God level Extraction System Chapter 1476

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Because Taoist Xianning quickly put the driver in uniform after he left the field.

Chen Guang had been playing hard with the driver, and Taoist Xianning was not weak. With his joining, he immediately captured the driver.

Then the driver was thrown aside by Chen Guang.

Wang Dagui saw the driver’s severely injured appearance. He swallowed saliva and said, and was frightened. He didn’t dare to make any movement, so he could only stay where he was.

At this time, Daoist Xianning and Master Zhicheng stood beside the entrance of the cave. The two looked at the dark entrance below, and they couldn’t see the 2-finger entrance, and they all looked thoughtful.

Taoist Xianning couldn’t help but whispered to Master Zhicheng, “Master, do you think this place is the entrance to the Dragon Burial Abyss, how likely is it?”

After thinking for a while, Master Zhicheng responded in a low voice: “Although An Shizhu is very young, he is one of the very best in the way-finding of the Bihua Mansion, so here, there is a high probability of entering the Dragon Burial Abyss. .”

Taoist Xianning immediately showed his doubts: “Then what’s going on in the place in the depths of Deer Mountain that seems to be a mouthful? I have heard about the Dragon Burial Abyss since I was a child, but the details are not so detailed, but I also know that there is only one port.”

Zhicheng master shook the head: “Then not quite clear. If this place is not, it must be another place. You will know the result after the investigation is completed.”


During the conversation between the two people, there was no man’s land in the deep mountains of Deer Mountain.

Lin Kai walked to a mountain wall. On the surface of the mountain wall, it looked no different from a normal mountain wall, but he kept staring at it.

If he hadn’t noticed the mistake, inside this mountain wall, in the wee hours of the morning, a True Dragon groan could be heard from it.

Actually, Lin Kai searched Nine Nether grass in this area first, but couldn’t find it after searching for it for a long time.

After looking for it, I arrived at this place, but I noticed something strange, and then I remembered the Dragon’s roar from the direction of Deer Mountain in the early morning.

Later, under Lin Kai’s careful observation, this mountain wall was weird, which seemed indistinguishable from an ordinary mountain wall, but it’s empty inside.

He turned the golden pupil, and then he could see it.

But what power is contained in it, even the golden pupil, it is difficult to see exactly what it is.

At this time, Lin Kai didn’t even think about it. He pushed the stone wall hard. Sure enough, the stone wall in front of him instantly turned into dust and fell to the ground, revealing a cave like a cave.

Lin Kai looked curious, and walked in without the slightest hesitation.

The hole was deep and extremely dark.

Especially with the deepening, gradually began to have a rich Yin Fiend Qi.

This makes Lin Kai’s eyes bright, with Yin Fiend Qi, indicating that Nine Nether grass is very likely to appear.

The most important purpose of his coming to Deer Mountain was to pick Nine Nether grass. In addition to his own breakthrough cultivation base, he had to complete system tasks.

“This cave is so tortuous, and the stone wall is very smooth. It doesn’t seem to be a natural formation. But this cave has not been in for a long time, let alone a few hundred to 100 years of history.”

Lin Kai did not forget to observe the situation of this cave while walking.

What surprised him was that the cave was too deep. To be precise, it was too good to turn, 7 turns and 8 turns.

And this cave is constantly going deep into the ground.

Lin Kai perceives that he has reached at least 2000 metres underground.

At about 2 1000 two hundred meters, there was a fork in the road ahead.

Lin Kai activates the golden pupil and then runs True Qi to maximize the formidable power of the golden pupil.

“The fork on the right is a dead end. Once you go there, you won’t be able to look back, and you will even be trapped inside.”

Lin Kai observed for a while, muttered to himself, and immediately went to the fork on the left.

When the underground was 2 1000 six hundred meters, Lin Kai walked to a cliff.

Yes, in this underground, there is no universe, there are mountains in the mountains!

It’s just that the mountain under the ground is bare and has formed a cliff.

Lin Kai is currently standing on top of the cliff.

However, the stone wall on this cliff is full of Yin Fiend Qi, and there are various gold jade stones or luminous stones on it, which seem to be stained on it.

Even though it is very dark inside, there are those jade stones and luminous stones dotted there, so that this large area does not appear so dark, as if stars dot the night sky.

Lin Kai began to look under the cliff. Because Yin Fiend Qi was too thick, a substantial black fog was formed, and it was impossible to see what was under the cliff.

But Lin Kai is even more sure that 100% of the Dragon’s roar came from under this cliff!

Yin Fiend Qi, just under the cliff, must be very rich, and the probability of Nether Nether grass is also very high.

So, Lin Kai took out the equipment he was carrying and used the climbing rope to climb under the cliff a little bit.

Although he is an Immortal Cultivator, he may have sensed that the cliff is high, coupled with the rich Yin Fiend Qi, he should be cautious.


at the same time.

In the cave entrance of Wang Dagui’s house, Lord Ba was deepening deep into the cave entrance.

The cave is very narrow, and he can barely pass through it alone, making him covered with mud.

Ba Ye started to return frowns, but slowly accepted later. As he just stepped into the Grandmaster’s powerhouse, he was also a cream of the crop among the ancient martial arts of Xia Country in China.

He is also the most trusted confidant of Young Master Ye Tian. The Ye Family is very strong, and there are several powerful Grandmaster powerhouses.

The Young Master Ye Tian and Lin Yuan cooperated to take advantage of Lin Yuan’s power to take up the position of Ye Family Position of Patriarch.

Young Master Ye was also what he saw from childhood, so Ba Ye was naturally spare no effort this time, fighting for his Young Master.

Ba Ye sensed that he was about to reach the end of the hole, and when he could even see a face of the cliff, he suddenly turned his head and glanced, and immediately flicked his hand.

A Flying Insect that flew was killed instantly.

Ba Ye didn’t think much, and quickly walked out of the end of the cave.

Immediately in front of him was a very vast Heaven and Earth. His current location was under the cliff.

Ba Ye didn’t look at the cliff, but saw the black mist in front of him. Then he held a flashlight and illuminated it, faintly in the black mist, and saw the outline of a huge white bone.

“These white bones are one body… Young Master said that this place is called Dragon Burial Abyss. Could these one body bones be…”

Ba Ye just thought so, and he heard that many Flying Insects were flying from behind.

That direction is exactly where he walked out of the cave.

Ba Ye couldn’t help but look back, and saw those Flying Insects, surrounded by a woman who is Xinru.

Xinru was surprised when he saw this person, then went into the cave and said, “Someone!”

As soon as Xinruhua fell, Liu Family Cheng walked out in shock, and finally An Xiaoran came out of the cave.

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