God level Extraction System Chapter 1463

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At 3 or 4 in the afternoon, Lin Kai returned to Lin Qianqian’s company.

He went to the suburbs of Western District and solved Jiang Enyi and the middle-aged man, then went to the back of the mountain range to see how the construction progress was.

By the way, Gao Zhengsheng, the engineer responsible for the construction of ancient buildings, gave pointers.

After all, he drew this architectural drawing, so there are many key issues that need to be explained by Gao Zhengsheng.

Originally, Lin Kai planned to find some time within today to go to the suburbs of Western District.

Only after Yinshen sent him a message, he came to the suburbs of Western District early.

However, Goldman’s attitude towards him has undergone a change from Heaven and Earth.

Hearing Lin Kai’s guidance, he is like a well-behaved student. He listens carefully next to him. When in doubt, he asks Lin Kai and Lin Kai patiently explains it.

In this way, after a few hours, Gao Zhengsheng fully understood. For the rest, there is no need for Lin Kai to come back to the mountain range.

On the way back to Lin Qianqian’s company, Yinshen returned the message, saying that Jiang Enyi and the middle-aged man who had been deposed dantian had been thrown at the door of Leiyuan Group.

In accordance with Lin Kai’s words, Yinshen said directly, if Lin Yuan dares to use these three indiscriminate methods next time, he will not mind, and he will use the same method to deal with the high level of Leiyuan Group.

Lin Kai knows that Lin Yuan doesn’t care about the people around him. To be precise, Lin Yuan is a cold blooded and emotionless person and doesn’t care about the lives of others.

Lin Kai really recognized this and said that he would target the senior leaders of Leiyuan Group.

Lin Yuan may not care about others, but he must not care about Leiyuan Group.

Leiyuan Group can now be said to be Lin Yuan’s capital.

Of course, Lin Kai is also impossible. He really does something to the Leiyuan Group. That would either the fish dies or the net splits, just to let the hidden god throw Jiang Enyi and the middle-aged man over to deter Lin Yuan and kill The role of the chicken to warn the monkey.

Moreover, Lin Kai deliberately let the Yinshen finish speaking, and went directly invisible to disrupt the Leiyuan Group.

When the Grandmaster expert from Leiyuan Group arrived, Yinshen had already left the scope of Leiyuan Group.

In this way, the Leiyuan Group must consider it carefully and use some indiscriminate methods next time to take responsibility for the consequences.

After that, Lin Kai arranged for Yinshen to return to the back of the mountain range in order to ensure the safety of the workers and Goldman Sachs.

Lin Kai didn’t know whether Lin Yuan would retaliate. Although he guessed with a high probability that Lin Yuan would bear it for the time being, he was not afraid of 10000, but 10000.

at this time.

Lin Kai’s car parked in the parking lot of Lin Qianqian’s company.

Several cars from the crew are not here. Obviously, the shooting of the endorsement commercial has been filmed.

On the way, Lin Kai received a call from Yin Suyan. She said that she had returned to the hotel to rest.

Originally, Lin Kai thought, and drove home directly. After a while, he received a call from Lin Qianqian.

Lin Qianqian asked him to come to the company and said that he was a shareholder of the company. At least the edited advertisements had to be looked at, and she was dissatisfied.

Lin Kai had no choice but to come over.

At this time, Lin Kai walked into Lin Qianqian’s office.

When Lin Qianqian saw Lin Kai coming, she immediately greeted Lin Kai and watched the endorsement advertisement of the film. There were 2 advertisements.

An advertisement lasts about ten or nine seconds. This advertisement is placed on a TV advertisement or a membership advertisement on a video website.

Another advertisement lasted more than 5 minutes, equivalent to a short commercial, this short commercial is the top priority.

When the time comes will be published on the whole network, and will be published through Yin Suyan’s online account.

Lin Kai and Lin Qianqian watched these two commercials together. The first ten-to-nine-second commercial was quite brilliant, and it was also top-notch in TV commercials.

However, the time given to Pan Liguo is too short, otherwise, he can still shoot better.

But the second one, the 2-minute short film advertisement is different.

It can be said that this advertisement is the highlight, and if it is released, it will definitely be the one that will instantly hit the whole network.

Lin Kai has to be surprised that Pan Liguo’s professional strength is indeed very strong.

And Yin Suyan, whose performance in the short film is worthy of being a queen.

Especially skin care products advertisements, not so obtrusive, but skin care products should have that kind of feeling.

Lin Qianqian saw Lin Kai, stared at the advertisement in front of the computer screen, and snorted: “Lin Kai, I think you see the Yin Suyan Young Lady in the advertisement, and you can’t move your eyes all the time. Are you and her really just The relationship of good friends?”

Lin Kai kept looking at Yin Suyan, in fact, because he admired Yin Suyan’s performance in the advertisement that’s all, didn’t expect Lin Qianqian, he would ask so.

He reluctantly responded: “Naturally it is a good friend relationship.”

This made Lin Qianqian stare at Lin Kai suspiciously. Lin Kai was even more helpless. He had no choice but to find a reason and left Lin Qianqian’s company.

The endorsement advertisement has been shot, Lin Kai is relieved.

As for the release and delivery of the advertisement, it is up to Lin Qianqian herself.

Lin Kai returned to his home.

Dong Shu went back after healed his injury.

So now there is only Lin Kai left at home.

Lin Kai was not idle, he sat directly on the sofa in the living room and started cultivation.

He has a hunch that it is the tranquility before the rainstorm.

Because of his actions today, Lin Yuan would definitely be angered. Although Lin Yuan might not fight back immediately, he was definitely thinking of a way there to find an opportunity to cause a fatal blow to him.

Lin Yuan thought so, but Lin Kai didn’t think so.

Calculating the time, 3 days later is the worst day for Leiyuan Group.

In order to prevent any accidents, Lin Kai is still working hard to increase the cultivation base, and currently he touches the bottleneck of the cultivation base.

Once the breakthrough, the strength will go further.

The stronger one’s own strength, the kingly way. No matter what crafty plots and machinations come, they are not afraid, but can be cracked one by one.

“At present, Golden Core Stage, if you want to conduct a breakthrough, between this Heaven and Earth’s True Qi, it is still not enough. So if you want a better breakthrough, you have to find a kind of heavenly materials and earthly treasures as a primer, and then proceed. breakthrough .”

Lin Kai thought, he has Dragon Vein liquid, but Dragon Vein liquid is only needed for him to go from Golden Core Stage breakthrough to Nascent Soul Stage.

Now it is too wasteful to use for breakthrough, so just ignore it.

Three-color saplings have only part of the effect, and part of the effect is not used for breakthrough effects.

As a result, Lin Kai has to look for a similar kind of heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

While Lin Kai was thinking about it, the system released a task that turned out to be a reward for the extraction ability of Half-God Level.

The system must know what he is thinking, so the task of the system is to find a heavenly materials earthly treasures named “Nine Nether Grass”.

Nine Nether grass grows in the Land of Extreme Yin and also contains the essence of Heaven and Earth True Qi. It is a rare heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

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