God level Extraction System Chapter 1488

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I have to say that women are naturally attracted to such gems.

Just as men like cars and so on.

Yang Mengzi was really surprised by the beautiful eyes of this egg-sized blue gem.

Of course, she was just surprised.

Then she looked at Lin Kai and asked, “Mr. Lin, you men like it so much. Do you open a house with other strange women? In order to open the house, I don’t hesitate to spend every means.”

Hearing Yang Mengzi’s words, Lin Kai slightly shook his head and laughed. Yang Mengzi himself did not have a good impression of men because of the past, and was stimulated by Wang Jinghua again today.

Now Ding Haoyuan came to strike up a conversation with various means, which obviously made Yang Mengzi even more devoid of the goodwill of men.

As a man himself, Lin Kai wouldn’t say much, he just looked at it funny, Ding Haoyuan came to talk to Yang Mengzi.

Especially seeing Ding Haoyuan’s self-confidence, he was even more amusing, Yang Mengzi, who hates men, would accept Ding Haoyuan’s invitation.

But Yang Mengzi saw that Lin Kai didn’t answer, and continued to repeat the previous words, asking questions.

Lin Kai had no choice but to answer, “Not all men are like this, it’s just that you have met some bad people. Those bad people are the shame of our men. There are many men who value feelings, and I am like this. “

Lin Kai didn’t brag about himself. He couldn’t help but think of the past, but he also sighed in vain, making him want to use alcohol to relieve his troubles.

It is a pity that after he became an Immortal Cultivator, no amount of strong alcohol can make him drunk.

It can only be that alcohol is not intoxicating and everyone is drunk.

But in that case, it’s meaningless.

Ding Haoyuan turned his gaze to Lin Kai and sneered: “It’s a joke! Which man doesn’t like to open a room with a beautiful woman? I think you are very hypocritical! On the surface, you look good, but practical. You are even more fake than me! At least I am real, you are a typical hypocrite!

And if you want to open a room with a beautiful woman, at least have to show your sincerity, right? How to say, there must be a gem like me that is several hundred thousand big, how about you? A piece of clothing, I don’t know if there is still 1000 dollars in total. Just you, do you want to ask a beautiful woman to open a room? It’s totally dreaming! “

Lin Kai’s calm eyes were slightly cold when he heard Ding Haoyuan’s words.

This Ding Haoyuan struck up a conversation, but now that it involves him, he has no place to offend Ding Haoyuan.

But Ding Haoyuan said so, how could Lin Kai not move.

So Lin Kai casually took out a jade stone from his pocket, which was also the size of an egg.

The overall glittering and translucent of jade stone, especially in this dimly lit bar, is even more dazzling.

This glittering and translucent jade stone was picked up by Lin Kai in the Dragon Burial Abyss.

There are many of these at the cliff.

Of course, this piece like Lin Kai’s hand is still relatively rare.

This kind of jade stone is natural, and more importantly, it contains some Heaven and Earth True Qi. If you carry it with you, it will nourish your body and nourish your mind and adjust your breath.

In this way, jade stone is less than 10,000,000 in the market, which is still relatively small, and no one who knows the trade can not get 20,000,000.

Besides taking out the jade stone, Lin Kai also took out the keys of the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

“Since you are in the jewelry industry, you should know the price of this jade stone? As for the car keys, I don’t need to say more, right?”

Lin Kai glanced at Ding Haoyuan lightly, and as he said, he gave the jade stone directly to Yang Mengzi.

Yang Meng Purple Tenuity was taken aback.

“Young Lady Yang, I give it to you.” Lin Kai said.

When Ding Haoyuan saw this scene, his face was very ugly. He naturally recognized the value of jade stone and that the car key was a Rolls-Royce Phantom, no matter what, it was worth 10000000 million.

Alone, it was several times more than what he carried all over his body, including the car.

Ding Haoyuan did not expect that the seemingly ordinary young man was actually a hard stubble. After a little hesitation, with a rather unwilling look, he picked up his wine glass and left quickly.

Yang Mengzi is still in a drunk state, 2 eyes dim, looking at Lin Kai, and said: “Mr. Lin, I understand this Rolls-Royce Phantom, but the jade stone you want to give me should be very valuable, right? ?”

Lin Kai laughed: “Yes, there can be 10000000 less.”

Now Yang Mengzi was surprised: “Mr. Lin, are you sure that’s the case, give it to me?”

Lin Kai smiled nodded, he said it all, naturally he did what he said. Besides, this jade stone, to him, has no effect, just like an ordinary small stone on the side of the road.

Yang Mengzi is not the kind of worshiper, and he didn’t show any joy. Instead, he looked towards Lin Kai carefully, and then asked softly: “Given such an expensive gift, does Mr. Lin want to open a room with me?”

Lin Kai was speechless: “I’ve said it all. Without the emotional foundation, I wouldn’t be so casual.”

“Hehe, if you really want to make this condition, I might agree to it. Of course, I won’t accept such an expensive gift, thank you Mr. Lin.” Yang Mengzi said, asking the waiter to adjust a few more cocktails.

Yang Mengzi drank again.

When Yang Mengzi finished drinking 3 cups of this cocktail, Lin Kai shook her head to stop her from continuing to drink, and said: “Young Lady Yang, stop drinking, look at you, drink it again, you will definitely be drunk.”

Yang Mengzi seemed to see that there was no alcohol to drink, so suddenly, he rushed into Lin Kai’s arms, rushed over, with some crying, and said: “wu wu, Wang Jinghua’s bastard, that photo will definitely be exposed at night . My innocent reputation will be destroyed. This is even worse than killing me! Wu wu, I don’t know what to do…”

Yang Mengzi cried and cried, almost losing consciousness.

Lin Kai shook the head, this is Yang Mengzi completely drunk, disguised strong emotion, in this brief moment, completely out of control.

Like a normal little girl, so soft and weak.

Lin Kai shook his head again and said: “Young Lady Yang, we don’t drink anymore, I’ll take you back.”

Lin Kai had already urged True Qi to volatilize all his alcohol within the body, and now he within the body not at all any alcohol, driving is still fine.

In fact, he can also quickly evaporate Yang Mengzi and the alcohol within the body, but it is not necessary. After all, Yang Mengzi was moved towards drunk.

If it really evaporates, then Yang Mengzi will definitely stay here until he gets drunk.

Lin Kai prepares to take Yang Mengzi away and return to the 100 Shantang.

However, Yang Mengzi resolutely went back and kept crying. If the photos were released, Wang Jinghua’s villain would definitely add fuel to the rumors.

Lin Kai still understands this very well.

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