God level Extraction System Chapter 1467

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At this time, Liu Family is still very proud in his heart.

After all, after spending 2,000,000, I bought a special copper coin made of gold in the 5th generation and 1 countries. The meaning is very out of the ordinary.

If you resell it, you can make a fortune. Collecting it is also extremely valuable.

In short, he bought this pan-brass money without losing money.

Zhicheng master has a group of 6 people, all in different age groups.

So walk around and see, a few people walked and scattered.

The main reason is that the hobby is not the same. Master Zhicheng and Taoist Xianning have no interest in these antiques, so the two of them walked together and went around at will.

Chen Guang was interested in things from the Republic of China period, and would go around shops or street stalls in that period.

An Xiaoran is also not interested in these antiquities, but walks around the street alone while wearing headphones and listening to songs.

However, Liu Family sincerely saw An Xiaoran walking alone, and he was busy following An Xiaoran because An Xiaoran was listening to the song.

Liu Family does not know how loud An Xiaoran’s headphones are, and how he talks to An Xiaoran anyway, An Xiaoran just ignores him.

Xinru looked at Liu Family Cheng and was following An Xiaoran, so she also ran next to Liu Family Cheng with a look of admiration: “Jia Cheng, you…”

Before she could finish her conversation, she saw a middle-aged fatty who looked like a nouveau riche in the shop not far in front. He was pushed directly out of the shop.

This middle-aged fatty, a big Gold Chain big gold watch, and a few big gold rings on his fingers.

But at this time, after the middle-aged fatty was launched, he yelled at the shop: “I’m rich, but I’m not stupid! You said that the copper coin was from the 5th generation and 5 kingdoms period, that’s from 1 During the period of the Ten Kingdoms? What is the first copper coin created by a king during the founding period? It is of extraordinary significance!

It is also said that the only one found in China is this copper coin! 5,000,000 needed! Are you stupid? Fortunately, I visited, and all the shops on this street are also talking about copper coins unearthed from the 5th generation and 1 kingdoms period. Half of it said that the first copper coin created by the king was founded, and the other half was even more frantic. It was found in the mouth of the king’s body to prevent its resurrection! Which king does not want to be resurrected?

As for what certification! The most ridiculous! There are a lot of such fake identification certificates on the Internet! This copper coin will be regarded as feeding the dog! Let everyone remember that the copper coins sold in these shops are all fake, and people who don’t understand it! Please don’t be fooled! “

The middle-aged fatty said, and slammed the pan brass money into the shop.

After doing this, the middle-aged fatty left again foul-mouthed.

The family relied on demolition, he did not lack money, but no lack of money, it is impossible to be so wasteful. It took 5,000,000 to buy this fake.

But there is no alternative. After all, in this antique market, there are many fakes. If you can’t see it, you have to think of bad luck.

This scene was seen by the 3 members of Liu Family.

Especially the pan-brass coin that was thrown out casually is exactly the same as the pan-brass coin cautiously held by Liu Family Cheng.

This made Liu Family feel like a bolt from the blue, dumbfounded on the spot.

“Jiacheng, you…”

How could Xinru not understand that Liu Family Cheng was fooled, and seeing Liu Family Cheng’s appearance, I don’t know how to comfort him.

An Xiaoran glanced at Liu Family Cheng, and shook his head: “What is the situation in the antique market, you don’t know? At least 9 out of the ten so-called antiques are fake. And the boss in the shop or the boss in the street stall, What can you tell the truth? You don’t even have such a little judgment. 2,000,000 copper coins like that are bought directly and excitedly. If it is 5,000,000 like that person, wouldn’t you lose even worse?”

Since the last lesson, An Xiaoran has known the sinisterness of in this world, so in all aspects, he considered perfectly clear.

More importantly, a Sect inherited by An Xiaoran still has a certain understanding of antiques.

Why didn’t you remind Liu Family of sincerity not long ago? That’s because Liu Family is sincere and who is not her. What’s more, since Liu Family is sincere, she has always been beside her every day.

Although Liu Family is also a Young Master of the Hidden Aristocratic Family, he was also spoiled since childhood. Before he entered the Pihua Mansion, he had never been tempered in society.

Only in terms of cut down Monsters and eliminate Demons, there are a little tricks, but other aspects are not enough.

As a result, the Boss in that shop step by step lured Liu Family to buy it. Finally, he felt something was wrong, but he didn’t know what was wrong, so he bought it directly.

Especially when Liu Family recalled now, the shop boss said that he had a good vision, but he had a good vision. It was obviously ridiculing his poor vision!

Liu Family Cheng’s face at this time became harder to look.

And Xinru is still more powerful than Liu Family’s honest methods in cutting down Monsters and eliminating Demons. Naturally, I don’t know much about antiques.

So I didn’t understand the shop boss, the last have hidden meaning.

In fact, Master Zhicheng and Taoist Xianning finally realized that the coins were fake. Although the two of them don’t know much about antiques, the experience is there. The reason why they didn’t explain it to Liu Family is also because Liu Family is still learning a lesson.

At this time, Xinru heard An Xiaoran’s words and hurriedly started to speak for Liu Family: “An Xiaoran, you have known for a long time that the copper coins are fake, so why didn’t you tell them directly? I know how to pretend, now I’m here to fight back.”

An Xiaoran said indifferently: “You said other things, I may not understand, but I still know the antique market very well. Buyers make their own judgments and make judgments based on their own vision and knowledge. Interruptions are not allowed if they are not the buyer. Otherwise, it will disrupt the market. After all, although 90% of the antiques market is fake, 1% is true. This percentage is because merchants attract buyers, and they have indeed reduced prices.

So whether or not you can get the goods that become genuine is based on your own judgment. If you don’t understand this aspect well, you can only pay the tuition fee by yourself first, and you will learn a lot next time. If you study this aspect more, you may be more likely to buy the genuine product. “

An Xiaoran talked freely. To be precise, this is the same as the stock market, where a small part of the money is made, and most of it is still cut leek.

Most of those who cut leeks are determined to be good luck and become the small group of money-making.

Xinru heard that An Xiaoran said something reasonable, so he didn’t say anything, just hummed.

Liu Family is sincere about An Xiaoran’s words, not at all, on the contrary, he is extremely happy.

This was him. The first time I saw him, An Xiaoran said so many things to him, which made him very excited, said with a smile: “Xiao Ran, thank you, let me gain knowledge.”

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