God level Extraction System Chapter 1485

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Yang Mengzi intends to explain the situation to Wang Jinghua, just to see Wang Jinghua hook up with another girl, this is that’s all, after all, regardless of her business.

As a result, Wang Jinghua prescribed medicine, which made Yang Mengzi want to save the girl, but she was almost taken in. Fortunately, she called for help in time and escaped.

In short, Wang Jinghua is very scumbag and his methods are also very despicable.

Had it not been for the background at home, something would have happened long ago.

And after returning to China, he also inherited the family business, was a group company, and became a Boss.

This made Yang Mengzi feel that all men are not good things.

So Yang Mengzi now, seeing what Wang Jinghua looks like now, indifferently said: “Mr. Wang, is it possible that, are you bankrupt?”

Although Yang Mengzi wanted Wang Jinghua to be severely punished, she had no background and was helpless.

Wang Jinghua smiled bitterly and shook his head at this time: “Meng Zi, it’s really fortune that doesn’t change. I didn’t expect that I just took over my family group. Unexpectedly, the capital chain broke, and then went bankrupt, and various debts. Now forced by reality, I can only fight some. Odd jobs, come and live a life.

It is said that it is difficult to see the truth, this sentence really makes sense. After my accident, the previous gang of scoundrels, all disappeared. Even the relatives in that circle avoided meeting somebody to me. “

Wang Jinghua said, looking at Yang Mengzi excitedly, said with a smile: “We still have some feelings between us, although some unpleasant things happened in the middle. But I believe you, you are a girl who doesn’t care about the predecessors. So you see, can you lend me a few 1000000, no, 1,000,000 will do! As long as I borrow this 1,000,000, I can still start a new business! Then I will make a comeback!”

“Some feelings? A little unpleasant thing? Regardless of the predecessors?” Yang Mengzi sneered again and again: “You can still say it because of the loss. Don’t care about it. It’s 1,000,000. I can’t get it. You find someone else and don’t bother me. .”

Yang Mengzi was already pretty good without beating the dog in the water, but just persuading Wang Jinghua to leave.

However, Wang Jinghua’s face is still very thick, and he directly said loudly: “Yang Mengzi! When you were abroad, you bit me, and I haven’t paid you for medical expenses yet! According to foreign medical expenses, then But it’s a sky-high price! What’s more, I cannot use the right hand for half a year. You should compensate me for that 1,000,000 instead of lending it to me!”

If you don’t know the truth, I feel that there is nothing wrong with this.

But those who know the truth will be angry.

It was clearly Wang Jinghua who wanted to invade Yang Mengzi. Yang Mengzi was just defending and bit Wang Jinghua. It was Wang Jinghua having only oneself to blame. He deserved that’s all.

Yang Mengzi is a victim through and through, but now, Wang Jinghua, the assailant, has instead claimed money from the victim.

Yang Mengzi’s pretty face changed a little color at the moment, and she didn’t expect that Wang Jinghua would say such shameless words, and she was extremely angry and laughed: “Wang Jinghua! What you did at the beginning, you understand in your heart! I didn’t ask you for compensation. , It’s pretty good, but I didn’t expect it to come to me for compensation!”

Wang Jinghua’s face is thicker than the city wall, and he reluctantly said: “You just bit me and made me unable to use the right hand for half a year. The damage is great! So you have to compensate me 1,000,000!”

The guests at a few tables nearby, hearing the quarrel here, began to discuss spiritedly at Lin Kai’s table.

“I think it makes sense. What age is this? The medical expenses in foreign countries are not as low as rumors, but very high. Calling an ambulance costs a few 100 or even 1000 dollars, let alone seeing a doctor. “

“Yes, I still hurt the right hand. I can’t use it for half a year. 1,000,000 should be compensated.”

Those guests didn’t know the whole story at all, they just heard Wang Jinghua’s one-sided words, they just pointed fingers.

Yang Mengzi was very angry when he heard these words. It was obviously not that way, but these people didn’t know the truth, but they turned black and white.

Did Yang Meng Purple Qi’s body tremble, and then returned to normal, he looked towards Lin Kai: “Mr. Lin, sorry, because of my business, I disturbed you and didn’t let you have a good meal. Now let’s change the place and continue to invite You eat.”

Wang Jinghua only seemed to notice Lin Kai, and suddenly laughed: “Oh, didn’t expect to raise a pretty boy. There was money to ask the pretty boy you raised to eat, but there was no money to compensate me! Yang Mengzi, you still want to have no shame?”

When Wang Jinghua said this, it attracted the pointing fingers of the surrounding guests.

Lin Kai brows slightly wrinkle, he was eating here and was eating, but now he is called pretty boy inexplicably.

And he also knows that the whole sequence of events is simply Wang Jinghua’s having only one self to blame. Legally, Yang Mengzi also belongs to legitimate defense and will not have any responsibility!

On the contrary, Wang Jinghua had to compensate Yang Mengzi for his losses!

So Lin Kai stood up and slapped Wang Jinghua casually.


The applause was unusually loud, and half of Wang Jinghua’s face was swollen and tall.

This is naturally Lin Kai, who has reduced 99% of his power, otherwise, Wang Jinghua will definitely be gone with one palm.

After all, Wang Jinghua is just an ordinary person.

Wang Jinghua held his swollen half of his face, suddenly angrily, with the other hand, pointed at Lin Kai: “Good, you pretty boy! Dare…”

Before Wang Jinghua finished speaking, Lin Kai directly used the ability to tell the truth.

Next, Lin Kai asked: “Why did Yang Mengzi bit you in the first place? You have no idea?”

Wang Jinghua has been controlled by the extraction ability and began to answer Lin Kai’s questions honestly.

After Wang Jinghua said the whole sequence of events one by one.

Lin Kai then revoked his ability to extract the truth.

After Wang Jinghua was sober, he saw the guests nearby, and he was scolding him all the way. He was shocked by 10000 points. What happened? I didn’t support him before, so why did he scold him in the blink of an eye?

Although Yang Mengzi was also curious, why Wang Jinghua suddenly told the truth, but I always felt that it was not Wang Jinghua who wanted to say it, but he could not help but looked towards Lin Kai, thinking that Lin Kai did not know what method he used, which made her admire even more. From Lin Kai.

At the same time, Yang Mengzi also thanked Lin Kai for helping her.

She didn’t wait for Wang Jinghua to react. After paying the payment, she took Lin Kai and walked outside the store.

However, Wang Jinghua stopped in front of Yang Mengzi, pretending to be very regretful: “Mengzi, I was wrong! Please forgive me! It was indeed my fault at the beginning! For the sake of an old classmate, again It’s the love of studying in a foreign school, can you lend me a hundred thousand! Just lend me a hundred thousand! Not much!”

Yang Mengzi sneered and pushed Wang Jinghua away, coldly said: “Don’t say hundreds thousand, I won’t lend you a penny!”

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