God level Extraction System Chapter 1466

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Lin Kai also knows that there is an antique market near this hotel, which is the largest and most popular antique market in several nearby provinces.

It is said that some people in this antique market have found a lot of good treasures from 1000 years ago.

Lin Kai is somewhat interested. Others may just pick up some antique treasures for collection or sell them at high prices.

Lin Kai is different, he sees what magic weapons such as Immortal Cultivator left behind.

He already knew that there was still an Immortal Cultivator in China in ancient times. Although there is only one Immortal Cultivator left on Earth now, it must be left behind, many magic weapons and the like.

As a result, Lin Kai took a short break in the hotel and went to the largest antique market nearby.

The antique market has several ancient streets, one of which is the most prosperous, named Tianxing Antique Street.

At that time, Tianxing Antique Street, in a certain shop.

The Taoist Xianning waited for a few people, and then strolled around the shop at will.

It seems that Liu Family, in order to show something, points to a yellowed copper coin placed on the cabinet in the store, and said with a smile: “Boss, your shop is too low in price. You dare to even a copper coin. It’s displayed on the counter. Isn’t copper coin the most common type in the antique market? What’s so strange about it?

Hearing Liu Family’s honesty, Daoist Xianning, Master Zhicheng and others couldn’t help but look at the yellowed coin. Except that the words engraved on the coin seemed to be special, it was no different from other coins.

The shop Boss is a 50-year-old shrewd man, dressed in a robe of the Republic of China, holding 2 walnuts in his hand, turning around.

The shrewd man said sincerely to Liu Family, said with a smile: “This Little Brother, you don’t know it. The coin can be placed on a wooden cabinet and displayed separately, and naturally has its unique value. This coin has its own unique value. It was the copper coin in the mouth of a king in the 5th generation and ten countries, specially created. As you know, copper coins are usually stuffed into the body to prevent resurrection.

But for the king at this level, it is naturally impossible to put ordinary copper coins. This copper coin is made of pure gold. You will know it by looking at its yellowing. Because of the age, the color is dim. Not to mention other things, just because it came from the period of the 5th generation and the ten countries, it is eligible. You can’t deny it here, right? “

Hearing what the shop Boss said, Liu Family’s eyes lit up and asked: “Indeed, there are still too few unearthed antiquities from the 5th generation and the ten countries, and the history is not that detailed. I don’t know the Boss, this coin what is the price?”

The shop Boss continued to turn the 2 walnuts in his hand, and then extended 2 fingers with his other hand, said with a smile: “2,000,000, one price. In fact, 2,000,000 is already discounted by me. Otherwise, according to the market price, at least I have to add another 500,000. But 2.5 million, that would not sound good.”

Master Zhicheng saw the pan-brass coin and asked the Taoist Xianning next to him: “Xianning donor, is this true or false?”

Taoist Xianning is not wearing a robes, but ordinary clothes.

After all, this is in the urban area of ​​Xunyang City, and the Xuan Taoist Temple is quite famous in Xunyang City. If you see him in a Taoist robe, you will definitely recognize him.

So now Xianning Taoist looks like an ordinary old man.

Daoist Xianning shook the head and responded: “Zhicheng master, to be honest, Poor Daoist still doesn’t quite understand this aspect.”

Chen Guang heard the two people next to him discussing there, he said with a smile: “The two Fellow Daoists were all devoted to cultivation there. It is normal for me to have no use to understand this aspect. As a person in Beijing, Beijing itself There is Panjiayuan, the largest antique market in China. I was keen to buy some treasures there decades ago.

According to my previous experience, this copper coin does have some ages and is also made of gold. However, it is hard to say whether it was unearthed in the 5th generation and 5 countries. If it were not for the era of the 200,000th generation and 2,000,000 countries, at most 1. If yes, 1 is indeed the same. “

Master Zhicheng and Taoist Xianning hearing this, both ordered nodded.

Their three people did not speak out directly, but used sound transmission.

The 3 people themselves are powerful ancient martial arts people. In addition to Buddhism and Taoism, they have also studied deeply, and naturally they will have some sound transmission methods.

Therefore, other people simply can’t hear the conversation between Zhicheng Master 3.

After the shop Boss said the price, the expression was quite calm, and it seemed that he didn’t care about whether the entire group would buy the copper coin, and was leisurely turning around the 2 walnuts in his hands.

Liu Family sincerely saw this and moved in his heart. He immediately went to the shop Boss and asked: “Boss, can you take it for me, can you take a closer look?”

The shop boss smiled: “Naturally, but because it is an antique, naturally you have to wear gloves to see. There are gloves on the table. You can wear them yourself before holding them.”

Liu Family immediately put on the gloves on the table, and then took the pan-brass coins on the cabinet into his hands and observed for a while.

Immediately, he raised the pan-brass coin in his hand and smiled and asked An Xiaoran: “Xiao Ran, do you think this coin is worth buying?”

An Xiaoran glanced at Liu Family Cheng faintly, and said, “Liu Family Cheng, do you buy it or not, don’t ask me anything.”

Xinru, but hurriedly responded to Liu Family Cheng: “Jiacheng, isn’t it just a broken copper coin? 2,000,000 is not worth buying it. Speaking of which, in my place, there are a lot of such broken copper coins. If you like it, please download I brought you a pile of copper coins this time.”

Liu Family sincerely glanced at Xinru: “You are not me who, you can save me a bunch of coins.”

Liu Family is sincerely trying to clear the relationship with Xinru, so as not to let An Xiaoran get a misunderstanding, so that he went to the shop Boss, opened the mouth and said: “2,000,000 I bought it and packed it for me.”

“Go!” When the shop boss heard Liu Family’s words, he was not as calm as before, but laughed: “Little Brother, you have a vision! Honestly, I am a little bit reluctant to let go of these 2,000,000. Sell! It’s cheaper for you!

After all, the value of this collection is much greater than its own value! But I am not a collector, I am a businessman, so I sell it to you cheaply! “

Liu Family sincerely hearing this, I feel that the shop Boss’s words are a bit strange, but I don’t know where the weirdness is.

Afterwards, the shop boss packed the pan-brass coins, and there was also an antique appraisal certificate.

This time Liu Family felt at ease and paid the money happily.

After he bought it, the Zhicheng master and the others moved towards the shop and walked outside.

Cheng Liu Family walked outside the shop while holding the wrapped pan-brass coin cautiously.

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