God level Extraction System Chapter 1483

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Lin Kai hearing this, glanced at the ugly man, and immediately asked: “You said earlier that your mother had eaten 100 medicine ingredients from the shantang, but the talent didn’t?”

“Yes! It’s a small cold in itself, just spend tens of yuan to buy medicine ingredients! It cost 101 yuan! This is not normal! If my mother’s disease can be cured, 101 yuan will be 101 yuan, as a result My mother was killed by this amount of medicine ingredients! It was definitely because I wanted to make more money, so I opened more medicine ingredients like this!”

The ugly man looked very sad, and then yelled.

Yang Xiaxing also knows Lin Kai’s personal information. Although he has some doubts that Lin Kai is so young and his medical skills are so superb, now is not the time to doubt. Now is the time when he is facing the life and death of 100 Shantang.

So Yang Xiaxing said: “The medicine ingredients I prescribe will not be a problem at all! It is the right medicine! And the 101 yuan, if it is changed to other clinics, it will be at least 1000 yuan! Our 100 shantang has been open for several 100 years, and it is also dependent on it. With the concept of saving the dying and healing the wounded, as long as you don’t lose the money, you can save one person and you will be able to continue driving! I don’t even think about harming others!”

Lin Kai clicked nodded, and then he looked at the ugly-faced man again, and said, “You have also heard that, if the medicine ingredients are sold in other places, how can they cost 1000 yuan? 100 Shantang has always been. Maintaining micro-profits is naturally not for making more money. Moreover, this brand has been around for a few hundred years. Impossible will harm your mother.”

Lin Kai said, pointing his finger to the woman’s body on the stretcher, and said: “On the deceased’s neck, there are obvious signs of blackening. The deceased’s death hasn’t been long, but dark spots appear so soon, so it is very likely. It’s poisoned. If you don’t believe it, you can call the police and a forensic doctor will come over for identification.”

When Lin Kai said this, the ugly-looking man became even more panicked, but his ugly-looking man quickly converged, and continued to yell at Lin Kai: “What about poisoning! It must be that the medicine ingredients contain poison. , Poison to death my mother!”

After he finished talking, he took out a list from his body. There were a few remaining medicine ingredients on the list. He sneered: “On this list, there are medicine ingredients issued by 100 Shantang. There are several kinds! I will find them. Very professional people, come and check if these medicine ingredients are toxic!”

Lin Kai glanced at the list, there are probably 6 kinds of medicine ingredients remaining.

Lin Kai calmly said: “The medicine ingredients on this list do have some toxicity.”

Hearing Lin Kai’s words, everyone was shocked.

Everyone didn’t expect Lin Kai to say this. Didn’t they still maintain 100 Shantang before? How did it change so fast? Could it be that conscience discovered it?

The crowds outside, each and everyone shook their heads.

“Lao Yang has been in business for so long, with such a good reputation, and he is truly saving the dying and healing the wounded. He has unparalleled medical ethics. He didn’t expect to have two grandsons injured, but they were destroyed in one morning!”

“Yeah, didn’t expect that medicine ingredients are really toxic, and this is the responsibility of 100 Shantang!”

Those onlookers were also filled with outrage and blamed the 100 shantang.

Yang Xiaxing’s complexion changed. He couldn’t understand why Lin Kai wanted to help the other person speak.

How can he not know the medicine ingredients that he prescribes? Obviously they are not poisonous! On the contrary, it is of great help to the body! Can improve the condition of the body!

Just when he wanted to speak, Lin Kai continued: “Of course, the remaining medicine ingredients on the list have nothing to do with 100 Shantang. To be precise, the poison on it is that other people have poisoned it. .”

After speaking, he turned and looked at Yang Mengzi, and said, “You take your 100 shantang angelica here.”

Although Yang Mengzi wondered why Lin Kai asked her to take Angelica sinensis, he still did.

Angelica is a medicine ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine that nourishes blood and nourishes qi.

Before long, Yang Mengzi took the angelica and handed it to Lin Kai’s hand.

“Look, there is still a certain difference between the angelica in my hand and the angelica on the list.”

Lin Kai showed the angelica in his hand, and compared to everyone, they found that the angelica on the list was darker.

The man with an ugly face showed a hint of panic again, and he hummed: “Maybe it’s this kind of difference. After using part of it, the color becomes darker!”

Most of the onlookers began to be weird. Those who were able to watch showed that most people had visited the 100 Shantang.

They all know that angelica will change color after impossible use.

Lin Kai 2 narrowed his eyes, staring at the ugly-looking man, saying every word: “As far as I know, if a certain dose of arsenic is put in the angelica, the color will become brighter, and the medicine ingredients will naturally With strong toxicity.

In addition, everyone has heard of arsenic from every aspect. Novels, film and television dramas, etc., have descriptions, often in ancient suspense dramas, there are such arsenic. I don’t know if you have noticed a detail, that is, people who died of arsenic poisoning often leave some marks on their fingernails. If you don’t believe it, search on the Internet for comparison. “

After hearing Lin Kai’s words, the crowd of onlookers looked at the woman’s corpse and found some marks on their nails.

Some people are curious about whether it is right or not. Just according to Lin Kai’s statement, they searched on the Internet and proved that Lin Kai’s statement is correct!

Lin Kai pointed at the ugly-looking man at this moment, coldly said: “If I guessed right, it was the arsenic you put on that killed your own mother. Usually, the nails of the hands that took the arsenic would not have Mark, but there must be a little residual powder.”

Everyone looked over, and saw the ugly-looking man with some powder on his nails.

The ugly-looking man hurriedly put away his hand, and yelled at the same time: “Nonsense! Absolutely nonsense! I’m doing farm work in the morning, these all are dirt!”

Lin Kai shook his head slightly: “At this time, you still don’t admit it. Since you said that your nails are mud, you should lick it. If you lick it, it means that it is mud. Although the dose is small, you use it. It’s an enhanced version, so a small portion will be poisoned to death.”

Several of the family members shouted: “What are you afraid of! Old Ox, don’t you just lick it to prove yourself! Just lick it, it doesn’t prove that the 100 shantang killed your mother!”

The crowd onlookers also urged the ugly-looking man.

However, for these words, the ugly-faced man slowed to lick it, but his face was ugly to the extreme.

Lin Kai saw this, coldly shouted: “In order to defraud the 100 shantang’s compensation, he did not hesitate to poison to death his mother, you beast, have not pleaded guilty yet?!”

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