God level Extraction System Chapter 1474

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Therefore, the Ba master made an agreement with Wang Dagui to come over at noon today to discuss the acquisition of this land.

When Wang Dagui saw the dress of Ba Ye, he knew it was the kind of rich and noble one, so he didn’t dare to conceal it. This indicated that there was no gold and silver treasures to be dug under the mines of that land.

But Ba Ye said that as long as the description of the mine is true, he is willing to buy this piece of land at a price of at least 10000000 million yuan.

When Wang Dagui was excited with 10000 points, he agreed without thinking about it.

Although this is a mine, there may be a lot of ores in it, but this kind of ores is not so valuable. He sells them and has to carry them a little bit, so it doesn’t make much money.

So it’s better to sell that piece of land, but there will be at least 10000000 million. As long as you are smart, the 10000000 million will be used for other things, but it will be converted into inexhaustible money.

At this moment, Wang Dagui thought, his heart became more excited.

Especially when he saw Hu Ru, act coquettishly in front of him, he smiled with satisfaction.

You know that he has been watching Hu Ru for a long time, and now he finally moved Hu Ru with the money he got rich.

Not to mention, this Huru Kungfu is really good, but he has lived like an emperor for the past two days.

Wang Dagui was thinking with satisfaction that outside this small village, a few million luxury cars drove in.

The driver of the main driver turned his head and glanced, and a middle-aged man less than 40 years old said: “Baby, here it is.”

Ba Ye sat behind, closed his eyes slightly, and when he heard this sentence, neither fast nor slow had to open his eyes. One eye was obviously blind.

Ba Ye did not immediately respond to the driver. Instead, he took out his cell phone and made a call, which was connected in just a few seconds.

“Where have you been?”

On the other side of the phone, there was a very deep hoarse voice.

After hearing these words, Ba’s body was straight and straight, obviously even if he was not in front of the person on the phone, he still held the highest respect.

“Young Master, I have arrived in this village.”

The Young Master on the other end of the phone actually released the assassination mission of Lin Kai for the first time on the extranet. The Young Master from the hidden Aristocratic Family is called Young Master Ye Tian.

At this time, Young Master Ye Tian was with Lin Yuan, and Lin Yuan glanced at Young Master Ye Tian.

Young Master Ye Tianxin understood, and told Baye’s fairy tale: “Remember, when you enter the mine, follow my previous instructions and manage it. Also, don’t expose it.”

“Don’t worry, Young Master, I have already planned to buy that piece of land. No one knows when the time comes to tell the villager to move out.” Ba Ye responded.

Young Master Ye Tian gave a few more orders before hanging up the phone.

At the same time, from Ba Ye, the car had arrived at the door of Wang Dagui’s house.

Because Wang Dagui’s home is in this small village, and only one house is relatively dilapidated, so that it can be recognized at a glance.

Wang Dagui had heard the sound of the car a long time ago and was already waiting at the door. After seeing Ba Ye get off the car, he quickly respectfully said: “Ba Ye, have you eaten yet? If you haven’t eaten, I will let my wife and I get you another table of dinner. .”

Wang Dagui completely regarded Hu Ru as his wife.

Ba Ye didn’t feel in the mood to eat something, he shook his head: “No, you take me in first to see what the mine is like.”

Many villagers in the small village were very curious when they saw a luxury car coming to the village, so they came to watch.

Without waiting for Lord Ba to speak, Wang Dagui took the lead in scolding the group of villagers: “What are you looking at! Leave all quickly, don’t disturb my guests!”

The group of villagers was actually curious, and heard Wang Dagui say that, each and everyone shook the head straight, and quickly dispersed.

Ba Ye was also satisfied with Wang Dagui’s behavior.

Later, Wang Dagui took Ba Ye to the yard, and the collapsed place was covered by a linen bag.

After Wang Dagui opened the linen bag, a big hole was revealed.

But it was pitch black, and I couldn’t see what was inside the hole.

Ba Ye had been prepared, holding a flashlight, while instructed Wang Dagui and the driver: “You 10000000 let people come near here.”

The driver immediately responded: “Understood.”

Wang Dagui also ordered nodded,

Seeing this, Ba Ye didn’t talk nonsense, and decisively jumped into the entrance of the cave.

Wang Dagui saw Ba Ye go in, handed a cigarette to the driver, and smiled: “Little Brother, go, go have a drink, but I spent 10000 to buy a bottle of Maotai.”

The driver didn’t even look at Wang Dagui, but was standing at the entrance of the cave, motionless.

Wang Dagui looked at the driver speechlessly: “Your boss has all gone in. Anyway, there will be no who comes in in this courtyard. Besides, the place to drink is at my door. This is not a major event, so don’t be so nervous.”

As Wang Dagui said, he was about to pull the driver there.

Unexpectedly, the driver slammed Wang Dagui hard and fell heavily to the ground, coldly said: “I will disturb me again, it’s not just a fall!”

A fierce look appeared in the driver’s eyes, and with that fierce breath, Wang Dagui’s whole body shuddered.

Wang Dagui suddenly realized that something was wrong, this group of people was so powerful, they were afraid that it might lead a wolf into the room.

at the same time.

A commercial vehicle also drove from outside this small village.

In this commercial vehicle, there are just the Zhicheng master.

An Xiaoran took the 8 hexagram pointer in his hand, opened the mouth and said: “Yes, right here, wait to enter this small village.”

Under An Xiaoran’s guidance, the commercial vehicle stopped in front of Wang Dagui’s door.

It happened to be parked next to the luxury car.

Zhicheng Master and the others are all a little strange. On the whole, this small village has reached a well-off level, but it is a little strange that it can buy a few 1000000 million luxury cars.

More importantly, the license plate number is not from the province, but from other provinces.

I also saw a table at the door with a variety of delicacies from mountains and seas.

The Zhicheng masters felt even more strange.

In fact, in the eyes of outsiders, the Zhicheng master entire group is truly strange. There are monks, Taoist priests, fashionable men and women, and ethnic minority costumes.

At this moment, An Xiaoran held the 8 hexagram pointer, pointed it at Wang Dagui’s house, and said, “Tongkou should be in the backyard of this house.”

Hearing An Xiaoran’s words, everyone wanted to wait for the owner of the house and wanted to say hello, but they waited for the owner of the house and walked in first.

There was no one in the house, and Hu Ru had already returned to his home, so An Xiaoran and others could easily enter.

A few people arrived at Wang Dagui’s backyard.

Both Wang Dagui and the driver looked at Master Zhicheng and An Xiaoran very vigilantly.

Master Zhicheng, Taoist Xianning, and Chen Guang didn’t need An Xiaoran to say anything, they all brightened when they saw the big hole behind the driver sharply.

Before a few people spoke, Wang Dagui was the first to scold, “Who are you?”

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