God level Extraction System Chapter 1472

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The black bottle is only half the size of a slap, and it’s completely black. On the whole, there is nothing special about it.

However, Lin Kai can be certain that it is an antique from Tang Dynasty through the lines on it and the breath that it reveals.

It is probably because it is too ordinary, and the texture is of the same kind, which looks like an imitation, which caused the stall boss to look away.

If it is purely antique, Lin Kai will not ask for it. Even if it is free, he will not let the Boss give it to him.

Mainly when he was running True Qi, he sensed that this small black bottle had True Qi fluctuating, but it was a magic weapon for Immortal Cultivator.

Besides, in Tang Dynasty, there are indeed traces of Immortal Cultivator.

The Dragon King in Wei Zhengmeng, Yuan Tiangong, Li Chunfeng, etc. are all famous Land Immortal in Tang Dynasty.

So this little black bottle is very likely.

But Lin Kai studied it a bit, but still a little bit unclear.

When he was about to delve into the small black bottle, the phone rang and it was the master Zhicheng called.

Lin Kai picked it up.

Zhicheng master also lives in the same restaurant as Lin Kai, except that Zhicheng master lives on the tenth floor and Lin Kai lives on the tenth floor.

At this time, Master Zhicheng was watching TV while calling Lin Kai, and said with a smile: “Benefactor Lin, not long ago, I heard An Xiaoran say that I met you at the antique market in the afternoon. It seems that you haven’t been to Deer Mountain yet. ?”

Lin Kai responded yes.

Then the master Zhicheng said, call Lin Kai at the hotel and just wait a day. Tomorrow, the Zhicheng master will go to Deer Mountain with a few people from the Pihua Mansion to complete the task.

After completion, the day after tomorrow, I went to Deer Mountain Central Zone with Lin Kai to help find the Nine Nether grass.

In this regard, Lin Kai declined, and understood the intentions of Zhicheng master.

Then he chatted with the master Zhicheng again, and then hung up the phone.

Lin Kai continued to study the small black bottle. Although he could sense the True Qi fluctuations of the small black bottle, apart from this and other aspects have not been studied.

He once doubted whether this was a magic weapon for damage.

Seeing that it was late at night, Lin Kai gave up on studying this small black bottle.

After a short break, he began cultivation.

As soon as you find the Nether grass, you can use the power of the Nether grass to break through one small realm of the Golden Core Stage.

In this hotel, Zhicheng master and several people also live on different floors, and they are all busy with their own affairs.

I don’t know how long Lin Kai woke up from the cultivation state, he couldn’t help looking out the window.

The location of this hotel is very good, you can see the overall look of Deer Mountain from the window.

Therefore, the direction Lin Kai looks at is exactly the location of Deer Mountain.

There was a hint of surprise in his eyes at this time.

Because the golden-yellow beads he carried not long ago, which was the Dragon Vein essence he obtained from the mountain range in the suburbs of Eastern Sea Western District, were somewhat different.

This essence of Dragon Vein, as if sensing the same kind, actually rang a faint Dragon’s roar in Lin Kai’s ear.

Not only that, but also from afar, a dragon’s roar, which was also weak, was in his ear.

So, Lin Kai was surprised and looked at Deer Mountain.

Could it be that Deer Mountain also has a Dragon Vein? Or are you saying that there is a True Dragon there?

Thinking of the latter, Lin Kai was a little shocked. You must know that Immortal Cultivator may not even be seen, True Dragon.

If it were True Dragon, it would be incredible.

Lin Kai didn’t think about it either, but the Dragon’s roar, which is the essence of Dragon Vein, is not the real dragon roar, it is the essence of Heaven and Earth.

And the Dragon’s roar from Deer Mountain and the essence of Dragon Vein are still very different.

Lin Kai didn’t feel anything at first, but after listening a few more times, he found that the Dragon Vein from Deer Mountain seemed to be from True Dragon.

This makes Lin Kai have to think about that.

And he can also hear that the Dragon’s roar from Deer Mountain, with an inexplicable feeling of vicissitudes and sadness, is like the Dragon’s roar from 1000 years ago.

Lin Kai stared at the location of Deer Mountain more, frowning deeply.

“That place, is it True Dragon?”

Lin Kai stood up and looked at Deer Mountain without speaking for a long time.

Until the Dragon’s roar in my ears, disappeared, the sky was also bright at this time.

Lin Kai took a wash, then took all the equipment and so on he bought yesterday, and then left the hotel.

He didn’t check out, and his own things were all in the room.

After Lin Kai left the hotel, he didn’t eat anything, so he took a taxi and went to Deer Mountain.

Deer Mountain is the largest and most popular scenic spot in Xunyang City. Even this morning, there are many cars going there.

About half an hour later, Lin Kai arrived at the Deer Mountain scenic spot.

However, Lin Kai is not going to the Deer Mountain scenic spot, but no man’s land.

Because the scope of Deer Mountain is too large, it is unrealistic to be a scenic spot completely. The depths of Deer Mountain are no man’s land, which is more dangerous.

When Lin Kai arrived at the Deer Mountain scenic spot, there was the hotel.

An Xiaoran just got up, and it didn’t take long before she came to the first floor of the hotel, sat with the master Zhicheng, and started eating breakfast.

After a few people had finished their breakfast, Taoist Xianning let his discipline and used a commercial vehicle to drive them to Deer Mountain.

The Xianning Taoist is native to Deer Mountain, and the Taoist temple of the most peak is also his.

Therefore, he still has great privileges in and out of Deer Mountain.

For example, other tourists need to get relevant approvals before they can enter Deer Mountain’s no-man’s land.

But Taoist Xianning didn’t need to drive directly to the edge of the no-man’s land and stopped.

Here, there are no tourists, although approval can come, but approval is extremely difficult. After all, no man’s land means that it is full of various wild beasts, which is still quite dangerous.

Several people, Zhicheng master, got out of the car one after another.

Taoist Xianning first apologized: “Everyone is a little sorry, but they all came to Deer Mountain and didn’t let you go to Poor Daoist’s Xuan Dao Temple. After the task is completed, you will enjoy your face, go to Xuan Dao Temple and stay here. It’s okay to play for a few days.”

“Xianning is polite.”

“Yes, Xian Senior Ning, it would be great if you took us around Xunyang city.”

Zhicheng master, An Xiaoran and others spoke.

After a few people were polite, they all looked towards An Xiaoran.

Where the task is, An Xiaoran is used to find the way.

The Sect inherited by An Xiaoran is still the most proficient in pathfinding.

An Xiaoran didn’t delay, and took out a pointer similar to the 8 hexagram diagram, and then she began to mutter something.

I saw the pointer on it, constantly turning.

An Xiaoran moved forward according to the direction of the pointer.

Zhicheng master and Xianning Taoist followed An Xiaoran.

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