God level Extraction System Chapter 1484

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Lin Kai urged True Qi and then coldly shouted.

His voice resounded in vain in the ears of the ugly-looking man, like a nine-day thunder, completely defeating the ugly-looking man’s psychological defense.

The ugly-looking man suddenly looked regretful and slumped on the ground: “I killed my mother! I killed my mother!”

Whether it was the group of family members or the group of people watching outside, each and everyone was shocked to hear the ugly-faced man. Immediately, there was an expression of anger. This is indeed a matter of anger between man and god. He should be an ugly man. No matter what, he can’t poison his mother to death!

The family members wanted to understand even more, and they questioned: “A Niu, you beast! Why are you doing this!”

The ugly-looking man was still full of regret, and cried, “I blamed me for being confused for a while! I didn’t do anything, and I was eating at home. This morning my mother scolded me to go out and look for work. As a result, I was impulsive. , That’s it! I just saw the medicine ingredients my mother was taking, so I had a plan to get rid of my suspicion, and also to ruin a large sum of money, so I came here to make trouble.”

After listening, everyone was extremely angry.

“Sure enough, it’s a beast!”

“Yeah! I don’t have the ability, don’t talk about it, and give birth to your mother to poison to death! Not as good as an animal!”

“Call the police! This kind of person should be shot immediately!”

Especially the crowd of onlookers almost believed it before. Absolutely didn’t expect that the ugly-looking man actually did this kind of conscience.

Some people even couldn’t stand it. They rushed forward and punched the man who looked ugly. You punched me and beat the man who looked ugly.

But no one sympathized with the ugly-looking man, even the relatives who came with him, and followed part of the crowd to beat the ugly-looking man together.

It didn’t take long for the police to arrive, and the medical troubles here were thus calmed down.

The most important thing here is Lin Kai, as the water recedes, the rocks appear so fast.

The onlookers also apologized to Yang Xiaxing and Yang Mengzi. After all, they had misunderstood the 100 shantang before, and the 100 shantang was the original 100 shantang that saved the dead and healed the wounded!

Also, the old lady who used vegetables to smash the 100 Shantang plaque was very sorry. After apologizing, she immediately borrowed a ladder, cautiously the 100 Shantang plaque, and got some vegetables. The remaining marks are wiped clean.

When everyone left, Yang Xiaxing poured a cup of good tea for Lin Kai and thanked him: “It is Divine Doctor Lin! You can see the problem at a glance! Many thanks, come here in time, otherwise the 100 goodness handed down by my ancestors Don, so if it is destroyed in my hands, then I am a sinner!”

Yang Mengzi next to him also looked at Lin Kai with joy: “Lin Divine Doctor, thank you!”

Yang Xiaxing glanced at Yang Mengzi strangely. Normally, after his younger sister returned from studying abroad, he had never seen his younger sister. He smiled at any man, even if he still had a father or grandfather. .

As if in the eyes of his younger sister, men have nothing good.

But now, it was the first time he saw Yang Mengzi smile so happy to a man.

Yang Xiaxing shook his head secretly, but it was a good thing, so he said to Yang Mengzi, “After this incident, some patients were scheduled to come here to get medicine or see a doctor. It was a little late. Let’s go, Mengzi, I didn’t I’m free to accompany Doctor Lin Divine. It’s almost noon. You just went to invite Doctor Lin Divine to have a meal as a thank you.”

Yang Mengzi directly agreed: “Okay.”

Hearing Yang Mengzi’s so readily promised, Yang Xiaxing smiled in his heart. It was indeed a good thing, and he ran to the doctor.

For siblings 2 people, Lin Kai has no choice but to shook the head.

When As the water recedes, the rocks appear, the system task is completed and a good gold extraction ability is rewarded.

Originally, he was still going to study the gold extraction ability, but when he saw Yang Mengzi invited him to dinner, he had to follow.

After all, 100 Shantang and Lin Qianqian have a cooperation.

Moreover, 100 Shantang does not pursue benefits, but donates the benefits it brings to those impoverished mountainous areas. Lin Kai admires this point.

Soon, Yang Mengzi took Lin Kai to a private restaurant and ordered some of the best dishes in this private restaurant.

I have to say that the food in this private restaurant is still very fragrant.

In addition to these two days, Lin Kai did not have much time to eat back and forth in the two provinces.

So as soon as it was served, it was eaten directly.

Yang Mengzi saw Lin Kai look like this, her pretty face appeared with a smile, and even handed Lin Kai some dishes. While picking the dishes, she said, “Mr. Lin, thank you again. You are so good, with such superb medical skills, not only cured The terminal illness of Director Pan Liguo also revealed the true face of the beast!”

Originally, Yang Mengzi always called Lin Kai the Divine Doctor, but Lin Kai didn’t dare to take up this name. He only resorted to Immortal Cultivator, so Yang Mengzi called him Mr. Lin.

The reason why Yang Mengzi treated Lin Kai in this way was actually because he felt that Lin Kai had superb medical skills and was very admired, especially when she was relieved of 100 shantang not long ago, which made her have a good impression of Lin Kai.

Lin Kai hearing this, shook his head and laughed: “The person on the spot is baffled, the onlooker sees clear. At that time, you and your brother were slandered. It is inevitable that you were so anxious that you didn’t see it. I, a bystander, just It’s not the same, it’s not that rush. If you are bystanders, you will surely see it soon.”

What Lin Kai said is indeed true. Although the system task only prompts, 100 Shantang is framed, but not at all indicates that it was poisoned to death by arsenic.

Although Lin Kai does not specialize in medicine, as an Immortal Cultivator, the cultivation technique of cultivation also includes all kinds of similar Chinese medicine, so it can be seen at a glance.

Yang Xiaxing and Yang Mengzizu’s ancestors have studied traditional Chinese medicine for generations, and the two are no exception. Their medical skills are definitely not weak, it’s nothing more than anxious that’s all.

Just as Lin Kai finished speaking, Yang Mengzi wanted to respond.

Unexpectedly, someone came to the two-person table and happily said: “Meng Zi! I didn’t expect to see you here!”

“Wang Jinghua? How did you become the waiter here?” Yang Mengzi frowned and responded.

The visitor was a young man, but he looked like a uniform.

Lin Kai knew who this Wang Jinghua was. While on the road, Lin Kai saw that Yang Mengzi seemed to have an unfavorable relationship with men, except for him.

Lin Kai was very curious and asked.

It turned out that Yang Mengzi was pursued by Wang Jinghua when he was studying abroad, but Yang Mengzi didn’t agree.

But I couldn’t stand Wang Jinghua. This kind of brazen pursuit, I wanted to explain to Wang Jinghua that an accident did not happen.

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