God level Extraction System Chapter 1473

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It’s just that An Xiaoran hasn’t traveled far, so she stopped and looked all around, with doubts in her eyes.

Master Zhicheng saw the clue, and asked An Xiaoran, “Master An, can’t you find the location?”

An Xiaoran shook the head: “It’s not that the location cannot be found, but according to the pointer of the 8-hexagram compass, there is not only one port at the location, it seems that there are two, or even more than two.”

At this point, An Xiaoranxiu frowned.

Taoist Xianning couldn’t help but said, “Could it be that there are many talks?”

An Xiaoran responded: “It seems so, but I am not sure.”

Xinru asked a very critical question: “Where are the locations of the two suspected ports?”

“One is on the edge of the other end of the no-man’s land. If I remember correctly, there is a small village. This small village has lived here for generations. As for the rest, it is in a deep mountain. .”

As the pathfinder of this mission, An Xiaoran naturally did a lot of homework before that.

Taoist Xianning groaned and said, “Well, although there are places where the entrance is at the other end of the no-man’s land, you can go there directly by car. The other place is in the deep mountains. , Make sure, lest you have to go back and forth, which is troublesome.”

Several people agreed with Taoist Xianning, and then returned to the place where they got off before.

Fortunately, before Taoist Xianning, he ordered his discipline to wait here, so the car was still there and did not leave.

So several people continued to ride in the car and headed towards the edge of the other end of the no-man’s land.

There is a small village with a history of several hundred years.

The small village was established on Deer Mountain several hundred years ago by people who fled from famine.

After so many years, now there are only 20 households left.

Since tourism has brought many tourists, these 20 or so families have all started tourism business, and they have also made a lot of money.

One of them was named Wang Dagui. Wang Dagui’s parents passed away since he was a child and he didn’t go to school. After that, he didn’t study well. He was so lazy.

He is now in his 40s and has always been single, and he is the only one left in the family.

Reluctantly relying on a little cleverness, I seize every opportunity to travel in Deer Mountain and make a few hundred yuan in a few days, so I can live alive.

In fact, if Wang Dagui was not lazy, he would have become expensive.

But these days, in the scenic area, the villagers from other households, not at all, saw Wang Dagui go to the scenic area to work and make money, but instead spent money lavishly, as if suddenly they had a lot of money.

Moreover, the various large gold chains and large gold watches that I bought are constantly displayed, completely looking like a nouveau riche.

These villagers can ignore it, but what makes them feel ashamed is that there is a widow in the small village, Hu Ru, whose husband has not been dead for a few days, but was actually hooked up by Wang Dagui.

Even at night, Hu Ru swaggered into Wang Dagui’s house and stayed overnight without caring about the eyes of other villagers.

Many villagers also know Hu Ru very well. The typical kind of money worshiping women, if it were not for their husbands, had a bit of inability, and opened a restaurant in the scenic area that earned a few hundred thousand dollars a month, they would have ran away.

Because the husband is both the boss of the restaurant and the chef, this is a natural transfer of the restaurant.

So Hu Ru is now getting along with Wang Dagui. Wang Dagui is definitely rich.

After the performance of Wang Dagui’s spending so much these days, the villagers were very puzzled, where did Wang Dagui get that much money?

It wasn’t until last night that Wang Dagui and a few people in the village drank too much.

It turned out that a large amount of gold and silver treasures were dug up within Wang Dagui’s homestead.

Those villagers who drank together didn’t suspect him. After all, these days, Wang Dagui suddenly became rich, and there is only one explanation.

When those villagers asked about the specific situation, Wang Dagui was silent, probably because he didn’t want to talk about the specific situation.

There was even more talk about Hu Ru, saying that she and Wang Dagui fell in love at first sight and then fell in love. She is going to apply for a divorce certificate and then live with Wang Dagui.

At noon today, Hu Ru came to Wang Dagui’s house unscrupulously and prepared a luxurious lunch for Wang Dagui.

Don’t talk about chicken, duck, fish, delicacies of mountains and seafood, etc.

In order to show off, Wang Dagui deliberately moved the table outside so that the villagers passing by could see it.

The villagers were nothing, but thought that Wang Dagui was too floating.

The main reason was that Wang Dagui deliberately teased the children while he was eating, which made the villagers angry and annoyed.


At this time, Wang Dagui was full and drunk, so he moved towards the house and shouted.

“Brother Gui!”

Soon a woman in her 30s walked out of the house, looking at Wang Dagui very eagerly, said with a smile: “Brother Dagui, are you finished?”

As she said, she came to Wang Dagui and beat his back for Wang Dagui: “Brother Dagui, now that I have finished eating, would you agree to go and buy me a scooter in the city?”

Wang Dagui shook his head and said, “Don’t worry, there will be a Boss coming over. Then the Boss is very proud and bought my land.”

“Brother Gui, what are you doing selling the land?” Hu Ru was a little dazed: “Our land is a treasured land, so I have to spend some gold and silver treasures, why sell it?”

Wang Dagui snorted, “What do women know.”

As for the specific situation, he didn’t explain anything to Hu Ru.

Some time ago, Deer Mountain discovered an ancient tomb from five generations and ten countries.

Wang Dagui remembered that the underground in his yard, his ancestors said, there are treasures hidden in the underground.

Because there is no research evidence, no one went to dig their own yard. The family was poor. After digging the yard, you had to spend money to repair it. If there is no treasure, it will not be worth it.

But seeing the appearance of ancient tombs from the 5th generation and ten countries, there was an inexplicable hole in the courtyard. To be precise, after a heavy rain, the place collapsed a little.

Wang Dagui couldn’t help but think of the words handed down by his ancestors, so he made up his mind and dug down the collapsed place.

This digging made him excited.

Under the yard is a natural mine! Not only that, but this mine can also unearth some gold and silver treasures, and he is completely excited now.

After only digging for a few days, I was able to dig into gold and silver treasures at first, and then I simply couldn’t dig anything. The total amount sold was only 100 to 10000.

It looks like a lot, but Wang Dagui plans not to go to work. He has been lazy to do it, and he spends a lot of money, so he has to think of other ways.

When he was selling some gold and silver treasures in the antique market, there was a man named Ba Ye who accidentally heard him talking with the shop boss, and he was very interested in the underground mine of Wang Dagui’s house.

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