God level Extraction System Chapter 1486

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After being rejected by Yang Mengzi one after another, Wang Jinghua was also annoyed all at once, terrifying with a gloomy expression, looked towards Yang Mengzi, and smirked: “Okay! You don’t want to borrow it? You should remember that I took you at the time. A picture of disheveled clothes, if you don’t borrow it, I will publish the picture of your disheveled clothes!”

“That photo?” Yang Mengzi’s pretty face turned pale in an instant, and said angrily: “You were in front of the police at the beginning. Have you deleted all the photos? How come there are?”

“What’s the matter, delete it, it can’t be restored! Hehe, although this photo is not dew-pointed, but you can see your underwear, and the clothes are messy, it looks like you have been insulted! So good! Photos, I naturally want to recover!” Wang Jinghua sneered, anyway, he has already planned to do it, so there is nothing to say.

He continued to threaten: “If you don’t lend me, I will print out photos like you, and paste them into small advertisements, and pay a lot of money for children. Or, publish them on such small websites and then publish yours. Address! Of course, if you borrow me hundreds thousand, I will delete the photos, which is a permanent deletion!”

“You! You!” Yang Meng’s Purple Qi is almost speechless.

That photo was at that time, Wang Jinghua, a beast, wanted to forcibly offend her by tearing her dress to pieces. Fortunately, someone came in time, only revealing some underwear.

Even so, the photo was a shame to Yang Mengzi! Although the mountain range is not exposed, for her, it is a psychological shadow of her!

This is how she has no affection for men!

If it were Wang Jinghua’s behavior, she would have fallen into that kind of devil.

Wang Jinghua didn’t wait for Yang Mengzi to respond. He took out a note and wrote down his bank account. He sneered: “If you can’t see the money you transferred at night, then you just wait! Finally! One more thing, I am good at PS technology, and I will also use PS technology to expose your unexposed clothes! Make you famous!”

There is no concealed threat!

“Shameless!” Yang Mengzi gritted her silver teeth, and after a while, the two words popped out in her mouth, she was too angry.

Even the guests in this shop, each and everyone scolded Wang Jinghua.

“What the hell!”

“Yeah! What kind of ability to bully a girl!”

“This kind of person is a beating!”

Not to mention those customers, even the boss in the store couldn’t stand it, and let Wang Jinghua go out.

Wang Jinghua has an indifferent attitude. He has always been a rich second generation before. He hasn’t suffered much since he was born. He has studied abroad. If he were not afraid of other companies ridiculing him, he would naturally not come as a waiter.

But after working as a waiter for a long time, he didn’t want to do it. He just wanted to make some money and then gambled, because only by gamble can he turn around.

He now thinks that Yang Mengzi will give him hundreds of thousands, so that it is so arrogant, it doesn’t matter whether the waiter does it or not.

Wang Jinghua thought, preparing to leave, just rubbing shoulders with Lin Kai.

“To be honest, I have seen a fool who is too right, but I have never seen a fool like you.”

When Lin Kai saw Wang Jinghua coming, he slapped Wang Jinghua on the face again.

Yang Mengzi invited him to dinner, and Yang Mengzi was a partner of Lin Qianqian’s company. No matter what, he saw Yang Mengzi being bullied in this way, and he naturally came out.

This slap was a little heavier, and Wang Jinghua was hit by this force and rotated in place for several times before he fell to the ground severely.

Wang Jinghua’s face on the other side was also swollen and tall, and several of his teeth had fallen out, with blood in his mouth.

“Boy! You are really me, can’t you do anything about it!” Wang Jinghua stared at Lin Kai with bitterness. Although he said so, in fact, he didn’t dare to do anything.

Lin Kai looked condescendingly, faintly glanced at Wang Jinghua, and said, “Oh? Really? I don’t know, can you do it, but I can be sure that if this is a wilderness, you are not. It’s as simple as being slapped twice. Trust me, you will definitely become an unclaimed corpse.”

Threat? Lin Kai is the ancestor of threats.

Wang Jinghua wanted to sneer, but Lin Kai’s calm gaze and the slight pressure in his gaze made him tremble.

The inexplicable meaning of cold spread all over his body.

Wang Jinghua has no doubt that Lin Kai will really kill people!

Lin Kai said faintly: “The same thing, I will give you, if you don’t delete the photo permanently before tonight, don’t blame me. You can let people inquire about my identity, and you will understand. Did I say that is false.”

After that, he took Yang Mengzi out of this private restaurant.

Seeing two people walking out here, after Wang Jinghua was frightened, he still planned to take a gamble, so he shouted at Yang Mengzi who was leaving, “Yang Mengzi! If you don’t transfer the money tonight! take responsibility for the consequences! !”

Lin Kai didn’t look back, but in his eyes, a coldness gradually emerged. Did he really take his words as the wind?

But Yang Mengzi, with a desperate look, kept muttering: “You can give a hundred thousand, but according to what I know about him, even if you give a hundred thousand, he will not delete the photos. What should I do…”

Just when Yang Mengzi was confused, Lin Kai was on the side, lightly said with a smile: “Since I encountered this kind of thing, I will help you solve it.”

Yang Mengzi smiled bitterly and shook his head when he heard Lin Kai’s words, thinking that Lin Kai still didn’t know Wang Jinghua very much. How could he be afraid of Wang Jinghua’s faceless and skinless person.

Always impossible, Wang Jinghua was killed.

The more Yang Mengzi thought about it, the more upset he became, and he said: “Mr. Lin, can you accompany me to drink? Actually I don’t like drinking, but now I am in a bad mood. It is not safe to go alone. I study abroad. It didn’t take long to come back, so there are no girlfriends, can you accompany me?”

Lin Kai hearing this, and clicked nodded: “Okay, but it’s noon, there shouldn’t be any bars or anything.”

“One is open 24 hours, let’s go there.”

As Yang Mengzi spoke, he told the address.

Lin Kai was speechless, and didn’t expect a bar that opened during the day. It seems that under the pressure of modern society, there are still many modern young men and women like Yang Mengzi who want to use alcohol to relieve their sorrows.

Lin Kai had to accompany Yang Mengzi and went to the place together. Not long away from here, it only took ten minutes to drive.

Soon I came to a commercial street.

The entrance of one of the bars looked mediocre from the outside, but when I walked in, the atmosphere like the night was suddenly highlighted.

Although it is noon, there are also many young men and women who are drinking here either depressed or excited. It is simply a life style.

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