God level Extraction System Chapter 1493

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Lin Kai was slightly taken aback when he heard Yang Mengzi’s words like this. He did it all at random, and didn’t expect Yang Mengzi’s reaction.

So, he shook his head and said: “Young Lady Yang, I am a shareholder of Lin Qianqian’s company. Since your 100 Shantang cooperates with Lin Qianqian’s company, then it is considered a partner. In addition, Wang Jinghua’s behavior makes me very sick, even if not I will also take action on the partnership level.”

Lin Kai said, handing Yang Mengxue a few pieces of paper, and then said: “reasonable in every circumstance, it is normal to help you, don’t care too much. You still don’t cry, after drinking the soup, I will send you back to 100 good Tang.”

Unexpectedly, Yang Mengzi said in a low voice, “That…Mr. Lin, can I stay at your house for a day tonight?”

Lin Kai smiled wryly when he heard this. It is possible to live, but it is better not to live, and he said: “Young Lady Yang, if you don’t go to a home at night, your family must be worried.”

“All right.” Yang Mengzi responded and began to drink soup silently.

About 20 minutes later, Lin Kai took Yang Mengzi to the 100 Shantang.

Passing a dry cleaner on the way, Lin Kai took Yang Mengzi’s skirt to the dry cleaner to wash, then took it back and gave it to Yang Mengzi.

It didn’t take long to reach the gate of 100 Shantang.

“Mr. Lin, thank you!” Yang Mengzi thanked him and opened the car door.

To Lin Kai’s surprise, he originally thought Yang Mengzi would get off the car directly. Unexpectedly, Yang Mengzi reached out his small head and kissed Lin Kai on the face.

Feel the fragrance of the oncoming girl and the coolness on the cheeks.

Lin Kai was stunned for a moment. Before he could remember, Yang Mengzi’s face flushed, and he left the car as if he ran away.

Then Yang Mengzi closed the car door and waved to Lin Kai: “Be careful on the road.”

Lin Kai shook his head and smiled bitterly, but was forced to kiss. It is said that since ancient times, even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beauty, it really is immutable.

He hadn’t had any defense before. To be precise, he would relax his vigilance in the face of such a beautiful girl who is not hostile.

If you change to another person, let alone kiss him, even if it is a small gesture, Lin Kai will be alert and will not let the other person succeed.

Lin Kai thinks it is necessary. In this regard, it is not good to reflect on yourself to avoid being taken advantage of in this way.

If other men hear Lin Kai’s thoughts, there will definitely be the idea of ​​killing Lin Kai.

Immediately, Lin Kai drove the car and returned to his home.

And Yang Mengzi entered the 100 shantangs, compared to the 100 shantangs that are lively during the day, there is no who at night.

Yang Xiaxing, who was sorting out the medicine cabinet, saw that Yang Mengzi was back, saying curiously: “I went out in the morning, why did the sun come back after falling behind? And why did I change my clothes?”

Yang Mengzi snorted when he saw Yang Xiaxing’s 8 hexagrams, and said, “It’s none of your business.”

After speaking, head to the backyard of the 100 Shantang. There are several old houses in the backyard, similar to the courtyard house, which is where you live.

Yang Xiaxing is hearing this, and the meaning of the 8 hexagrams is even more pronounced. He has already learned from Lin Qianqian, understood Lin Kai as a shareholder of Lin Qianqian’s company. With this status, marrying his younger sister will definitely be fine.

It seems that there is a play for 2 people!

Yang Xiaxing smiled secretly. Originally, after her younger sister returned to China, she avoided meeting somebody with a man, but now that Lin Kai appeared, there was a turning point! It seems that in the future, Duto will contact Lin Kai!

As for Lin Kai, when it was close to 8 o’clock in the evening, he returned home.

He learned of Lin Qianqian’s skin care product advertisements, the first batch of advertisements were put on the prime time before the start of satellite TV programs.

So as soon as Lin Kai got home, he turned on the TV, adjusted the satellite TV program, and started playing the skin care product advertisement at the top 8 seconds before the start of the program at 20 o’clock.

Yin Suyan appeared instantaneously. I have to say that Pan Liguo’s commercial, plus Yin Suyan’s role as the advertising hostess, let this advertisement hang other commercials.

Although it only took less than 20 seconds, the brand of skin care products was highlighted by Yin Suyan’s narration and his own skin effects.

As soon as the advertisement was over, the show just started.

This program is one of the TV stations with the highest ratings at this point in time.

At the same time, Lin Kai’s cell phone rang, and it was Lin Qianqian who called.

“Lin Kai, is there time tomorrow? If you have time, can you accompany me?”

Lin Qianqian’s voice came.

Although the advertisement on the TV station was officially launched this evening, the short-film advertisement on the Internet began to be promoted on the Internet in the afternoon.

Once the short film advertisement was released, it was sought after by netizens. Various praised the quality of the advertisement and shouted to buy it.

And short film advertisements, clicks and popularity on various platforms, are getting higher and higher over time.

Netizens still hate advertisements very much, but this kind of very high-quality advertisements are not disliked, but will be sought after.

In fact, it’s not the advertisements that hate it, but the shoddy advertisements.

In addition, Yin Suyan is on the Internet, helping to forward the short film advertisement, and Pan Liguo, making the short film advertisement more and more popular.

So in just one afternoon, this short film advertisement swept the entire network.

Many agents and distributors come to look for cooperation.

The several direct sales stores under the Eastern Sea, under the company’s sales, have long been sold out. We must open more direct sales stores and cooperate with agents.

Lin Qianqian decided to find a bigger store in Eastern Sea first, and make it the direct sales store of the skin care product brand. In this way, the brand can be built even better.

Lest when the time comes, if the dealer has a problem, it will be bad if it affects the brand.

At present, finding a store that is suitable for opening a direct sales store is the most important thing, and Lin Qianqian has to do it herself.

It’s just that although Lin Qianqian’s company is a bit of a scale, she still doesn’t have that many experience when she finds a larger place to open a direct sales store. She doesn’t know much about this, and she doesn’t dare to pass such important things to others.

Lin Qianqian thought of Lin Kai and planned to let Lin Kai accompany her to have a look.

Lin Kai is also a shareholder of the company. Whether skin care products can be perfected or not, if a well-known brand, can also be regarded as interest-related.

The most important thing is that Lin Qianqian is still jealous. Looking at the closeness of Lin Kai and Yin Suyan the previous two days, she couldn’t help looking for Lin Kai, lest Lin Kai went to Yin Suyan again.

Lin Kai naturally didn’t know Lin Qianqian, but another idea, only to help find a larger store and open a general outlet store for skin care products.

In this regard, Lin Kai readily agreed, and nothing will happen tomorrow anyway. Calculating time, Leiyuan Group’s most fortune is the day after tomorrow.

Lin Qianqian hung up the phone with satisfaction after hearing Lin Kai’s promise.

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