shoot.

In addition, it is directed by Pan Liguo, and this movie must be very popular.

That’s why Lin Yuan sent people in such anxiousness. First, he wanted to destroy the architectural drawings, so that the filming could be delayed for a period of time.

At the same time, send someone to figure out the topography of the mountain range and find a suitable time to destroy all the beautiful places in the mountain range.

As a result, the scenic spot developed by Li Shengxian would naturally not be possible.

When I heard Jiang Enyi spit out there, saying that there are beautiful scenery everywhere, it is obviously impossible to ruin all the places.

He and the middle-aged man began to think of ways there to find the key beauty.

But when the two were about to leave, Lin Kai showed up.

Lin Kai had to admit that Lin Yuan was still Lin Yuan, and the plan he thought could indeed bring a certain degree of danger.

Unfortunately, Lin Yuan still underestimated him.

When Jiang Enyi and the middle-aged man saw Lin Kai appear, they were all surprised.

Especially Jiang Enyi, he knows how powerful Lin Kai is, the man who frightens Lin Yuan.

On the contrary, he was a middle-aged man, who was holding back a lot of grievances. He almost died in that wicked place not long ago.

Now that he recovered most of his strength, he saw a young guy intercepting him.

The middle-aged man knows that this person is Lin Kai and that Lin Kai is quite strong, but he doesn’t think that no matter how strong he is, can he be stronger than Jiang Enyi’s teaming?

Ever since, the middle-aged man yelled: “Bring, bring about one’s own destruction! It just so happens that I want to find you too, since walking right into a trap, don’t blame me!”

He said and looked at Jiang Enyi, said with a smile: “Brother Jiang, this kid came to the door by himself. With the two of us, we will definitely catch this kid. But how are you, with a strange expression on your face,” I……”

Before the middle-aged man finished speaking, Jiang Enyi turned around and ran out of the mountain range, running faster than a rabbit!

Jiang Enyi secretly scolded this middle-aged man as a idiot. This is a headache even for his boss. Not to mention that he and the middle-aged man join forces and ten more Martial Saint experts will not necessarily win!

So how dare he go! As for why I didn’t make it clear with the middle-aged man, of course it was to let the middle-aged man delay Lin Kai so as not to catch him.

The middle-aged man saw Jiang Enyi running away in a panic. He was dumbfounded. He didn’t seem to understand why Jiang Enyi fled like this.

Only soon, he understood.

Because Lin Kai let out a sneer, just a move, and seriously injured the middle-aged man to the ground, worse than the previous severe injury!

All of a sudden, the middle-aged man knew instantly! The strength of this kid is entirely because he and Jiang Enyi joined forces, and it is impossible to overcome! too strong!

The middle-aged man was terrified.

Lin Kai glanced at the middle-aged man, then looked towards Jiang Enyi’s side, indifferently said: “Yin Shen, take action, first destroy him.”

After speaking, Lin Kai decisively used the ability to tell the truth and let the middle-aged man explain something honestly.

Just now through a conversation with two people, he knew that this middle-aged man was not from Leiyuan Group.

This question indeed revealed that this middle-aged man belonged to a certain Aristocratic Family. The first assassination was offered by the Young Master of Cain’s Aristocratic Family, who released the Bounty Mission assassination.

Lin Kai sneered even more, and after asking the question decisively, he discarded the middle-aged man.

On the side of the hidden god, Jiang Enyi was also abolished, and both of them lost Martial Saint and became an ordinary person.

And Lin Kai asked Yinshen to bring these two wastes to the door of Leiyuan Group. The purpose of this is to kill the chicken to warn the monkey!

Let Lin Yuan take a look, and then do this imitate the dog and steal chicken thing, it will end like this!

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