God level Extraction System Chapter 1470

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Lin Kai didn’t explain anything in detail, but An Xiaoran understood it instantly when he heard it.

Boss deliberately described the origin of the copper coins as fake.

If the buyer knew the origin of the copper coin, he would definitely not buy it.

But if you don’t know, the boss can use all kinds of temptations to get the buyer to pay for it.

When the money is paid in one hand and the goods are delivered, the buyer later knows that the coin is fake and can only accept it himself.

This is the rule of the antique market.

When Liu Family heard Lin Kai’s words, he thought of himself again, his face was as red as pig liver, he was ignorant of the origin of the copper coins, and then he was taken aback by the shop Boss.

Liu Family Cheng took the pan-brass coin in his hand and wanted to find a place to sew it in.

The main reason is that he lost someone in front of An Xiaoran, which is really a price drop for himself.

Especially now Lin Kai still talks freely. It’s almost impossible to open which pot to mention which pot.

He looked at Lin Kai and couldn’t help but sneered: “Boy, you know what’s the use, what you bought, isn’t it the real thing? The copper coin in your hand is exactly the same as mine. It’s just a mold. It seems that it was made by one person. If you are genuine, wouldn’t the one in my hand be genuine?”

Lin Kai glanced at Liu Family Cheng faintly, and said, “When did I say that what I have in my hand is the real one?”

Liu Family was stunned for an instant, and after thinking about it carefully, it seemed that Lin Kai had never said from beginning to end that the copper coins he bought were genuine.

So why should I buy it if I know it is not genuine?

Liu Family honestly didn’t understand, but Lin Kai asked him such a rhetorical question, which made him even more embarrassed, and his face immediately became gloomy, unable to refute anything.

On the contrary, An Xiaoran suddenly lit up and looked towards the other thing in Lin Kai’s hand, the small black bottle.

She hurriedly asked: “Lin Kai, you have to ask the Boss to give you the little black bottle, what exactly is it?”

Based on her knowledge of Lin Kai, since she knew that the copper coin was fake, she had to buy it, and asked the Boss to give it a small black bottle before buying it. There must be a big problem.

The more An Xiaoran thinks so, the more he thinks it might be because of the small black bottle. Is it possible that the small black bottle is a shareholder?

An Xiaoran began to earnestly, looking at the little black bottle, and with her eyes on antiques, she wanted to find out what was unusual.

Lin Kai held the small black bottle and laughed: “Well, it’s purely beautiful.”

Lin Kai actually saw that the small black bottle was an antique. More importantly, it is a magic weapon of Immortal Cultivator, because he sensed the fluctuation of True Qi.

This matter is naturally impossible to tell others.

So Lin Kai put away the small black bottle at will.

“Hmph, I’m not being taken advantage of!” Liu Family glanced at Lin Kai sarcastically, thinking that Lin Kai’s small black bottle was really an antique, and almost scared his heart to twitch.

If it was really antique, he would have no face to stay here.

“Xiao Ran, the sky is getting darker, and I have been strolling in this antique street for a couple of hours. We hurriedly met with master Zhicheng and Taoist Xianning, lest we can’t eat together during dinner.”

Liu Family said sincerely, and looked at Lin Kai specially. He didn’t want An Xiaoran to continue to be close to Lin Kai. Only then did he say that he would get along with the master Zhicheng.

Lin Kai naturally heard what Liu Family meant by sincerity. He didn’t care about it and said: “Young Lady An, go, I have something to do, so I will leave.”

Without waiting for Liu Family to leave first, Lin Kai took the lead.

at the same time.

At the stall where Lin Kai bought the copper coins, the stall boss was named Hu Jianmin.

He saw Lin Kai walking away, his faces no longer concealed, full of excited and happy smiles, they couldn’t help but roll on the ground.

What is that copper coin? It came from the 5th generation and 30000 kingdoms period! Obviously, it is a fake, and the cost is only 1 yuan. The main reason is that the copper coin is indeed gilded. Of course, only the surface is gilded, and the cost is a little higher.

Even so, the ability to sell 600,000 is something Hu Jianmin absolutely never expected.

A full 20 times the net profit! Profiteering!

Hu Jianmin really laughed from ear to ear. Most of the products sold at ordinary times were not profitable, mainly because of the huge profits brought by the tomb of Deer Mountain.

He began to think that the young man understood this aspect and didn’t report any hope. He didn’t expect the young man to bargain all the way and actually bought it.

Young men think they are earning blood, but they are not!

More importantly, Hu Jianmin is different from other shop Boss or stalls. He is really real. He found the tomb on Deer Mountain that day, so he boldly went there.

Nothing else, he found a similar copper coin, but the color of the coin should be dim, he can be sure that the coin he got is the real one!

When he thought of this, Hu Jianmin was elated. He sold the fake coin and found the real coin by himself. He was also at home.

So at this time, Hu Jianmin couldn’t help but called his wife, and said: “Daughter-in-law, buy more food in the evening, including chicken, duck and fish, and then buy good liquor. I have to have a good meal tonight.”

Hu Jianmin’s daughter-in-law, knowing Hu Jianmin’s character, asked, “Is this the buyer today?”

“Of course, I sold that fake copper coin for 600,000! Hey, enough for us to eat and drink for several months!” Hu Jianping whispered.

When Hu Jianmin’s wife heard this, she responded excitedly: “Okay! I’ll go out and buy chicken, duck and fish! Let’s make a big meal for you!”

When Hu Jianmin’s wife was about to hang up, she seemed to think of something and couldn’t help but say: “Forgot to tell you that before you went out this morning, you took the wrong copper coin. The copper you left at home yesterday, I looked very old. The appearance is all wiped. One color that was originally dim, after I wiped it, it was brighter than the other one that was originally bright. And you, you have a copper coin that is originally bright.”

Hu Jianmin was stunned, and then hurriedly said: “What did you say?”

Hu Jianmin’s wife responded: “I said you took the wrong copper coin. The one you took was originally a very dim copper coin.”

“Damn!” Hu Jianmin was dumbfounded and muttered to himself frantically: “I secretly used the simple and crude real copper money from the ancient tomb. I used it for 600,000 and then sold it?”

At this moment, Hu Jianmin was heartbroken. His heart was dripping blood. It was really copper coins, let alone 600,000, 6,000,000 can be sold!

He didn’t have time to scold his wife, so he was so busy that he hung up the phone and ignored his stall. He galloped as if to chase away Lin Kai.

At this moment, Lin Kai and An Xiaoran are not completely separated, they are just a few meters away.

A few people quickly saw the stall boss and rushed over.

They were all a little curious, especially Liu Family Cheng, who thought that Boss regretted selling 600,000 and looked like he was watching a good show.

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