God level Extraction System Chapter 1489

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Lin Kai thought for a moment, then said: “Well, this bar has private rooms. I will open a private room first. You will sober up the wine in it. I will have something to go out and come over later.”

He mainly saw that Yang Mengzi really refused to follow him out of the bar.

He had to do this first, so he opened a private room and helped Yang Mengzi onto the sofa in the private room.

Of course, he also secretly urged True Qi to volatilize Yang Mengzi’s alcohol within the body, while leaving a few body protection symbols.

Lin Kai went out to solve Yang Mengzi’s obsession.

whoever hung the bell on the tiger’s neck must untie it, that is to let Wang Jinghua delete the picture permanently.

Apart from this, Lin Kai also gave a waitress a few hundred dollars to make the waitress look at this place more and don’t let other people in.

The waitress agreed with joy.

Lin Kai just came out of the bar, and then took out a strand of hair, which is exactly one strand of Wang Jinghua’s.

When he slapped Wang Jinghua in the slap, he deliberately took it away.

He also knew that Wang Jinghua’s temperament would not listen to his verbal threats.

So he was prepared to settle the matter after drinking with Yang Mengzi.

It’s just that Yang Mengzi was drunk and refused to leave the bar. He had to go now, otherwise, Yang Mengzi would not be able to leave the bar.

Lin Kai took this strand of hair and immediately used the tracking extraction ability.

Later, this hair found the way for Lin Kai on his own.

Lin Kai drove the car and followed the path of the hair.

Not far away, Hair came to an old community.

Lin Kai sensed the location of the room where Wang Jinghua was. He saw the door closed, but knew that Wang Jinghua was inside. He pushed the door open without the slightest hesitation.

At this time, Wang Jinghua in the room hadn’t turned on the computer for a long time before he saw Lin Kai coming in with an incredible expression.

He also just returned and rented out his own house.

Before he was in the private restaurant, the incident was naturally opened by the private restaurant. He didn’t want to be a waiter for a long time, so he might as well continue to threaten Yang Mengzi and let Yang Mengzi lend him hundreds thousand.

It is said that it was borrowed, but in fact Wang Jinghua would not pay it back. Yang Mengzi knew this too well.

Wang Jinghua thought, went back to his rental house, got the PS photos as early as possible, and threatened Yang Mengzi with this.

He planned that even if Yang Mengzi borrowed him hundreds thousand, he would not choose to delete it, instead he would keep asking Yang Mengzi for money.

He also understands Yang Mengzi’s temperament, and that’s why he dares to do such a thing boldly.

However, before Wang Jinghua started PS, when he first opened the photo, he saw Lin Kai break in.

And Lin Kai closed the door and walked towards Wang Jinghua step by step.

Wang Jinghua was really taken aback. He couldn’t figure out how Lin Kai knew about where he currently lives.

He chose a relatively old community to hide his debts. Otherwise, in his capacity, how could he be willing to live in such a shabby place.

Especially now, when he sees Lin Kai approaching step by step, he is even more frightened. Holding the laptop, he yells at Lin Kai: “Boy, you are believing or not, I’ll sue you for breaking into the house! Why don’t you give it to me… “

Before Wang Jinghua could finish, Lin Kai just slapped his face, and his face swelled again.

Lin Kai said nothing, and slapped his backhand again. Wang Jinghua 2 looked dazed with Venus. The laptop he was holding in his hand fell off.

Lin Kai runs True Qi, thoroughly destroying the laptop, hard drives and the like.

Simply cannot be repaired, so there is no way to restore any data.

Wang Jinghua looked at Lin Kai with more horror. He even wondered how Lin Kai destroyed the laptop so clean all at once. It can be said that all the accessories in the computer were shattered.

At the same time, Wang Jinghua also glared at Lin Kai: “Boy! The hard drive was destroyed by you! Are you still planning to do something against me? If you do it again, I have to sue you for failing! I was wronged before, but now it’s different! “

Lin Kai looked at Wang Jinghua with an idiotic look, and said, “Are you acting stupid with me, or are you really stupid? I don’t believe it, except for your computer, you don’t have a backup of your mobile phone, USB flash drive or online cloud disk. Hurry up! Hand it over and destroy it!”

This Wang Jinghua is also hard-hearted, just not paying.

Lin Kai didn’t think so, so he killed Wang Jinghua, and he didn’t want to do it himself.

So next, Lin Kai started to use the extraction ability to tell the truth, let Wang Jinghua hand over all the backed up photos, what kind of mobile phone data, what kind of network disk and so on.

After all these photos were destroyed, Lin Kai released the ability to extract the truth.

Not to mention, although this is a gold extraction capacity, it is still very useful at critical moments.

Lin Kai didn’t leave either, but urged True Qi to use punishment like torture to plunge the sober Wang Jinghua into endless pain.

Lin Kai used True Qi to burst Wang Jinghua’s meridian all over his body. It felt like he had swallowed 10000 kilograms of ammunition and might be ignited and exploded at any time.

It was an inhuman torture that caused Wang Jinghua to scream like a pig.

Wang Jinghua screamed and kowtowed his head frantically to Lin Kai for mercy.

Lin Kai ignored it.

It wasn’t until Wang Jinghua was about to collapse, calling for Lin Kai to kill him, Lin Kai looked at Wang Jinghua coldly, and said indifferently, “In the future, do you dare to trouble Yang Mengzi like this?”

“Heroes! I am wrong! I am wrong! Don’t say dare, I don’t even have that idea!” Wang Jinghua was scared, really scared! Now in his eyes, Lin Kai is a demon!

With such a demonic existence, beside Yang Mengzi, how can he dare to trouble Yang Mengzi again! I dare not at all!

“A scum like you, I don’t bother to take your life personally. The death penalty is unavoidable, but the living sin is inevitable. If it were not for me, you would probably kill a girl. In this way, the previous pain will last for a week. In this week, there will be attacks for half an hour every night, so that you deeply understand that being a scum, take responsibility for the consequences!”

Lin Kai said that most of the True Qi was recovered, but some True Qi stayed in Wang Jinghua’s meridian.

He has done it well, and for the next week, let True Qi disturb Wang Jinghua’s meridian every night, and let this painful pain teach Wang Jinghua a profound lesson.

Wang Jinghua was hearing this with a pale complexion. He had only experienced pain for ten minutes just now. For the next week, he would have attacks every night for half an hour! This made Wang Jinghua look at Lin Kai’s gaze and became deeply afraid.

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