God level Extraction System Chapter 1490

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After Lin Kai finished speaking, he left without seeing Wang Jinghua’s reaction.

But Wang Jinghua looked ashamed, and when he thought of the next week, he was desperate for 10000 points. At the same time, I really dare not go to trouble Yang Mengzi again.

Ten minutes later, Lin Kai returned to the bar.

He has destroyed all the photos, so if he tells Yang Mengzi now, Yang Mengzi will not be so uncomfortable.

What made Lin Kai frowned was that after he walked into the private room, he found that Yang Mengzi was not there.

In fact, this bar is not far from the old quarter, and it takes only ten-twenty minutes to and from.

In such a short time, Yang Mengzi would definitely not leave on her own.

Thinking of this, Lin Kai found the waitress he had ordered before he left.

Lin Kai stared at the waitress and asked indifferently: “In the private room, where did my friend go?”

The waitress, who was stared at by Lin Kai, was a little flustered. The wording that had been prepared suddenly became invalid. Instead, she stubbornly said: “This…this gentleman…your friend, she, she recently…go, go Up.”

Lin Kai saw the flustered look of the waitress, and what he said now, immediately sneered, how could he fail to see that the waitress was lying.

He also didn’t use any military force, and directly used the extraction ability to tell the truth to let the waitress tell the truth.

Immediately under Lin Kai’s questioning, the waitress pointed to one of the private rooms and said dullly: “Just one minute ago, someone in that private room gave me 1000 money, and I secretly Send your friend to that private room.”

Lin Kai hearing this, unceremoniously, gave the waitress a severe slap and was beaten to the ground, screaming in pain.

As long as it is not an enemy, Lin Kai will not go to beat women.

But this waitress has touched the bottom line in his heart. If he doesn’t give a lesson, I am afraid that in the future, he will not follow his credit, and he can do anything for money.

Of course, Lin Kai got rid of his ability to extract the truth before he slapped him.

Then, under the horrified gaze of the waitress, Lin Kai went straight to the private room that the waitress was referring to.

In the private room at this time, Ding Haoyuan did not immediately move Yang Mengzi, but went to flip Yang Mengzi’s bag.

In his opinion, Yang Mengzi must have accepted the jade stone Lin Kai gave to Yang Mengzi.

That is a jade stone worth at least 10000000 million!

Ding Haoyuan showed greed, even if he was a manager of the jewelry industry, he was still very excited when faced with this top grade jade stone.

But Ding Haoyuan didn’t turn it over, which disappointed him.

Maybe it was the kid who just talked about it and gave it to Yang Mengzi.

After thinking about it, Ding Haoyuan is quite disdainful of Lin Kai.

Then Ding Haoyuan looked towards Yang Mengzi who was lying on the sofa, and the lust in his eyes became more and more prosperous.

Not long ago, he bought the waitress here and asked the waitress to bring Yang Mengzi onto the sofa in the private room.

Now seeing Yang Mengzi’s drunk and unconscious look, Ding Haoyuan said wretchedly with a smile: “Smelly bitch, pretend to buy innocence! It’s like this in the bar, isn’t it? Waiting for someone, go there!”

Having said that, Ding Haoyuan couldn’t help it anymore, and began to pull out his belt, and when he was about to take off his pants, the door of the private room was kicked open.

Naturally, it was Lin Kai, kicked suddenly, and the whole private room door was all split up and in pieces.

Ding Haoyuan was so shocked that he was about to wither, and turned around and yelled: “I didn’t see the private room door. It said that there are guests, please do not disturb! Which one will bother me!”

Just after Ding Haoyuan finished speaking, he was stunned because he saw Lin Kai coming.

The most important thing is that Lin Kai kicked the door of this private room and kicked it all split up and in pieces.

You should know that this private room door is thicker than the anti-theft door of an ordinary family. After all, this is a bar. The private room door is naturally very soundproof.

Therefore, the thicker the door, the better the sound insulation.

He didn’t expect that Lin Kai actually broke the door of the private room.

Ding Haoyuan immediately thought about it, the anti-theft door of ordinary family is not so easy to be all split up and in pieces, even more how is the door of this bar private room.

He believes that it must be the door of this bar private room, and there is a problem.

So Ding Haoyuan was no longer afraid of Lin Kai, but looked at Lin Kai as he walked, and said arrogantly: “Boy, I said I am the department manager of Ding’s Jewelry. Everyone I know is a senior official. Honorable man. If you dare to disturb my good things, then today, you don’t want to get out of here! Do you understand?”

Lin Kai 2 narrowed his eyes, and a cold smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “Don’t want me to get out of this bar? Sorry, I let you down, because you don’t want to get out of the bar! Because of me now, let you climb out! “

When the words were over, before Ding Haoyuan had any reaction, Lin Kai came to Ding Haoyuan in an instant, swept across at will, and saw Ding Haoyuan’s legs bend in an instant.

After making a cracking sound, Ding Haoyuan’s bones in both legs were broken, and he collapsed completely to the ground, while making a scream like a pig.

Ding Haoyuan grinned in pain, almost fainting.

Lin Kai made Ding Haoyuan at least lie in the hospital bed for more than half a year.

Ding Haoyuan looked at Lin Kai with extreme anger: “Okay! Dare to interrupt Lao Tzu’s leg! I did what I said today, so that you can’t get out of here! It’s a man, so just give Lao Tzu some time to call !”

Lin Kai looked at Ding Haoyuan with interest. He sat on the sofa, beside Yang Mengzi, and said faintly: “Okay, give you time and solve it all at once.”

How could Lin Kai be scared? He just called in together and solved them all, so that they won’t be annoying afterwards.

Ding Haoyuan glanced at Lin Kai unexpectedly, but he didn’t expect Lin Kai to really agree.

He suddenly grinned, thinking that this kid was an idiot, and actually gave him a chance, no wonder he was ruthless!

So, he quickly made a call: “Brother Xiaodao, it’s my little Ding. Yes, it is the little Ding who gave you 1000000 jewels last time. I’m in trouble now, little brother…

After Ding Haoyuan finished the phone call, he looked at Lin Kai with a calm face. He was very upset and couldn’t help but said: “Boy! He still looks so calm! Let me tell you, the little knife brother I invited is It is the great character of Leiyuan Group! Being in Eastern Sea, you must know Leiyuan Group? That is the most powerful group in Eastern Sea, even the overlord Li Family is a little afraid of it.

And it won’t be long before Leiyuan Group will replace Li Family as the overlord! Hehe, kid, just wait! “

Ding Haoyuan sneered at Lin Kai again and again.

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