God level Extraction System Chapter 1482

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The reason for cooperating with Lin Qianqian’s company is that 100 Shantang also made a request. They don’t charge any money, and provide the money to children in the mountainous areas.

In short, Lin Qianqian hopes Lin Kai will help.

Lin Qianqian knows Lin Kai’s methods, medical skills are nothing difficult, after all, she saw Lin Kai with her own eyes and healed her and Dong Shu’s injuries quickly.

In this regard, Lin Kai agreed, in addition to the cooperation with Lin Qianqian Company, but also because the system released another task.

It is to solve the 100 shantang medical trouble incident and reward gold extraction ability.

So after Lin Kai hung up the phone, he drove the car to the location where Lin Qianqian gave him 100 shantang.

The 100 shantang is located between the urban and suburban areas of Eastern Sea. Although it is only 9 o’clock in the morning, the door of the 100 shantang is full of people, and the water is blocked.

And at the entrance of 100 Shantang, a group of people were there either crying or using very vicious words, constantly cursing there.

As soon as Lin Kai came here, he saw the chaos here. He shook the head. According to the description of the system, it was actually a medical disturbance.

It’s just that this medical trouble is very interesting.

Immediately, Lin Kai forcibly separated the crowd outside and entered the 100 Shantang.

In the group of people crying and yelling, there was a woman in her 50s who was lying on a stretcher. The woman’s eyes were closed, her face was pale with no breath, and she was obviously dead.

Next to the stretcher, there was a 30-year-old man with an ugly face, who continued to cry and yell.

“What 100 shantang! It killed my mother! My mother has always been in good health, but she recently caught a cold, so she came to your 100 shantang to grab medicine, saying that the medicine at your 100 shantang is cheap and it is also real medicine ingredients! As a result, my mother was killed by the medicine ingredients provided by your 100 Shantang!”

“100 shantang? It is better to say it is 100 evil tang!”

“Yes! The medical skills are so bad, I even ran out to sit for a consultation, it is really to kill people!”

“Killing lives!”

In addition to the ugly-faced man, some family members were also present nearby, all dressed in linen and filial piety, yelling at the ugly face.

The crowd gathered outside the door, hearing these words, each and everyone showed sympathy, and many people, like the family members, began to curse 100 Shantang.

“Didn’t expect the clinic, which is a few hundred years old, to let the inexperienced sit on the clinic. This is completely smashing his own brand!”

“Ai, yeah, Old Master Yang is not here, it is his grandson and granddaughter here. It is estimated that there is no experience, and it is such a thing.”

“The 100 shantang is over! It’s a pity, such a conscientious clinic.”

The crowd onlookers outside, looking at a pair of young men and women standing inside, all discuss spiritedly.

There was even a very excited aunt who just passed by here after shopping for vegetables. She took out a handful of vegetables and threw it on the 100-year-old plaque of 100 Shantang.

This makes the faces of the young men and women in the 100 Shantang very ugly.

These young men and women are Yang Xiaxing and Yang Mengzi siblings.

Yang Xiaxing couldn’t bear it. Others smashed the plaque of 100 Shantang like this, and said loudly: “They are talking nonsense! It’s not a simple cold, but coldness in the body, causing rheumatism. I just opened one. The medicine for rheumatism. It was taken by me personally, and the medicine ingredients were prescribed by me! I can guarantee my life! The medicine ingredients are absolutely fine!”

“You’re nonsense! It’s obviously that you want to make more money and mess up the medicine ingredients! As a result, my mother is dying after eating, and now is dead! Everything is the responsibility of your 100 shantang!” That looks ugly. The man immediately yelled and responded.

“Aunt Liu bought medicine from your clinic in the morning, and it has only been less than 2 hours. Now because you have taken your medicine, people are gone. You 100 shantang must be very responsible!”

“Yes! You 100 shantang will be responsible to the end!”

The people around also shouted.

Yang Mengzi next to Yang Xiaxing’s pretty face was very ugly, and then said: “Turn right and wrong! You suspect us based on this? Our 100 Shantang is also a 100-year old brand. How many civilians have 100 surnames and the price Not to mention the whole country, at least this province is the cheapest! Even if the home is difficult, we will provide it for free! There has never been a misdiagnosis like this! Not to mention taking medicine and eating to death!”

The crowd onlookers outside, for Yang Mengzi’s words, most people secretly clicked nodded, which is true, and this shouldn’t happen.

However, there are a small number of people who are not too big to watch the excitement: “I haven’t seen that person’s mother’s body. Have you all moved here? People are dead, how can you sophistry?”

Before Yang Xiaxing and Yang Mengzi could respond, Lin Kai had already stood up at this time, and said indifferently: “The person is indeed gone, but it is not her son. In order to corrupt people, he killed his mother and came to this 100 shantang. It’s also possible to get medical trouble.”

In fact, according to the system, the ugly-looking man killed his mother, so he came here to start making trouble in order to get compensation.

Sure enough, the ugly man, hearing Lin Kai’s words, pointed at Lin Kai with a fierce reaction, and said angrily: “Where is the kid! I sue you for libel! What nonsense!”

“Yes, you can eat rice but you can’t talk nonsense!”

The family members were also angry.

When Yang Mengzi saw Lin Kai coming, his eyes lit up: “Are you Lin Kai Lin Divine Doctor?”

Yang Mengzi already knew from Lin Qianqian that Lin Kai would come to help, and also knew that Lin Kai’s medical skills were superb, and even the well-known director Pan Liguo’s illness was cured.

Yesterday Yang Mengzi happened to be online and saw a piece of news saying that Pan Liguo was originally very ill, and even the doctor was helpless, but he was cured inexplicably.

In fact, this news can be regarded as a promotion for the new movie.

Of course, the news did not say that it was cured.

However, Lin Qianqian told Yang Mengzi that it was Lin Kai who treated him.

That is why Yang Mengzi said Lin Kai is Lin Divine Doctor.

Yang Mengzi was convinced that when he saw Lin Kai coming, he couldn’t help but feel relieved.

Lin Kai just ordered nodded, it seems that Lin Qianqian introduced him to Yang Mengzi.

Before Lin Kai could say anything, someone in the group of family members said with a sneer: “I said this person, why did he sneer? Turns out he knew the people from the 100 shantang! They seem to be in the same group!”

Lin Kai naturally ignored these words, but calmly said: “Don’t say anything, I will ask this person a few words, and the whole thing will be As the water recedes, the rocks appear.”

“Really?” The ugly-faced man said with disdain: “Then ask, I want to see what As the water recedes, the rocks appear.”

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