God level Extraction System Chapter 1469

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The stall Boss was naturally impossible to make Lin Kai bargain so ruthlessly. He shook his head decisively and said, “600,000? No, no, 600,000. I won’t sell it.”

In fact, the stall boss wanted to sell 600,000, but the price cut was a bit too harsh this time. If he really agreed, he would definitely suspect it was fake. When the time comes no longer for sale, you can cry without tears.

After all, it was hard to wait for one, a fool who wanted to buy this coin very much.

Even if someone told the fool to be a fake, he insisted on buying it.

This is a great opportunity for extremely rare, but you can’t act like you are too anxious.

The stall boss is able to set up a stall in the antique street, naturally also very shrewd. It is almost the same as the boss in the shop, and the’acting’ is first-class.

Liu Family sincerely said with a smile to Lin Kai: “I said, you directly bargained one third. How can you bargain like this? Then the Boss must not agree to sell it to you.”

“Then you can’t buy it.”

Lin Kai shrugged, his face was indifferent, as he turned and was about to leave.

An Xiaoran saw Lin Kai’s appearance and smiled at the corners of her mouth, as if she thought she had done a good job and successfully prevented Lin Kai from buying the pan-brass money.

Liu Family was disappointed. He thought that Lin Kai was going to buy it stupidly. In that case, his heart would be balanced.

The stall Boss was smarter at this time, but when he saw Lin Kai left without a mess, he immediately became anxious and shouted: “Little Brother! Little Brother! I saw at a glance that you love this coin very much, although I As a businessman, you can earn points if you can earn points. But seeing that Little Brother loves it so much, I reluctantly give up my love, 600,000 to 600,000!”

Liu Family was dumbfounded: “Boss, this has been bargained for 300,000? Can you agree?”

On the one hand, Liu Family Cheng wants Lin Kai to buy it, so that he can balance himself. On the other hand, he really saw the stall Boss and promised to sell it for 600,000. He didn’t want to let the stall boss sell Lin Kai so cheaply.

In other words, he bought it for 2,000,000. If you see Lin Kai only spent 600,000 for it, the difference is more than 3 times.

Although 900,000 is much cheaper to buy than him, it is still acceptable.

600,000, Liu Family sincerely cannot accept it.

At this time, the stall boss put on a smiley face: “600,000 is actually losing money. However, this Little Brother and I have a close relationship. If he likes it, then sell it to him cheaply.”

Lin Kai heard what the stall boss said, turned around, and came to the stall again. While picking up the pan brass money on the stall, he pointed to the small black bottle next to him.

“Boss, you said so, so 600,000, I will bargain for something. However, I buy this pan-brass money, there is a certain risk. So Boss, can you buy one get one free, the little black bottle, Can you give it to me.”

The stall boss has something to pretend to be very embarrassed: “Little Brother, this little bottle is from the Ming Dynasty…”

Before the stall boss finished speaking, Lin Kai shook his head and said: “Boss, look at the lettering on it, which is the text from the Ming Dynasty, it is obviously from the Tang Dynasty. At first glance, you have not done your homework. So. I bought the pan brass money, will you give me this little bottle?”

The implication is that your little bottle is also a fake.

How could the stall Boss fail to hear the embarrassing laughed? As the Boss of these goods, he naturally knew the origin of each item.

As a result, the stall boss could only say: “Little Brother, all right, buy one get one free, buy one get one free! If you buy copper, I will give you this little bottle!”

Liu Family was dumbfounded, completely didn’t expect, and can still bargain like this, not only cut the price by one third, but also let the stall boss give a free item.

Not to mention, this thing is true or false, but compared to his own price of 2,000,000, Liu Family Cheng’s face instantly becomes gloomy, but his heart is very upset.

Then Lin Kai transferred 600,000 to the stall boss.

The stall boss also packed the pan brass money and small black bottles for Lin Kai, and handed them to Lin Kai happily.

Indeed, only 600,000 were sold, but the stall boss knew that the combined price of these two distinct things would cost a few 10000 yuan that’s all.

This profit has exceeded ten times, not to mention the profits of other companies selling 1000000.

In this era, there are many poor people, but there are also many rich people who are being taken advantage of.

An Xiaoran saw Lin Kai, took the two things, and turned around to leave.

She couldn’t help catching up and came to Lin Kai’s side, depressed: “Lin Kai, I have already said that the pan-brass coin is fake and not worth a lot of money. You have to buy it. Don’t It is said that it is 600,000, and 60000 bought it, it is very bloody. It is pure imitation and fools fools.”

Lin Kai laughed: “Young Lady An, how did you know that this copper coin is an imitation?”

Liu Family Cheng also followed. Hearing Lin Kai’s words, he became even more disdainful: “Boy, is it possible that you are so stupid that you think the coin you bought is the real one? Tell you, this antique street, this kind of There are no genuine copper coins from the period of the 5th generation and the ten countries. They are all fake, deliberately fooling people.”

Lin Kai stopped his figure and raised the pan-brass coin in his hand, saying: “In the period of the 5th generation and the ten countries, there was indeed a king of a country. In order to create his own national unified coin, he initially created a gilded copper coin. . Speaking of which, the tomb of the kings of the 5th generation and 1 kingdoms discovered by Deer Mountain happened to be the king of that country.”

An Xiaoran frowned and said, “Is this copper coin to prevent the resurrection of the king, or to unify the coin and create a demonstration copper coin?”

There have been several versions circulating on this antique street, all of which are not the same. Lin Kai seems to know this knowledge.

Let alone An Xiaoran, Liu Family Cheng and Xinru now know the specific situation.

Because what Lin Kai said, and several versions, there are some differences.

If what is said is wrong, Liu Family will take the opportunity to laugh at Lin Kai, but out of caution, they are not in a hurry.

Lin Kai indifferently said: “You can read it a lot, and you will know about the history books describing the five generations and ten countries. Although there are few materials on the five generations and ten countries, there are also descriptions in this respect.”

The reason why he knew was that when he was drawing plans for ancient architectural drawings last time, he went to the Internet to check the information, and it happened to find the buildings of the 5th generation and ten countries, so he also found this aspect.

When Lin Kai said that, An Xiaoran didn’t doubt that he had him. After all, he could be found in one check.

An Xiaoran murmured to herself: “This Boss in Antique Street didn’t understand, so he made up a few versions at random and just fooled the buyer.”

Lin Kai laughed and shook his head: “No, in fact, these Boss understand better than anyone. It is nothing more than the buyer’s response. Do you know this and then judge whether you can sell.”

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