God level Extraction System Chapter 1475

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Master Zhicheng was about to respond, but Liu Family Cheng was very arrogant and said, “It doesn’t matter who we are. The important thing is, among the two of you, who is the owner of this house?”

Wang Dagui was stunned for an instant. It was obvious that he was asking, how did he become questioned, but when he saw Liu Family, he looked like a pampered young master. He got up and said, “I, I am ,Is there a problem?”

If he were to be an ordinary person, he would never ask so politely. Bullying and fearing hardship is the reason why he has been able to live quite well for so many years.

It’s just that Wang Dagui just finished speaking, the driver moved towards the Zhicheng master and said in a cold voice: “You guys leave quickly, you are not welcome here.”

Zhicheng master immediately said with a smile: “Amitabha, the donor, we are…”

Before the master Zhicheng could explain, the driver said in a gloomy tone: “Let you go away, let you go away!”

After all, the master of Zhicheng is an eminent monk who has attained Taoism. Naturally, he is impossible because of this. When he wants to say something, Chen Guang walked over.

Among them, Master Zhicheng and Taoist Xianning belong to the kind of old-fashioned Old Senior.

An Xiaoran and Xinru are fledgling girls who do not understand the sinister society.

Although Liu Family is also a fledgling, his heart is higher than the sky. To be precise, he is a newborn calves do not fear tigers. In addition, he has a very good family background. He has a lot of arrogance. Facing ordinary persons, he often holds an expert attitude. .

Only Chen Guang, as the Chen Family Patriarch of the capital, is the best among the few in terms of his conduct.

Chen Guang thought of this and took the initiative.

Soon he took out a pack of cigarettes and gave it to the driver, said with a smile: “Brother, we are not malicious. Didn’t Deer Mountain discover an ancient tomb recently? We just wanted to inquire about the news. It happens to be your house. The nearest to this small village, come here to inquire for news.”

As Chen Guang said, he calmly glanced at the hole behind the driver and asked, “By the way, this brother, why is there such a big hole there? Is it a collapse? If it collapses, we can help you. Fill it up.”

Chen Guang thought that both the driver and Wang Dagui were the owners of this house.

However, he was wrong. The driver didn’t pick up any cigarettes at all, but stared at Chen Guang with cold eyes: “Say it one last time, get out of here!”

Although Wang Dagui was also worried that the driver and Lord Ba were guiding the wolf into the room, but the group in front of them looked quite unpleasant, including monks, Taoists and so on.

In contrast, he still believes in Lord Ba. The most important thing is that if Ba Ye takes a fancy to this piece of land, he will buy it for at least 10000000 million yuan.

And the group of people in front of him is obviously impossible to give him money.

So Wang Dagui also coldly snorted and said: “This is my house, it is indeed collapsed, but no matter what you do, get out of here.”

“Collapse? A joke!”

Liu Family sneered. How could he stand the scolding of others, so that he was the first to jump out, indifferently said: “Zhicheng master, Xianning and Chen Guang Senior, nonsense with these two people. Xiao Ran confirmed it. It’s here, we just forcibly broke in.”

Hearing Liu Family say this, Xinru immediately echoed: “Jiacheng is right! What nonsense with these two people!”

Xinru said, with a wave of his hand, a Flying Insect got out of the sleeve of his shirt, and then flew into the hole.

The Flying Insect was too fast, and it was unexpectedly unprepared, so that the driver didn’t pay attention and saw Flying Insect enter the big hole.

The driver suddenly became angry, and then attacked Xinru.

Seeing the driver’s action, Master Zhicheng, Taoist Xianning and Chen Guang were very surprised.

Because their three people saw that this young driver turned out to be Martial Master Peak, just half a step away from Martial Saint.

Completely didn’t expect that in such a remote place, there can still be such a young Martial Master Peak ancient martial arts person.

Xinru’s face changed, and he quickly backed away. While backing away, from the sleeves of his sleeves, there were various Flying Insects constantly rushing towards the driver.

The driver also complexion greatly changed, but despite the Flying Insect attacks, he still prepared to blast Xinru with a punch.

Seeing this scene, Chen Guang decisively blocked the front of Xinru, also attacking with his fists, and confronted the driver.

Chen Guang is also an ancient martial arts practitioner, also in Martial Master Peak.

There are also many ancient martial arts practitioners in Pihua Mansion, but most of them are not so high in realm, mainly in terms of cutting down Monsters and eliminating Demons.

After all, the Bihua Mansion is used to solve all kinds of unnatural phenomena, so we must cut down Monsters and eliminate Demons.

Wang Dagui, who was on the side, watched this scene dumbfounded. He could think that both the driver and the group of people on the opposite side were not simple, but he could not think of it.

Especially now, when the driver is fighting with Chen Guang, he once thought, was he on the shooting scene of the martial arts drama? Is this the power that people can exert?

At this time, the driver and Chen Guang were fighting up and down, and the surrounding soil was shattered, and even a few big trees in the yard were broken into many pieces under the attack of two people.

This made Wang Dagui feel that this is like making a martial arts drama.

Taoist Xianning said: “I am here to guard, and a few juniors will go to investigate.”

Master Zhicheng also said: “Donor An, Donor Liu and Donor Xinru, the three of you are going to investigate. If you are in danger, just send a message.”

It is not that the two of them are unwilling to go down, but the driver seems to have sent a message to who, it seems that it will not take long, and many people will come here.

At that time, there will be no chance to enter this hole to explore.

Moreover, the two of them are also very old and sophisticated, and the three youngsters are more quick to explore. Under comprehensive consideration, let An Xiaoran and three lead them.

Liu Family sincerely hearing this, haha ​​smiled: “Okay! Three seniors, I will wait for this to investigate!”

This is a good opportunity. The reward for this mission is also very generous. If the mission goal is found in the cave, then he is the first class.

Given his family background, no matter how rich material rewards are, he can’t look down on him, mainly because of his rising status in the Pihua Mansion.

Therefore, Liu Family was the first to jump into the cave.

Xinru naturally follows closely from behind.

An Xiaoran didn’t go in, but Liu Family sincerely saw An Xiaoran didn’t jump into the entrance of the cave, and hurriedly said: “Xiao Ran, the entrance of this cave may be the entrance, and the terrain is also complicated. You need to lead the way.”

An Xiaoran frowned her eyebrows and thought about it, the task is still the most important thing.

She actually didn’t want to follow Liu Family sincerely, if Xinru alone or Zhicheng master they also went in, she would definitely follow.

But now is not the time for her to be angry, she immediately jumped into the hole.

Ever since, the three of them entered the hole smoothly.

The driver saw the three people jump into the hole, helpless.

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