God level Extraction System Chapter 1479

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The most important thing is that Liu Family Cheng now has his own careful thinking. If An Xiaoran doesn’t catch it, then he will step back and accept Xinru.

Anyway, Xinru fell in love with him and couldn’t catch up with An Xiaoran, so it could only be so, and it was not a loss.

“Xin Ru.”

At this time, Liu Family was pretending to be affectionate, looked towards Xinru, and said: “Now I realized that you are good to me. I think the two of us can really meet again and have a new understanding. After the two sides understand, they will be each other’s angels.”

Liu Family has known since long ago that Xinru loves him.

He could imagine that after he said this to Xinru, Xinru must be moved and excited, and he might even faint with joy.

After all, during this period, he has always been indifferent to Xinru.

What makes Liu Family really puzzled is that after he finished speaking, he stared at Xinru. As a result, the expression on Xinru’s face was not as joyful as expected, but it was expressionless.

Xinru even spoke to Liu Family indifferently: “Don’t tell me such nasty things, I don’t feel anymore for you.”

While Xinru was talking, she transferred her beautiful eyes to Lin Kai. The beautiful eyes were full of admiration, and she murmured: “Is he called Lin Kai? He has heard the name for a long time. Didn’t expect it to be like the master of Zhicheng and they respected him. That way, it’s amazing! It’s perfect! I declare that Lin Kai is the man I have the most feeling!”

Upon hearing this, Liu Family’s eyes widened and fell into a dullness. What’s the situation? Why is it changing so fast?

Lin Kai was also a little speechless, but he didn’t say much, he just ran True Qi secretly to recover from the injuries of the three people and have his own mobility.

Lin Kai only told the three to be more careful, and then he turned around and headed in the direction where Ba Ye escaped.

Ba Ye went into the black mist, obviously not planning to leave this Dragon Burial Abyss, he could not look at Ba Ye and destroy this place.

As a result, Lin Kai also quickly dipped into the black mist.

When he entered the black mist alone, he saw the situation inside.

Lin Kai was shocked instantly, because he saw a cliff in the black fog, but the cliff was very shallow, more precisely like a long and narrow gully, only 20 meters high.

But in this long and narrow gully, there is a very large bone.

Like a winding road, this bushy bone is at least 1000 meters long!

Lin Kai is not shocked by this, this shocking bones, from the appearance, is a dragon!

This is the bones of a real dragon, and the pair of claws are as high as a small hill!

For a small section of keel, there is a person as tall as you can!

While being shocked, Lin Kai saw Lord Ba, who was walking towards the dragon’s bones in the narrow gully.

Lin Kai decisively jumped into the narrow gully, and chased after Ba Ye.

At this moment, Lord Ba was extremely excited. The task Young Master Young Master Ye gave him was to find the bones of the dragon in the Dragon Burial Abyss.

Of course, there is no way to take away all the dragon bones that are 1000 meters long.

But Young Master Young Master Ye Tian also said that if you really see the dragon bones, first bring out the dragon’s reverse scale, the bones of that area.

The dragon’s reverse scale position is a little below the neck.

So Ba Ye’s goal now is to first take the keel bone under the dragon bone’s neck and bring it back to Young Master Ye Tian.

According to the original plan, Wang Dagui’s land was bought and then slowly discovered, but I didn’t expect that there would be others coming, especially a very young Grandmaster realm powerhouse came in somehow.

More deadly, the powerhouse of this Grandmaster realm is stronger than him.

So Ba Ye had to run here first, take away the bone of the dragon reverse scale first, and then call him Young Master, bring more hands, and take all the bones of the True Dragon as his own.

Ba Ye was thinking, and suddenly felt a wave of power behind him.

Ba Ye couldn’t help but glanced back, his face instantly gloomy, it was the Grandmaster powerhouse who was even more powerful than him, and he chased after him so soon.

This young Grandmaster realm powerhouse is stronger than he thought!

His Rainstorm Pear Flower Needle is the ultimate enhanced version, and with his transformation, even if the Grandmaster is on the opposite side, he will definitely be caught off guard.

Ba Ye noticed that Lin Kai was not injured at all.

He was a little surprised, and at the same time, he was thinking about how he could successfully obtain the bones at the reverse scale of the dragon bones under the pursuit of Lin Kai.

Ba Ye thought, he was infinitely close to the dragon bones.

He couldn’t control that many. Lin Kai hadn’t chased him anyway, so he spotted the neck of the dragon bone, and there happened to be a dragon bone that looked like a reverse scale.

So Ba Ye jumped up without the slightest hesitation and grabbed the keel of the reverse scale.

Ka-cha !

As soon as Lin Kai arrived at the dragon bone, Ba Ye grabbed the reverse scale dragon bone.


Lin Kai didn’t know why. At this time, he heard the sorrowful Dragon’s roar again, but the sorrowful Dragon’s roar at this time also contained the meaning of anger.

It seems to be saying that the dignified dragon, even if it has been dead for a long time, will not allow anyone to move its bones.

Lin Kai could feel that the Dragon Vein essence he was carrying also made an angry roar.

Although the essence of Dragon Vein is not True Dragon, it also has its own spiritual wisdom. It belongs to a form of dragon. It should be that after seeing the same kind of death, they still suffer from this, and they are extremely angry.

Lin Kai’s eyes were also a little cold. Originally, this was a complete dragon skeleton, but under the destruction of Lord Ba, the dragon’s neck almost fell apart.

Lin Kai quickened his speed, hurried to Ba Ye, and rushed over.

After Ba Ye took the reverse scale keel, he didn’t stay in place too much, but used his full speed to flee frantically, preparing to escape from this place of right and wrong.

After all, Lin Kai is chasing after him. If he is chased by Lin Kai, let alone whether the reverse scale keel can be saved, he may die.

And in his opinion, Lin Kai will definitely probe when he sees this complete dragon bone, instead of chasing him.

Although the reverse scale keel he took, it may be the better bone among the complete skeletal bones.

But there are many places in the complete dragon bones, which are better than the reverse scale dragon bones, such as dragon heads and dragon claw parts.

But Lord Ba absolutely didn’t expect, and Lin Kai didn’t really look for the complete dragon bones, but still chased him.

In fact, in the wee hours of the morning, Lin Kai heard the screaming Dragon’s roar.

And the essence of Dragon Vein has also changed. He always feels that the True Dragon here may be related to his cultivation technique, maybe he is the only one Immortal Cultivator in Earth at present.

For this reason, Lin Kai wouldn’t let him see the True Dragon bones, even a small piece of keel bones, that he wouldn’t allow others to take it out, so he kept chasing Lord Ba.

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