God level Extraction System Chapter 1494

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After Lin Kai turned off the TV, he did not immediately cultivation. Instead, he took out the small black bottle and the slap-sized dragon bones and studied them carefully.

Although it takes only one or two days to go to Xunyang City, the gain is huge.

In addition to True Dragon inheritance, there are small black bottles that are suspected of magic weapons, and complete dragon bones.

It was the small black bottle that he had studied several times, but he hadn’t found anything.

Therefore, Lin Kai put the small black bottle next to it first, and then held the dragon bone in his hand.

Dragon bones are already palm-size, just like a lifelike craft.

The only flaw is that there is a small piece missing on the neck, which is the reverse scale keel.

Lin Kai made up his mind to track down the information of Lord Napa and try to get the reverse scale keel back.

Let the dragon bones truly become complete.

Although the reverse scale keel is missing, the impact is not that big, but it is still missing.

But Lin Kai thought about such an important thing, but didn’t plan to put the dragon bones at home.

It is not good to be targeted by the people of the Leiyuan Group and steal this dragon bone.

Lin Kai was about to prepare a box to hold the dragon bones.

didn’t expect this dragon bone, like spirituality, entangled Lin Kai’s right hand on his own.

To be precise, it is the inheritance power of Lin Kai within the body that makes dragon bones like this. After all, the strength of the dragon bone itself has been turned into inheritance energy.

This dragon bone, incarnate as a dragon-shaped bone bracelet, fits perfectly on Lin Kai’s wrist.

From the outside, it is a delicate dragon-shaped bracelet.

If Lin Kai hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, the dragon skeleton turned into a bracelet, he wouldn’t believe it was a dragon skeleton.

Then he felt that the dragon bone bracelet did not have any weight at all, and it would not have any effect on the dragon bone when worn.

I can even perceive that the strength of inheritance began to flow slowly within the body after wearing the dragon bone bracelet, as if it was nourishing his body a little bit.

Lin Kai was amazed. It seemed that True Dragon inheritance power deliberately changed the bones of dragons into bracelets and let them wear them on their wrists.

Lin Kai laughed, what is good for him, but also protects the bones of the dragon, 2 it is beautiful, and it is naturally worn all the time.

He didn’t waste any more time, and began to sit cross-eyed and closed his eyes, entering the cultivation state.

This cultivation is several hours passed.

At one o’clock in the morning, Lin Kai suddenly opened his eyes and came back from the cultivation state.

Immediately, he looked out the door.

Because he heard the doorbell.

Yinshen continued to be arranged by him to monitor near the Leiyuan Group.

When Lin Kai was studying dragon bones at night, Yinshen saw Ba Ye, walked into the Leiyuan Group, and sent a message to Lin Kai.

Lin Kai let the hidden god continue to monitor every move of the Leiyuan Group.

In the middle of the night, it was not the hidden god who had come.

Judging from the breath, she is a woman.

Lin Kai’s eyes were curious. He couldn’t help but urge Jintong to see outside the wall. A lithe and graceful figure stood at the door, pressing the doorbell.

The person here was Lin Qianqian, and her car was parked outside, but the doors of the car were open and the lights were on, obviously it was not turned off.

Lin Kai is very speechless. Didn’t he say he would come tomorrow? Why did he come here at night?

Lin Kai opened the door for him with some doubts, thinking that Lin Qianqian was in a hurry, so he asked, “Lin Qianqian, what happened?”

Who thought that Lin Qianqian just glanced at Lin Kai, didn’t say anything, walked straight inside.

Lin Kai was even more curious, and said, “Your car didn’t even pull out the key.”

“You help me pull the key, thank you.”

Lin Qianqian said, speeding up the pace and walking to the master bedroom.

Lin Kai was unfathomable mystery for a while, so he had to turn off Lin Qianqian’s car first and took the car key in his hand.

When he returned home, he saw Lin Qianqian coming out of the master bedroom. First, he glanced at Lin Kai with some unkind eyes, and then hurriedly walked to the opposite guest room.

Lin Kai looked dumbfounded. How did he feel that he was a bit familiar, it should be said that he saw similar sections in film and television dramas or on the Internet.

But Lin Kai is not good at asking directly like this. He doesn’t know if it is, so he can only sit on the sofa and wait for Lin Qianqian to ask him.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Lin Qianqian to enter several guest rooms before she came to Lin Kai, with her hands on her hips, with a fierce look: “Frankly explain, how about people?”

“En? who?”

Lin Kai was really confused.

Lin Qianqian sneered: “Pretend it to me! I don’t know what I did? Where did I hide the person!”

Lin Kai was speechless. He should be able to guess something. He shook his head and said, “What Tibetan, I really don’t have a Tibetan.”

At this time, Lin Qianqian also sat on the sofa on the other side and snorted: “3 hours ago, I called and you didn’t answer. Generally, you can’t sleep at this point. After that, I made several more calls. Just like last time, you didn’t answer my call. I also asked Dong Shu, but Dong Shu didn’t come to you.

Just now, I saw that there were three types of toiletry products for girls bought by Dong Shu and I. However, I used one. Even in a guest room, I saw cotton slippers and quilts used by girls, as well as the fragrance of hair. The reason why girls can exude fragrance, in addition to perfume, is more of the participating fragrance left after shampoo washes their hair.

After my comprehensive judgment, there must be a girl hidden in your home! Humph, no wonder you don’t answer my phone! “

Lin Qianqian concluded.

Lin Kai secretly thought Sure enough, Lin Qianqian was completely pretending to be a traitor.

The reason why he didn’t answer the phone was because he used to mute the phone when he was in the cultivation state.

Lin Kai never answered the phone last time. It was with An Xiaoran. At that time, he was in the casino and his mobile phone was kept in a special cabinet in the casino.

As a result, Lin Qianqian hurriedly rushed to “catching the rape” thinking that Lin Kai was with a girl.

Lin Kai suddenly wanted to understand. The reason for the incident suddenly didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and said, “You are really wronged, Yang Mengzi of the 100 Shantang, you should always know? Because of my help. At the end of the 100 shantang, Yang Mengzi invited me to dinner. After I got drunk, I sent it to me to sober up, so I slept here. In the evening, I returned to the 100 shantang.”

Lin Qianqian looked suspicious: “I am drunk after eating, drinking? Why don’t I believe it?”

Lin Kai is helpless, if it weren’t for the system task of kissing Lin Qianqian and Dong Shu last time, making him feel sorry, otherwise he would not explain so much.

So after Lin Kai explained it again, Lin Qianqian reluctantly believed it.

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