God level Extraction System Chapter 1480

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Lord Ba is very uncomfortable now. Although the reverse scale keel is only the size of a palm, it weighs less than 1000 kilograms.

This weight is equivalent to the weight of 2 Old Hu.

The Grandmaster powerhouse, of course, can with no difficulty, pick up a weight of 1000 kg.

But if you hold it all the time, or even run away, it will seem very strenuous and the running speed will slow down.

Lin Kai was already faster than Lord Ba, so it didn’t take long before he caught up with Lord Ba and slapped him with a palm.

Ba Ye felt that he wanted to avoid the attack, but his reaction speed was still a little slow, and he was directly hit in the shoulder.

He shook his body and fell heavily to the ground, together with the reverse scale keel, also fell down.

Ba Ye stared at Lin Kai with angrily, and his voice was full of chills: “Boy, do you have to fight with me? I still have the real hole cards yet to show. By that time, you will die and everyone will be embarrassed!”

“You die and you die? It’s up to you? I want to see what else you have so-called real hole cards.” Lin Kai responded lightly.

With that, without the slightest hesitation, he slapped Ba Ye again.

Ba Ye’s face is ugly to the extreme. He actually doesn’t have any real hole cards. He just wants to scare Lin Kai. He didn’t expect Lin Kai to simply not enter the suit.

At this time, Ba Ye faced Lin Kai who struck him. This was the first time he was so powerless since he became an ancient martial arts practitioner.

Especially after he became the Grandmaster powerhouse, he was even more confident that he could walk unhindered among the ancient martial arts of Xia Country in China.

Even if he couldn’t beat the stronger Grandmaster powerhouse, he would have escaped.


Now facing Lin Kai, it is different. It seems that it is also a Grandmaster powerhouse. It can display the means and power, and it is very special. In short, very weak, even to fight back!


Ba Ye, who had just stood up, hit his chest under Lin Kai’s palm. The ribs on it seemed to be broken, flying upside down, vomiting blood crazily, and it was difficult to get up again.

This power!

Ba Ye looked at Lin Kai with great horror. This person is so young, he must be a Legendary character among the Chinese Xia Country ancient martial arts in the future! Even towards the legendary that realm!

This innate talent is much better than his Young Master Young Master Ye!

Lin Kai wanted to use the extraction ability to tell the truth first to see where this person came from, but the complete dragon skeleton seemed to be calling him.

At first Lin Kai thought it was an illusion, but then he really sensed that it was the dragon bones calling him, and he was very anxious.

So anxious, Lin Kai didn’t have time to get the reverse scale keel.

Lin Kai frowns, after hesitating a little, quickly returned to the dragon skeleton.

At the call of the dragon’s bones, he climbed onto the dragon’s head.

Lin Kai first found a grass exuding a strong baleful qi on the bones of the dragon’s head.

Nine Nether grass!

Lin Kai was overjoyed, didn’t expect found the Nine Nether grass here! He took it decisively and put it in a small box cautiously.

Besides being a system task, it is also a rare heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

At the moment he put away the Nether grass, the system hint task was completed, and the God monkey extraction ability of Half-God Level was obtained!

In the future, he will be able to Primordial Spirit Leaving the Body!

But now is not the time, because the dragon head is still calling him, motioning him to sit down.

Although Lin Kai didn’t understand what this dragon bone meant, but knew that there was no malicious intent, he continued to follow suit.

But Ba Ye, not far below, saw Lin Kai and went to sit cross-legged on the dragon head of the dragon bone. After a moment, he didn’t seem to wonder why Lin Kai let him go, not even the reverse scale dragon bone.

Ba Ye didn’t think about it clearly, so he didn’t think about it. After recovering from his injury a bit, he staggered to his feet, picked up the reverse scale keel, and resisted the injury and left here.

On the dragon’s skull, Lin Kai noticed that Lord Ba was leaving with the reverse scale keel, but he did not stop it.

Because the dragon bones are still calling him, as if there is something very urgent.

Just as Lin Kai was thinking about it, unexpectedly, a golden glow flashed from the dragon bones. The golden glow was filled with terrifying power, as if it could destroy heaven extinguishing earth.

Even Lin Kai looked very small in front of this golden power.

If Lin Kai hadn’t known it, this golden power wouldn’t hurt him, otherwise he would have been far away from here long ago.

On the contrary, this golden power exudes the breath of dragon. Before Lin Kai could react, this golden power fell into Lin Kai’s mind.

This golden power, fuse together with his Primordial Spirit!

In an instant, Lin Kai’s blood boiled all over his body, and there was a vague sign of Dragon Transformation.

Of course, only vaguely, but he can feel that his own realm breakthrough!

The Golden Core in dantian is more golden light shining!

Most importantly, his Primordial Spirit seems to have undergone some changes.

It just happens that the system task has been completed, and the monkey extraction ability has been obtained, and the Primordial Spirit Leaving the Body can be advanced.

At this moment, Lin Kai did not hesitate and used the magical monkey extraction ability.

He, in the shape of a soul, broke away from him.

This soul body shape is exactly Lin Kai’s Primordial Spirit.

Generally speaking, Divine Transformation Stage can cultivation Primordial Spirit and let Primordial Spirit Leaving the Body. Now relying on the system, Primordial Spirit Leaving the Body can be advanced.

Lin Kai can sense that in the shape of his soul body, except for the soul body, he is no different from him, even his power is the same.

Lin Kai reached out to touch his soul-shaped body, but he penetrated directly.

Lin Kai secretly nodded, in this case, he equivalent to an extra Avatar.

As a result, his strength skyrocketed! If you encounter Lin Yuan next time, you can use your Primordial Spirit to surprise him and put Lin Yuan into crisis!

Soon Lin Kai moved in his heart, and the Primordial Spirit returned to his body.

He looked at the dragon bones. The dragon bones in front of him were originally white, but now they have become a little dark, and there is no longer any call to him or Dragon’s roar.

Lin Kai suddenly understood that this dragon bone should have retained the last mass of inheritance energy before it was alive. It is estimated that it is waiting for those who are predestined to give the inheritance energy to inheritance.

For some unknown reason, the dragon bones did not inheritance even for a few 100 to 1000 years.

Until now, the inheritance energy was given to Lin Kai.

Lin Kai guessed that because he was an Immortal Cultivator, the dragon bones summoned him.

The true effect of the dragon’s inheritance energy has not yet been brought into play. It should wait until he becomes stronger before gradually recovering part of the inheritance.

Lin Kai jumped down from the dragon skull and looked at the complete dragon bone. He was inexplicably sad. It may be the reason why he got the inheritance energy.

Lin Kai couldn’t help reaching out and touching the dragon bone.

However, he had just touched the dragon skeleton, and he couldn’t think of the ground as if there was an earthquake. The 1000-meter-long dragon skeleton in front of him instantly became smaller.

Until it becomes smaller, only about ten centimeters in size, then stop.

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