God level Extraction System Chapter 1481

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Lin Kai saw that there were dragon bones that were 1000 meters long, but they turned into palm-sized dragon bones in the blink of an eye.

Now this palm-sized dragon bone is like a carved model.

Lin Kai can still feel it, and the golden light energy that blends into his within the body seems to be urging him to carry the dragon bone.

He shook the head, picked up the dragon bone next moment, and put it in the box.

Fortunately, he brought enough small boxes, which are customized. Mainly to install Nine Nether grass, or to see other heavenly materials and earthly treasures, to prevent the spirituality of these heavenly materials and earthly treasures from losing.

Lin Kai held the small box containing the dragon bones, thought for a moment, and put it away by himself.

He understood that An Xiaoran and the others were under the mission of the Pihua Mansion and came here to explore. He probably knew that there were True Dragon bones here.

As for the country, it will certainly not destroy the complete dragon bones and will protect it.

Now that the dragon bones have become so small inexplicably, it is meaningless to protect them like that.

Of course, Lin Kai still has some ideas of his own. The dragon bones call him to give him inheritance energy, which already belongs to his elders.

Although the state will protect it, it should be studied, or it must be studied.

Lin Kai didn’t want to do this, so it’s better to protect the complete dragon skeleton by himself.

Afterwards, Lin Kai glanced at the gully, not at all seeing the silhouette of Lord Ba, it seemed that he had fled from here.

He was afraid that there were other people inside, so he went to the three An Xiaoran.

Soon, Lin Kai returned to the cave entrance under the cliff. He saw An Xiaoran, Xinru, and Liu Family Cheng are not here.

His brow furrowed deeply, not because he felt sorry for the absence of the three.

He saw the dead body of Flying Insect on the ground, blood stains, etc., all dried up, and it seemed that at least half a day had passed.

Lin Kai couldn’t help muttering to himself: “Could it be that time flies quickly when I accept inheritance?”

Lin Kai thinks carefully, it should be like this.

He thought he had accepted the golden light inheritance power of the dragon bones, but after a few seconds, in fact, at least half a day had passed.

Otherwise, if Ba Ye was seriously injured, it was definitely not that he could not run so fast.

Then Ba Ye all fled, and An Xiaoran, Xinru, and Liu Family Cheng also left here, which is easy to explain.

It is possible that the 3 people were also seriously injured, so they went out first and did not continue to explore here.

Lin Kai also knew that outside this cave was another entrance. I heard from An Xiaoran earlier that the master Zhicheng was outside.

Without any hesitation, he walked in the hole.

About half an hour later, Lin Kai came out of this hole.

This hole is naturally in Wang Dagui’s backyard.

As soon as Lin Kai came out, he saw that Zhicheng master was still here.

Wang Dagui’s current land has been expropriated by the state under the contact of Master Zhicheng.

It was not a strong buying or selling, but the price set by the state, which made Wang Dagui very satisfied and directly agreed.

The Zhicheng masters saw Lin Kai come out, and each and everyone were relaxed. They were obviously worried about Lin Kai. After all, they also knew that there was a Grandmaster powerhouse below.

As a result, the Zhicheng masters did not choose to enter, otherwise it would be bad if Lin Kai was dragged down.

Now that Lin Kai is safe, everyone relaxes.

Then, the master Zhicheng began to inquire about the specific situation inside.

What happened to another Grandmaster powerhouse? Did you see dragon bones?

Lin Kai responded by half true half false. Although he saw the dragon bones, the Grandmaster powerhouse took the reverse scale keel away, causing the dragon bones to disappear inexplicably.

The reverse scale keel was taken out by the Grandmaster powerhouse.

When Lin Kai said this, Master Zhicheng was convinced, and was also very disappointed: “This time I have come to explore this place to see if there are real dragon bones. If dragon bones are found, the upper level will definitely study it. After all, this It’s a legendary dragon. It’s a pity, it disappeared.”

After sighing, master Zhicheng murmured: “However, there are a lot of jade stone and gold on the cliff inside. It would be a blessing if these were made out and handed over to the upper level, and then subsidized the people.

That Grandmaster powerhouse, already knows some information, its name is Ba Ye, and I don’t know where it came from. It should be said that there must be a list in the Grandmaster powerhouse, Pihua Mansion. “

Lin Kai hearing this, just shook his head and laughed. Although he didn’t know exactly where Lord Napa came from, there are many hidden powerhouses in the world of ancient martial arts.

He wouldn’t be surprised if an Old Monster that was stronger than him appeared one day.

Lin Kai didn’t see the three An Xiaoran, so he asked the master Zhicheng.

Master Zhicheng said that three people suffered internal injuries and went to the hospital for treatment.

Nine Nether grass was also picked, and the system mission was completed. Without taking the Nine Nether grass, with the inheritance energy given by the dragon bones, one small realm was breakthrough in the Golden Core Stage.

But now Lin Kai is fine. He just used some True Qi before to prevent the injuries of three people from getting worse.

Now that he took the dragon bones away, he planned to go to the hospital to treat the three An Xiaoran people.

Lin Kai thought of the ethnic minority girl named Xinru, who seemed to be interesting to him, and sincere to her fellow Liu Family, but she no longer felt it.

This is giving him a headache.

So he went to the hospital in Xunyang City, treated three people, and left decisively.

Even with An Xiaoran and Xinru, Lin Kai left Xunyang City without any cumbersome stay.

2nd day in the morning.

Lin Kai returned to his home in Eastern Sea. He put the Nether grass and the palm-sized dragon bones away.

After taking a shower, he found that there were several missed calls on his cell phone, which were from Lin Qianqian.

Lin Kai originally thought that Lin Qianqian came to him for shooting commercials.

Although the shooting of the advertisement has been completed, the subsequent promotion is also very important. Choose a better platform.

I didn’t expect a Chinese medicine store named 100 Shantang that cooperated with the company, and there was an accident.

This skin care product contains various Chinese medicines, which are provided by 100 Shantang.

100 Shantang has a history of several hundred years, passed down from generations to generations, and learned Chinese medicine from generation to generation.

Now 100 Shantang is a young girl named Yang Mengzi, her father and grandfather, the past few days went to Beijing to participate in a Chinese medicine exchange meeting.

So 100 Shantang is currently alone with her, and her big brother Yang Xiaxing is sitting there.

Of course, 2 people are eligible to sit in and see a doctor, but the qualifications are naturally not as sophisticated as her father and grandfather.

But today there was an accident.

Lin Qianqian said that these 100 shantangs are well-known clinics of conscience. The price of medicines is several times lower than other clinics. It can be said that they are really helping the wounded.

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