God level Extraction System Chapter 1478

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An Xiaoran was holding it back, within the body’s injury, she was very worried about Lin Kai.

As soon as the words fell, she couldn’t stop spit a mouthful of blood.

“Dragon Burial Abyss?”

Hearing this keyword, Lin Kai moved in his heart and instantly remembered that Dragon’s roar in the wee hours of the morning had a general idea in his heart.

It seems that there is a True Dragon here, but it should be a dead True Dragon.

But if you want to explore this place, then you have to solve the Lord Ba in front of you.

Lin Kai looked at Lord Ba and couldn’t help being nodded. This person’s age is no more than 40 years old, between 3 15 years old and 40 years old. In fact, at this age, he breaks through to the Grandmaster realm and is already an innate talent. High.

Although he has beaten many Grandmaster realm, each Grandmaster realm powerhouse has its own hole card.

To be precise, one cannot underestimate any Grandmaster powerhouse.

Lin Kai is 100% sure to solve this person, but for the Grandmaster powerhouse, he still gives face, so he has a cup one fist in the other hand.

Grandmaster ancient martial arts are all powerhouses of the pioneering faction. If the two sides are fighting against each other and it is not a vengeance of life and death, the two sides will still speak politely.

Lin Kai said to Lord Ba: “No matter where you are from, but you hurt my friend, it seems that you intend to treat me as a strong enemy, so you are an enemy or not a friend. In that case, you can do it.”

Ba Yehearing this, he did not return the courtesy, but sneered: “It’s ridiculous, I almost want to buy this land, this is my site. What are you guys?”

Ba Ye naturally understood that buying Wang Dagui’s place was only buying the area inside the cave entrance, and it did not belong to Wang Dagui’s land.

But he had to account for it, so he forcibly found a reason.

Although Lin Kai didn’t quite understand it, the doorway inside was clearly a place under no one’s control, and it should be said that it was controlled by the state.

The three An Xiaoran were originally a national organization, and they were also ordered by the above to investigate.

Ba Ye’s behavior is to prevent An Xiaoran from doing things.

Lin Kai didn’t talk nonsense, and looked at Lord Ba with sharp eyes.

At this time, Lord Ba gave a grinning grin, and immediately rushed towards Lin Kai.

Ever since, the two started fighting together.

Not far away, An Xiaoran, Xinru, and Liu Family Cheng were all seriously injured. They couldn’t walk, they could only watch Lin Kai fight with Ba Ye.

Three people have never seen a battle at the level of Grandmaster this realm.

At the beginning, An Xiaoran and Xinru were still worried about Lin Kai.

Only now, under Lin Kai’s unrestrained kick, Ba Ye was hit.

Lin Kai’s power far surpassed Grandmaster realm, so Ba Ye was severely thrown to the ground by the powerful force, and even the soil on the ground instantly cracked.

After all, Ba Ye is also a Grandmaster powerhouse. After he fell to the ground, he immediately got up and came to Lin Kai’s side, trying to grab Lin Kai’s shoulders, trying to throw Lin Kai away.

Lin Kai motionless, let Master Ba grab his shoulders, but Master Ba can’t shake Lin Kai anyway.

Lin Kai sneered and took the initiative to deliver it to the door. How could he let it go and banged it directly.

There is no hesitation, because once he hesitates, Ba Ye will definitely escape smoothly.

Ba Ye was heart startled, and completely didn’t expect this man to be much younger than him. The combat experience is so rich and the strength is much stronger than him.

He was too late to retreat, so he could only be hit by the punch he opened.

Ba Ye was taken 20 meters away by this fist, and he kept vomiting blood, which was obviously very uncomfortable.

Ba Ye wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, he stared at Lin Kai, as if he wanted to prepare, and hit Lin Kai.

However, he turned and ran to the other side of the cliff.

And while running, he took out a hidden weapon in his hand. It was a metal weapon, but the metal weapon was covered with silver needles.

“Rainbow pear flower needle!”

Ba Ye Yin coldly smiled, the button to activate the metal weapon, and the sound of the mechanical version of the turning sound made the various silver needles moved towards Lin Kai and An Xiaoran, Xinru, and Liu Family walk away sincerely.

These silver needles are as fast as bullets, and the sound of breaking wind swept this world instantly.

Lin Kai’s eyes were surprised, and he couldn’t think that Ba Ye’s trump card was such a hidden weapon.

The ordinary rainstorm pear flower needle formidable power is not so big.

It also proved that Lord Ba has a deep research in this area.

Lin Kai blocked these silver needles by himself without any problems, but An Xiaoran, Xinru and Liu Family Cheng couldn’t.

If 3 people are not injured, there is a high chance of blocking them with the special means of 3 people, but now that 3 people are seriously injured, it is definitely unstoppable.

Lin Kai didn’t even think about it, and flew to the three An Xiaoran.

He used his fastest speed to block An Xiaoran in front of the three people in the blink of an eye, and then turned around to absorb all the silver needles into him.

Lin Kai was like a hedgehog at this moment, all the silver needles stuck on him, densely packed.

“Lin Kai!”

Seeing Lin Kai look like this, An Xiaoran’s beautiful eyes were full of tears and her pretty face was full of sorrow. She didn’t expect Lin Kai to save them, but she used her body to block them.

Cheng Liu Family was also taken aback for a moment, and immediately stared at Lin Kai’s miserable situation with idiotic eyes, very disdainful.

In Xinru’s beautiful eyes, there is also grief, but it is more colorful, like seeing the beautiful things in this world.

Regardless of the mood of the three people, in the eyes of the three people, Lin Kai is either dead or injured, so that the emotions of the three people are very different.

But then, An Xiaoran and the three of them stared with wide eyes and were dumbfounded.

Because of the densely packed silver needles on Lin Kai’s body, at this moment, Lin Kai randomly shakes them, and they all shake off.

Lin Kai was fine, not even the clothes were broken.

In fact, when the silver needle struck, he ran True Qi to protect himself.

Those silver needles were nothing more than the floating True Qi, which caused Lin Kai to look like it was pierced by densely packed silver needles from the outside.

“Lin Kai! It’s fine if you are fine!”

Seeing this, An Xiaoran felt relaxed in her heart. She thought Lin Kai was either dying or just died.

Just thinking that Lin Kai died for saving her, she felt guilty and sad.

Seeing that Lin Kai had no injuries, he was immediately happy with 10000 points. He even forgot the serious injuries on his body.

Seeing An Xiaoran’s attitude towards Lin Kai, I became more intimate.

Liu Family is very jealous, knowing that it will be more difficult for him to chase An Xiaoran, and he can’t help but look to Xinru.

An Xiaoran is very beautiful, and Xinru is not bad either.

The main reason is An Xiaoran’s family background, which is better than his, and he has always been enamored with An Xiaoran.

Liu Family Cheng also knows that Xinru has been devoted to him for a long time, and now he wants An Xiaoran to understand that there is no shortage of beautiful women around him.

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