God level Extraction System Chapter 1471

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“Little Brother! Wait!”

At this time, the stall boss Hu Jianmin caught up with Lin Kai, yelling anxiously, and stopped in front of Lin Kai, and then said: “Little Brother, I will pay you back the 600,000, and the copper money back to me. This business No, of course, in order to make up for you, that little black bottle, I have given you the right!”

Lin Kai looked towards Hu Jianmin, shook his head and said, “If you are a business person, there is no reason to regret it? Besides, isn’t your coin fake? Why is it so? Or, this coin…”

Before Lin Kai could finish, Hu Jianmin interrupted quickly and apologized: “Little Brother, don’t I feel guilty just because the coin is fake? It’s the first time I did this kind of deceptive business. So I was very sorry, so I recovered the copper coin, and I returned 600,000 to you, and the little black bottle would be given to you. How about?”

The passers-by nearby naturally heard Hu Jianmin’s words, and they all showed weird expressions. Most passers-by think that this Hu Jianmin must be a talk nonsense, who can be a boss here, who is not very shrewd, the buyer is just like playing it, let alone any guilt, if you don’t want to go this fake, you can’t fake it anymore. if.

Liu Family sincerely heard what Hu Jianmin said so “sincere”, he actually believed it, and believed that what Hu Jianmin said was true.

However, Lin Kai, like him, bought fake products. Although Lin Kai bought it with 600,000 and he bought it with 2,000,000, at least they were all fake.

Liu Family Cheng is also impossible to let Lin Kai return the goods to Hu Jianmin.

Otherwise, wouldn’t it be changed again, he bought fake copper coins alone.

That way, in front of An Xiaoran, he couldn’t lift his head.

Therefore, Liu Family sincerely opened the mouth and said to Hu Jianmin: “Boss, there is no regret for this kind of normal transaction. Besides, he has no vision and no regrets. You deserve 600,000. You should. Blame, blame him for not knowing that’s all.”

Lin Kai also laughed: “Indeed, this is my personal choice, many thanks to Boss’s kindness, you can get 600,000 with peace of mind, no need to feel guilty.”

Hu Jianmin was unable to argue with 100 words at a time. Of course he dared not tell the truth, so he continued: “Little Brother, I am really guilty…”

Hu Jianmin said a lot, but Lin Kai always said he was not to blame.

This made Hu Jianmin both anxious and distressed, and finally gritted his teeth and said: “Little Brother, let’s do this. In addition to returning the 600,000 to you, I also paid out 50000, purely to compensate you.”

“Sorry, I bought it all, this thing is mine, I will not return it.” Lin Kai said.

“Little Brother…no! Brother! You are my own brother! I have an extra 200,000, so you can return it to me!”

Hu Jianmin almost knelt down in a hurry.

Lin Kai still shook his head: “200,000? 2,000,000, I will not return the goods.”

Liu Family sincerely heard this and couldn’t help but sneered: “Lin Kai, if I had given you 200,000 more, I would have retired long ago. Let the Boss give you 2,000,000 more? You are dreaming!”

However, as soon as Liu Family’s sincerity was over, Hu Jianmin not only knelt down to Lin Kai, but also eagerly said: “Brother! 5,000,000! 5,000,000! If I still don’t return the goods, I really can’t get that much money!”

When they heard Hu Jianmin’s words, everyone was shocked. No matter how stupid they were, they knew that the coin must be genuine, otherwise the stall boss would not take out 5,000,000 to get the coin back!

In fact, Lin Kai has long seen that this coin is real.

For him, true or false does not matter.

However, since Hu Jianmin paid 5,000,000 more and wanted to pay back the coin, Lin Kai agreed.

Therefore, Hu Jianmin not only had to transfer 600,000 to Lin Kai, but also 5,000,000 more.

Hu Jianmin finally took the copper coin back. He didn’t know what his current mood was like.

In short, this time it was a big blow to him, and he could have made a few million dollars. As a result, this time, earning at most 1000000 is already pretty good.

This gap caused Hu Jianmin to return to his stall with the copper coin in despair.

Lin Kai went on and left this antique street.

An Xiaoranjian Lin Kai is really going to leave, and hurriedly said: “Lin Kai, don’t rush to Deer Mountain, wait for Master Zhicheng and I to complete the task, we will accompany you together!”

“Thank you for your kindness, no need.” Lin Kai shook the head, and then left without the slightest hesitation.

And Liu Family is still in a daze. He walks back and forth between Lin Kai and the stall boss Hu Jianmin, scanning constantly: “What’s the situation? Then the Boss really spent 5,000,000 more, and I want to get the coin back? Is the coin real or fake? of?”

An Xiaoran responded with an affirmative tone: “It’s still a guess, you really think that Boss is a fool? It’s definitely the Boss who knows afterwards that the copper coin is real, and it costs a lot of money. It will go from Lin Kai’s hands. Yes. If the real copper money is 56 million, it can be said that Lin Kai has made a lot of money.”

“impossible! Absolutely impossible!”

Liu Family has fallen into a sluggishness. If it is true, doesn’t it mean that he spent 2,000,000 and bought a fake copper coin.

Lin Kai not only spent 600,000 to buy real copper coins, but in the end he was also spent 5,000,000 more by the boss and asked to go back.

Under such a strong contrast, he was even more embarrassed.

Is there any reason?

Liu Family Cheng only felt that his heart was twitching fiercely, and he couldn’t accept this fact.

Doubt about life.

Xinru saw the appearance of Liu Family Makoto, comforted: “Jiacheng, don’t be sad. If you encounter this in the future, I am sure you will be able to recognize whether it’s a genuine or a fake. And in terms of antiques, the original is What you are not good at, what you are good at is cut down Monsters, eliminate Demons.”

When Liu Family heard this sentence, his eyes brightened, yes, he didn’t understand antiques very well, but he didn’t believe it in cut down Monsters and eliminate Demons, it was smaller than Lin Kai!

Now, he is eager to let Lin Kai follow them!

On the other side, Lin Kai has gone out of the scope of the antique market. He bought some ropes in some places in the vicinity where he bought field equipment. He plans to go to Deer Mountain’s no-man’s land early tomorrow morning to find Nether Grass.

He has already understood that in the no man’s land of Deer Mountain, there are various steep mountain shapes.

If you are looking for other things, it’s okay, so relying on your own cultivation means, it’s still okay. But if you are looking for a piece of grass, you still need these equipment so that you can look for it carefully.

After buying these field equipment, Lin Kai immediately returned to the nearby hotel.

He sat on the sofa and didn’t go to rest or anything. Instead, he took out the little black bottle and stared at the little black bottle with a satisfied smile.

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