God level Extraction System Chapter 1491

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For Ding Haoyuan’s words, Lin Kai was a little surprised. He didn’t expect to meet someone casually and would get involved with Leiyuan Group.

It seems that Leiyuan Group’s penetration in Eastern Sea is much stronger than he thought.

Of course, he just had an accident, apart from this, his face was still extremely calm.

This made Ding Haoyuan feel weird. He had all talked about the horror of the Leiyuan Group. Is this kid really not afraid?

Amidst Ding Haoyuan’s uncertain doubts, a few minutes later, in this private room, several big men broke into the room, who looked fierce and evil.

“Who courting death guy! Someone who dares to mess with me!”

The leader was a big guy with a tattoo on his bald head, who roared loudly as soon as he came in.

Ding Haoyuan, lying on the ground, quickly pointed his finger at Lin Kai, and said with a deep hatred, “Brother Xiaodao, it is him! This kid not only broke my good deeds! He also beats me like this now! Never forgive him lightly. Ah! Brother Xiaodao, teach him severely, if I have good jewelry in the future, I will immediately consider you!”

Brother Xiaodao is hearing this, his eyes are filled with satisfaction. Naturally, he is not really talking about feelings, but benefits. If you have given enough benefits, of course he has to do things.

Therefore, Brother Xiaodao couldn’t help but follow the direction Ding Haoyuan pointed and forgot the past.

The face of Brother Xiaodao was fierce, his eyes staring angrily, the size of a copper bell.

After seeing Lin Kai on the sofa, his expression changes faster than turning the page!

I saw that his expression immediately became incomparably well-behaved, and he was trembling, lowered his head, and said in fear: “Lin…Mr. Lin, sorry, I went to the wrong room. A friend asked me to come here for a drink, here The private rooms are too similar, and if you feel uneasy, you will make mistakes. How offending! How offending!”

Not to mention this little Dao brother, the few men behind him who were equally fierce and evil also looked incredible, and then they all became extremely well-behaved.

It’s like a student in a kindergarten, seeing the fierce Teacher.

These people came from Lingnan.

It was the few in the clubhouse who tricked a few schoolgirls into it and wanted to control those schoolgirls, but they were all rescued by Lin Kai.

At the same time, Lin Kai also physically castrated the little knife brother, plus the injuries on their body, it should be said that it will not get better after 2 or 3 months.

In fact, the clubhouse in Lingnan is the gray industrial chain developed by Leiyuan Group in Lingnan, which was handed over to Brother Xiaodao.

Due to the destruction by Lin Kai, Leiyuan Group saw Brother Xiaodao who did this professionally, and if something went wrong, Brother Xiaodao would take responsibility on their own.

Therefore, Leiyuan Group spent some medicine ingredients used by ancient martial arts practitioners, quickly cured Little Dao, and then arranged it to Eastern Sea to develop the underground gray industrial chain.

As a professional in this area, Brother Xiaodao naturally spread out some contacts in Eastern Sea. With the help of Leiyuan Group, the mountain, in just 2 days, it was to get rich in Eastern Sea.

Also understood, in Lingnan a few days ago, the person who destroyed the clubhouse was named Lin Kai, who was the mortal enemy of Leiyuan Group Leader Lin Yuan.

Even the Leiyuan Group can’t help Lin Kai, let alone him!

As a result, Brother Xiaodao saw Lin Kai’s immediately, and he was terrified. He didn’t expect it. After coming to Eastern Sea for two days, he encountered this evil star again!

Brother Xiaodao saw Lin Kai’s calm face and felt very bad. He didn’t dare to run. Although he belongs to Leiyuan Group, he understands that Lin Kai is not afraid of Leiyuan Group at all, and even targets people from Leiyuan Group.

Brother Xiaodao thought for a moment, and in order to express his apologies to Lin Kai, he walked to Ding Haoyuan who was lying on the ground.

Ding Haoyuan was still dumbfounded. It was because of the attitude of the Xiaodao brothers towards Lin Kai. What happened?

What made him even more stunned was that Brother Xiaodao kicked his chest right now. While kicking, fiercely said: “What’s so special! Stare at your dog eyes! Don’t look at who is Mr. Lin! I dare to offend Mr. Lin! You are the courting death!”

Ding Haoyuan was kicked, almost out of breath, he said with a grievance: “Brother Xiaodao, obviously that kid, who made me like this, you have to be the master of me! As long as you help me avenge, I will definitely give Your jade stone worth 10000000!”

Ding Haoyuan didn’t care about that many, and continued to let Brother Xiaodao call him the shots. In his opinion, Lin Kai is not from Leiyuan Group. What else is Brother Xiaodao afraid of.

As for jade stone, I naturally want to get it from Lin Kai. When the time comes, use this jade stone, presenting Buddha with borrowed flowers, just give it to Xiaodao.

As long as there are enough benefits, Ding Haoyuan still believes that Brother Xiaodao will call him the shots.

Hearing Ding Haoyuan’s words, Brother Xiaodao kicked Ding Haoyuan even harder, and continued to yell: “Fuck! What do you know! Give me a 100000000, I dare not attack Mr. Lin! You! You even instigated me to shoot Mr. Lin, today I must kick you to death!”

For fear of being implicated by Ding Haoyuan, Brother Xiaodao kicked Ding Haoyuan under his foot, and never stopped.

Brother Xiaodao was telling the truth, but he knew Lin Kai’s power and identity.

200000000 is indeed a sky-high price, but it also has to be enjoyed by life, it is useless to give more if it is dead!

Ding Haoyuan was completely dumbfounded now. He didn’t even feel that he was kicked by Brother Xiaodao. There was a terrifying in his mind. Then, the person he offended was afraid of Leiyuan Group?

When he thought of this, Ding Haoyuan was lost and pale.

Lin Kai on the sofa, saw Brother Xiaodao, kicking Ding Haoyuan was dying, and then said: “Okay, Brother Xiaodao? It’s none of your business, you can go. Of course, if I’m in Eastern Sea next time. See you, don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

The meaning is obvious, that is, if you find in Eastern Sea that Brother Xiaodao is on the Eastern Sea side and open some gray industry such as clubs, Lin Kai will be like last time in Lingnan.

Lin Kai knew from the time that Brother Xiaodao appeared, that Brother Xiaodao was from Lingnan.

I think that Brother Xiaodao belonged to Leiyuan Group, and his injury healed so quickly. In addition, he came to Eastern Sea. Without even thinking about it, Leiyuan Group wanted Brother Xiaodao to develop the gray industrial chain in Eastern Sea.

Since Lin Kai happened to meet him, he must be prevented from harming Eastern Sea.

Brother Xiaodao understands what it means, and there is no need for Lin Kai to say anything. In his mind, not long ago, he decided that he would never develop a gray industrial chain in Eastern Sea, because there is Lin Kai in Eastern Sea!

After going back, you still have to report the situation to Leiyuan Group and go to another city!

So Brother Xiaodao was nodded like a chicken, but also relaxed. With a few of his men, he immediately escaped from the private room of the bar, as if he didn’t want to stay here for a moment.

Lin Kai looked at Ding Haoyuan coldly, and said indifferently: “Do you have any other phone calls? Give you another chance.”

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