God level Extraction System Chapter 1468

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Liu Family said sincerely, looked towards An Xiaoran, and continued to smile: “Didn’t expect, Xiao Ran still cares about me so much, in order to remind me that after so many things, it really makes me feel…”

At the end of the last two words, he stopped speaking suddenly.

Because he saw An Xiaoran’s eyes light up, he quickly went to a young man with an expression of incomparable surprise.

The young man was actually Lin Kai. He was in front of a stall and looked at a pan-brass coin on the stall.

The stall boss saw Lin Kai and looked at the pan-brass coin. He couldn’t move his eyes. His heart moved, saying with a smile: “Little Brother, good eyes.”

Then he deliberately lowered his voice, as if to prevent others from hearing it, and said, “Little Brother, I see that you are a little bit interested in this coin, so I won’t hide it from you. Although this coin says this There are a lot of streets, but my copper coin is real. It was really excavated from the tombs of kings in the 5th generation and 1 countries.”

Having said that, he saw Lin Kai’s strange gaze, and he was delighted, and continued: “Little Brother, the reason why I say this is because on Deer Mountain, a cemetery of five generations and ten countries was once discovered. A month ago, a dead brother and I went to pick up the leak and only found this copper coin, so the authenticity is great. All these days, other buyers thought it was fake, but it was actually true. Well, 5, how about I sell it to you cheaply?”

Lin Kai pretended to be a little bit happy, and then bargained: “Boss, as you know, this street is full of such copper coins. Even if you said that the sky is falling, I still have some doubts. You are really true. It’s still fake. So, can you make it cheaper?”

“Lin Kai!”

Before the stall boss could finish speaking, An Xiaoran quickly came to Lin Kai’s side, her pretty face was full of happy smiles.

An Xiaoran was very pretty at first, and this smile surprised all passers-by.

Lin Kai was stunned, looking at An Xiaoran who suddenly appeared, a little depressed, and couldn’t help asking, “Why are you also on this antique street?”

Lin Kai naturally knew that the Zhicheng masters had tasks and the destination was also in Deer Mountain. If he met An Xiaoran in the city or at Deer Mountain, he would not be surprised, but on this antique street, he would run into it, which would be quite unexpected.

“The Bihua Mansion has a new mission, but this mission is more special, and the destination is also at Deer Mountain. Because the mission is not in a hurry, so I just wander around here.” An Xiaoran said, she noticed Liu Family Chenghe Xin Tathagata has come.

Since then, An Xiaoran introduced for him: “His name is Liu Family Cheng, and the girl is called Xinru, both of whom are from the Bihua Mansion, and are here to complete the task.”


Lin Kai ordered nodded, and after greeted the two people slightly, he didn’t care that much. He looked at the stall Boss and said: “If it’s not cheaper, I still consider not buying.”

Liu Family Cheng and Xinru have arrived.

Especially Liu Family is sincere. Seeing An Xiaoran’s closeness to Lin Kai, no matter how stupid he is, he knows that this young man is exactly that Lin Kai!

Liu Family Cheng is even more puzzled. He knows An Xiaoran’s family background. With An Xiaoran’s family background, how could he be attracted to this seemingly ordinary young man.

I didn’t talk about An Xiaoran before, even the master of Zhicheng, Taoist Xianning, and Chen Guang, these older generations, all admire Lin Kai, as if they are very difficult to deal with characters.

But when I look at it now, it’s just this.

And Lin Kai is like this, it seems to be buying that pan-brass coin.

Liu Family Cheng and understood, this antique market, the most fake is the so-called copper coins.

He inquired clearly. It turned out that Deer Mountain had recently unearthed a mausoleum from the 5th generation and 1 countries.

This antique market took the opportunity to make a fortune.

As a result, many unscrupulous merchants, whether in shops or street stalls, have this kind of copper coins, which are used as copper coins in the 5th generation and 1 countries period.

What is even more hateful is that many businesses do not collude, and the source of copper coins varies from version to version.

Anyway, it is the plan to pit a sum of money.

Therefore, Liu Family is sincere now, seeing Lin Kai want to buy this pan-brass coin, it is very taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, and even more that Lin Kai is just this ordinary person that’s all.

Especially when you buy this at a street stall, you may be kicked by the donkey. At least there are some guarantees in the shop. If 90% of the things in the shop are fake and 99% real, then 1% of the things on the stall are fake and 1% real.

So he became even more disdainful of Lin Kai.

Since Liu Family saw Lin Kai’s stupid appearance, he immediately felt relieved and didn’t have to treat him as a love rival. Lin Kai was not qualified at all.

However, Liu Family was very interested and looked at An Xiaoran.

An Xiaoran also said before that when buying and selling antiques, he judges himself based on the eyes of the buyer, and I don’t know if An Xiaoran will stop Lin Kai.

At this time, the stall boss heard Lin Kai say so, he was a little excited, and quickly pressed his excitement, and said: “Little Brother, 1,000,000 is already the lowest price, so let’s, 9 150,000, can’t be less!”

Lin Kai lowered his eyes, looked at the yellowed copper coins on the floor, and glanced at a small black bottle next to him, indifferently said: “Is the lowest price? Okay, then 9 150,000.”


An Xiaoran suddenly spoke, and immediately she leaned to Lin Kai’s ear and whispered: “Lin Kai, when you were in Jinyuan City a few days ago, you also taught me that society is sinister, don’t be fooled. You can do it now. I was fooled. This copper coin is actually plated with a layer of gold powder that’s all. On the surface, it appears to be old, but in fact, the current technology can make this kind of antique. This copper coin has no value at all. Don’t buy it.”

Although it is quiet, everyone around can hear it.

The stall Boss’s original excitement disappeared in an instant, staring at An Xiaoran, but he dared not say anything.

And Liu Family can’t see this, stared wide-eyed. Didn’t An Xiaoran say before, can’t bother the buyer and the seller during the transaction? Why did An Xiaoran still speak?

Liu Family is also very jealous, An Xiaoran even spoke to stop this kid, but he didn’t!

Lin Kai shook his head and laughed, knowing that An Xiaoran was doing him well, and he didn’t return to An Xiaoran. He just said to the stall Boss, “Boss, if you heard my friend say this, then I won’t buy it.”

The stall boss hurriedly said: “Little Brother, this one of me is really genuine! Believe me! 900,000! Just 900,000! 900,000 for you!”

A smile appeared on Lin Kai’s face, but he still calmly said: “I don’t dare to bet whether it’s genuine, 900,000 is still too expensive, and the price range I can accept is 600,000.”

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