God level Extraction System Chapter 1465

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At this time, An Xiaoran originally wanted to slay Lin Kai’s appetite and ask Lin Kai to say a few good things to her, so that she could provide Lin Kai with Nether Nether.

It’s just that Lin Kai should have heard the voice of Master Zhicheng, and quickly said: “Young Lady An, thank you, it turned out to be in Deer Mountain no man’s land in Xunyang City.”

Before An Xiaoran could say anything, she heard the beeping sound of the phone hanging up.

“Hmph! Old bald donkey!”

An Xiaoran blanked his eyes and became a master, twitched his lips: “Why are you so honest? Even if you tell me such a detailed address, you have to say it. After Lin Kai tells me something nice, let’s talk about it!”

Master Zhicheng smiled bitterly and shook his head. He really broke An Xiaoran’s good deeds, and immediately put his hands together: “An Shizhu, this poor monk. From now on, when you talk with Benefactor Lin, if this poor monk is by the side, never interrupt!”

Liu Family sincerely laughed at An Xiaoran and said with a smile: “Xiao Ran, for a kid who can’t tell good from bad, go and blame Zhicheng as the master, maybe that’s not the case.”

Liu Family Cheng seems to be there, speaking for the master of Zhicheng.

In fact, it is Liu Family Cheng, taunting Lin Kai openly and secretly, thinking that Lin Kai is a kid who cannot tell good from bad.

An Xiaoran glanced at Liu Family Cheng, indifferently said: “What does it have to do with you.”

After she finished speaking, she returned the mobile phone to Master Zhicheng, hummed, and immediately left the conference hall.

Liu Family sincerely saw An Xiaoran’s appearance, and hurried forward, chasing after him: “Xiao Ran, where are you going? We haven’t finished the discussion yet!”

An Xiaoran said without looking back: “You are discussing yours. After all, I am only responsible for leading the way in this mission. As for you, don’t follow me.”


2nd day early in the morning.

Lin Kai took a taxi on his own, went to Eastern Sea International Airport, and flew to Xunyang City, a neighboring province.

Since ancient times, Xunyang City is a part of Jiangnan, a typical Jiangnan water town. Moreover, the largest freshwater lake in Hua Xia Country, more than 70% of the area, runs through the entire Xunyang City.

There is even a mountain called “Deer Mountain” which is highly respected by ancient poets.

equivalent to the modern Internet celebrity mountain, and the Internet celebrity check-in place. From ancient times to the present, there are 1000 poets and more than 10000 poems or articles.

There are many poems in the textbook, which can be said to be a hit.

In addition, the scenery of Deer Mountain is indeed very beautiful, attracting more tourists every year.

Not only that, but on Deer Mountain, there is the source of the Southern Shaolin Temple and a branch of Taoism.

The Taoist Xuan Taoist created by Xianning Taoist himself, although it was created less than a few decades ago, the Taoist temple was the branch address of the previous Taoist school. It has a very deep foundation, so it is still a bit famous.

At this time, outside the airport in Xunyang City.

Taoist Xianning said to the master Zhicheng, said with a smile: “Fellow Daoists, I’m sorry. My ineffective disciplines seem to be delayed on the road and didn’t come to pick us up in time. Wait, if it doesn’t. Come, Poor Daoist can only call others over.”

As a person here, Dao Xianning came from a long way to entertain Master Zhicheng and others.

Master Zhicheng and Chen Guang both showed an understanding smile.

An Xiaoran wears a sun hat and sunglasses, and wears headphones boringly for a long time, listening to the song, she just vaguely heard what Taoist Xianning said, she didn’t care much.

The Liu Family sincerely shook his head and said: “Xian Senior Ning, it seems that several of your disciplines are still negligent. They will come at the agreed time soon, but they are not here now.”

Liu Family Cheng naturally didn’t dare to say anything too much, he was still very angry, and let him be in such a big sun here, he still has a temper.

He can’t provoke a virtuous Taoist who dare not provoke him, so he has to get angry with a few disciplines of the Taoist Xianning.

Xinru looked at Liu Family’s appearance like this, and also echoed: “Right, yes, some of Xian Senior Ning’s disciplines are too untrustworthy. It’s almost reaching the agreed time. It hasn’t come yet. It really doesn’t take us. In my eyes! I suggest…”

Before she finished speaking, a commercial car drove not far in front of everyone.

I saw two Taoist priests in Taoist robes at the front of the commercial vehicle.

One of the Taoist priests got down from the co-pilot and bowed to the Taoist Xianning: “Master, I was delayed on the road, but fortunately it just arrived at the agreed time. Let the Master and the guests of the Master wait for a while. There is so much apologize.”

Taoist Xianning shook his head and laughed: “You just happened to be there, there is nothing to apologize.”

“Yes, it’s normal to be delayed on the road for a while.” Chen Guang also continued.

Master Zhicheng also said nothing.

The expressions of several elders made Liu Family Cheng and Xinru’s faces hot. Just now, the two people kept blaming the disciples of Xianning Taoist for their bad attitude and were almost late.

I didn’t know that the face slap came so fast, not at all late, but just stepped on the spot.

Especially Liu Family is honest, his complexion is gloomy’s terrifying.

The next few people all got on this commercial vehicle.

According to the plan of Taoist Xianning, instead of heading directly to Deer Mountain, I found a hotel in the city to stay first.

Since he took the Zhicheng master, let’s take a tour in Xunyang City.

Anyway, this task is not urgent, it is rare to have free time, so it is natural to have fun and stroll around.

Everyone had no opinion. With the host of the Xianning Taoist, it would definitely be fun.

Only Liu Family sincerely offered a suggestion: “Xian Senior Ning, there is an antique market in Xunyang that is very famous. I happen to be very interested in antiques. Wait for Senior Ning, it’s better to take us to that antique market. Look, how?”

Taoist Xianning did not refuse the junior’s proposal, but nodded: “Yes.”

Around 2 pm.

Lin Kai took a three-and-a-half-hour flight to Xunyang City in the neighboring province.

He took a taxi directly outside the airport. He was planning to get to know Deer Mountain first, so he didn’t go to Deer Mountain right away, so he decided to study it.

Because when I called last night, Lin Kai, as an Immortal Cultivator, could still hear everyone’s voices there, knowing that there seemed to be a certain danger.

So that he is not in a hurry to go.

When he was just taking a taxi, he didn’t know where to go, so he casually said to the driver: “Just go to a hotel in the city.”

The driver was also sincere. After driving for half an hour, he went to the city and found a hotel with the best location and a very good environment in all aspects.

If you change to a dishonest driver, listening to Lin Kai’s words, you will definitely want to go around a few times and find a hotel at will.

Then Lin Kai paid the money and got out of the car.

This hotel is in Xunyang City, not luxurious, but it is the hotel with the most Xunyang characteristics.

Lin Kai is also satisfied. It’s almost 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and he will go back to the hotel to rest for a while.

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