God level Extraction System Chapter 1477

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As soon as the 3 people came out, they saw that Lord Ba was destroying the group of Flying Insects.

Xinru’s face is very ugly. This group of Flying Insects is her most important means. Each Flying Insect has a special function. There are poison insects, poison insect solutions, attack insects, etc.

In short, raising a Flying Insect consumes a lot of energy.

The equivalent to is her pet. Now that she saw her pet, she was attacked and killed by one person.

Of course Xinru couldn’t help it, so he moved towards Baye.

Liu Family sincerely saw Xinru making a move, and stayed where he was.

An Xiaoran frowned slightly, and immediately pulled out the blue long sword from her waist, and moved towards Ba Ye.

“Xiao Ran, what are you going to do!”

Liu Family Cheng wanted to stop An Xiaoran, but An Xiaoran was faster than him, and simply didn’t stop An Xiaoran.

An Xiaoran glanced at Liu Family sincerely, with a cold expression in his eyes: “Sister Xinru, as our companion, sees her in danger, why would she just sit back and ignore it?”

The implication is that Liu Family does not care about Xinru’s life and death.

As An Xiaoran said, she didn’t talk nonsense anymore, and continued to rush over with her sword.

At this time, Xinru and Ba Ye were fighting together.

Although Xinru said that the realm of ancient martial arts is not high, but with its own special means, it can barely block the attacks of Lord Ba.

For example, when Lin Kai faced a Southeast Asian evil master last time, he didn’t know much about the evil sorcery, so he overturned a car.

Of course, Xinru’s special method is still somewhat inferior to that powerful sorcery.

Xinru was quickly forced by Lord Ba and had nowhere to go.

Seeing that Xinru was about to fall into a crisis, An Xiaoran arrived in time, and the blue long sword smashed towards Lord Ba.

Ba Ye glanced at An Xiaoran with disdain. In his opinion, even if these three people were together, it would be easy for him to solve it.

If it wasn’t because the methods were a little weird and caused him to waste some time, he would be able to get it done with one move.

While avoiding An Xiaoran’s attack, Ba Ye sneered: “Two female dolls, bring about one’s own destruction!”

As he said, he punched An Xiaoran and Xinru away, both of them were injured.

Although Liu Family was very frightened by Lord Ba’s strength, he saw that An Xiaoran was injured, and his brain became hot, and he rushed towards Lord Ba: “You bring about one’s own destruction!”

“Just do you still want hero saving the beauty? Compared to these two female dolls, you don’t look like a man at all, and your strength is even more useless!”

Ba Ye sneered and flicked his hand, and saw Liu Family screamed sincerely, as if he had been hit by 1,000 jin strength, flew upside down and hit the stone wall severely.

Seeing this scene, Xinru yelled: “Ning!”

I saw the group of dead Flying Insects, turned into countless poisonous needles, and the Chao Ba Ye of pu chi pu chi hurried away.

“such insignificant ability.”

Ba Ye disdainful smile, patted it with one hand at will, and the poisonous needle liquid dissipated one after another.

The difference in strength between the two is too great!

In other words, Ba Ye is also the powerhouse of the Grandmaster level, this realm, even if you just stepped into the Grandmaster, it is very powerful.

It can be said that ten Martial Saint Peak’s, to besiege one who has just stepped into the Grandmaster, can’t beat it.

This is a quality change.

An Xiaoran understood that Lord Ba was too strong, but in order to delay Xinru, she still attacked Lord Ba with a sword.

There is no way, if they don’t beat Lord Ba, Lord Ba will take the initiative to kill them all, so he has to attack.

It’s just that the Ba master is too powerful, and with 2 random punches, he knocks An Xiaoran and Xinru into the air.

Like Liu Family Cheng, both suffered very serious injuries.

Generally speaking, even if An Xiaoran, Xinru and Liu Family are honest, the realm of ancient martial arts is not high, they can use their special methods to cut down Monsters and eliminate Demons to delay a Martial Saint Peak Level. Others are fine.

But Grandmaster is not good, and can only be beaten by Grandmaster hanging.

Ba Ye saw that three people were seriously injured, and he ignored them, mainly because he now has a mission.

And in his opinion, these three people are already very weak and can’t go far.

After he completes the task, he will solve these three people.

Therefore, Lord Ba turned around, he was about to go to the white bone in the black fog, who knew that a silhouette, dropping from the sky, landed firmly beside the white bone.

The silhouette of dropping from the sky is naturally Lin Kai. He just saw Ba Ye in front of him, as well as An Xiaoran, Xinru and Liu Family Cheng.

Lin Kai was suddenly puzzled. It took him a long time before he came here, wondering where An Xiaoran and the others came from.

But he also saw that it was Ba Ye who injured the three An Xiaoran.

So instead of looking at the situation under the cliff, he looked at Lord Ba and said lightly: “Did you move the hand?”

Lin Kai also saw that Ba Ye was an ancient martial arts practitioner who had just stepped into the Grandmaster.

Of course, Lin Kai doesn’t care. For him, whether he has just stepped into it or in this realm how many years, he has no fear.

At this time, Lord Ba was also staring at Lin Kai. He didn’t immediately respond to Lin Kai, but his expression became serious.

Because he could reach out from Lin Kai and perceive a threatening aura, this is a Grandmaster expert’s intuition.

Ba Ye was shocked, he was Young Master Young Master Ye Tian, ​​as young as this person, only Martial Saint Peak, didn’t expect this person must be Young Master innate talent even stronger.

It was mainly because Ba Ye was from the hidden Aristocratic Family. He didn’t come out for a few days and didn’t go to Leiyuan Group, so he didn’t see Lin Yuan.

As a result, Ba Ye didn’t know Lin Kai either.

He was subconsciously at this moment, stepped back a few steps, then looked at Lin Kai, and said, “I did it, so what?”

“Why hurt them?” Lin Kai 2 narrowed his eyes and asked in a calm tone.

Three An Xiaoran are from the Pihua Mansion and belong to the state organization.

Although this person is the Grandmaster powerhouse, if three people were injured, it would hinder the mission of the state organization.

“It is said that if you are injured, you are injured. Why is there a reason?”

Ba Ye disdainful smile: “It’s you, presumably you have just stepped into the Grandmaster realm, but you are still too young and I have no experience in combat. I advise you to leave it alone, otherwise don’t blame my ruthless men.”

Although the youngster opposite, he sensed a threatening aura, but he was not afraid of Lin Kai.

To be precise, I believe that he can beat Lin Kai, it is nothing more than spending more time.

Before Lin Kai could continue to speak, An Xiaoran was surprised and delighted when he saw Lin Kai coming. At the same time, he was worried and said to Lin Kai: “Lin Kai! This place is called Dragon Burying Abyss, and the mission is posted on it. Let’s investigate this place. This person doesn’t know what identity, it seems that the person who came is not good, and has other meanings towards this Dragon Burial Abyss.

This person is definitely a Grandmaster powerhouse, so if you can’t beat it, don’t resist 10000000, and run out now! The hole behind us is straight to the outside! Zhicheng master, they are all waiting outside! “

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