God level Extraction System Chapter 1464

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According to the system task, the description of Nine Nether grass is indeed very suitable. Lin Kai is in the Golden Core Stage and has to break through one small realm.

What excites Lin Kai most is that this rewarded Half-God Level extraction ability, called the God Monkey Extraction ability, can extract Primordial Spirit Leaving the Body, and even attach his own Primordial Spirit to others!

To know Immortal Cultivator Primordial Spirit Leaving the Body, you need Divine Transformation Stage to do it!

He is currently Golden Core Stage, Nascent Soul Stage, and Divine Transformation Stage!

In other words, the extraction ability can be obtained by 2 great realms in advance!

Primordial Spirit Leaving the Body, after the Divine Transformation Stage, is very useful, not to mention the current Golden Core Stage!

Whether he wants to break through a small realm, or for this extraction ability, Lin Kai must quickly complete this system task.

But this Nine Nether grass should grow in a place full of Yin Shao.

Lin Kai still doesn’t know much about this aspect.

After thinking for a while, he called Zhicheng master.

Master Zhicheng, who deals with evil every day, may know some.

Somewhat disappointed is that Master Zhicheng has never heard of Nine Nether.

However, Master Zhicheng said that maybe other members of the Bihua Mansion, knowing this Nether grass, will help Lin Kai ask.

Lin Kai said many thanks and hung up the phone with Master Zhicheng.

He continued to immerse himself in the cultivation.

But after a while, Master Zhicheng called.

Lin Kai is curious, did you ask so soon?

However, as soon as he answered the phone, he heard a voice from the other side.

The voice is not Zhicheng master, but An Xiaoran.

“Lin Kai, Lin Kai, the Nether grass you are looking for. Let me tell you this. The other people in the Pihua Mansion must not know, but I have a way to know. You only ask me and I will tell you.” Xiao Ran’s humming voice came.

Lin Kai laughed and responded: “An Xiaoran, it’s not late anymore. I didn’t hear Master Zhicheng say just now, what mission are you performing? What do you mean by staying with a monk this night?”

An Xiaoran immediately said angrily: “What are you talking about! In addition to master Zhicheng next to me, there are several other people, all from the Bihua Mansion! We are in a meeting!”

At the same time, An Xiaoran was in a conference hall with several people sitting at the conference table.

In addition to An Xiaoran and Zhicheng master, there are two others that Lin Kai knows. To be precise, Lin Kai saved the names of two people.

The Xuan Ning Taoist of Xuan Taoist Temple and Chen Family Patriarch Chen Guang in Beijing.

In the suburbs of Eastern Sea Western District, Lin Kai finally saved the lives of 3 people in that evil spirit place. It can be said that the master of Zhicheng was saved by Lin Kai.

The people present are all people out of the ordinary. Although the hands-free phone is not turned on, they can hear Lin Kai cracking a joke.

When the master of Zhicheng heard Lin Kai joking with An Xiaoran, an old monk like him, he couldn’t help but helplessly said to everyone: “Benefactor Lin was forced to do nothing, so he said this deliberately. You didn’t see An Xiaoran proud of it. Isn’t it glamorous? Don’t blame Benefactor Lin.”

Daoist Xian Ning is an old man in his 60s, dressed in a robes, divine poise and sagelike features. At this moment, he strokes his long white beard, said with a laugh: “Fellow Daoist Lin has only met once, but I don’t know much about it. Fellow Daoist Lin, now that Fellow Daoist Lin has made Fellow Daoist An so deflated, it must have a great style.”

Daoist Xian Ning smiled again, with a solemn expression: “The place where Nine Nether was born is a very dangerous place. If you tell Fellow Daoist Lin this way, you may put Fellow Daoist Lin in danger.”

Chen Guangdao: “Just tell Fellow Daoist Lin about the dangers. Let Fellow Daoist Lin judge for himself, maybe this Nether grass is very important to Fellow Daoist Lin, and Fellow Daoist Lin’s strength is really great. It must be able to threaten him. It just so happened that that place is almost the destination of our trip. I am waiting with Fellow Daoist Lin, at least not to put Fellow Daoist Lin in danger.”

Taoist Xian Ning heard this and ordered nodded: “Yes, you can’t let Fellow Daoist Lin be in danger. After all, he is kind to me, and he also helped Pihua Mansion several times. Reasonable in every circumstance, I have to help Fellow Daoist. Lin, won the Nine Nether grass.”

“Seniors, the goal of our trip must not be exposed to outsiders. If you let Lin Kai follow us, isn’t it good?”

In a corner of the conference table, a young man in his 20s frowns opened the mouth and said.

This young man is also handsome, not worse than Lu Qingfeng.

Lu Qingfeng is that feminine and beautiful, more feminine than a woman.

And this young man is similar. The only difference is that the clothes this young man wears are also feminine, that kind of fancy.

The young man’s name was Liu Family Cheng. He saw that An Xiaoran grabbed Zhicheng master’s cell phone and talked with Lin Kai on the other end of the phone with excitement. This made Liu Family Cheng very unhappy.

Especially now, when I heard Taoist Xianning and Chen Guang discussing and asked Lin Kai to go with them, Liu Family was extremely upset.

Therefore, he couldn’t help but ran out and said something.

There was another person on the conference table. She was a young girl. She was pretty and dressed up with ethnic characteristics.

Such a young girl looks more mature than An Xiaoran.

But this young girl, sitting opposite Liu Family Cheng, held her chin, and stared at Liu Family sincerely with nympholy eyes.

Obviously, this young girl admires the sincerity of this Liu Family.

At this time, she heard Liu Family say this, and involuntarily echoed Liu Family: “Yes, Liu Family is right. The purpose of our trip is not to be exposed. It is still not enough to let an outsider join our team. Ok.”

In fact, young girls don’t care about this problem.

But Liu Family said so, and she said so too, just to get Liu Family’s favor.

Sure enough, Liu Family sincerely heard the young girl supporting him, and he was slightly smiled.

And the young girl saw Liu Family’s sincere smile with an idiotic and brainless look, and said to herself: “So handsome!”

Master Zhicheng looked at Liu Family Cheng and the young girl. They gave each other a look and smiled kindly: “Fellow Daoist Lin is not an outsider. Although he is not a member of the Pihua Mansion, he is also a national organization. Not to mention this trip. The purpose is also in the depths of the mountain range of Xianning donor Xuandao Temple. Deep mountain in the center of Deer Mountain in Xunyang City.

The Nine Nether grass that Fellow Daoist Lin was looking for was also in that place, which happened to be on the way. Therefore, Liu Family is a sincere donor, and there is also a new donor, you two can rest assured. No mission objectives will be exposed. We naturally waited to complete our task, and then went to help Fellow Daoist Lin. “

Zhicheng master impossible tells the true identity of Lin Kai.

After all, Lin Kai’s true identity is absolutely confidential.

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