God level Extraction System Chapter 1495

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In the end, Lin Qianqian said: “hmph! You heartless man, during the days when Sister Dong Shu and I were recuperating, you wouldn’t let us take a look! If you hooked up other people‚Äôs women outside, I would naturally not take care of you, knowing you My heart is not with me, but I am afraid that I will wrong Sister Dong Shu.”

Lin Kai smiled bitterly and shook his head, knowing that Dong Shu had paid a lot for him behind his back.

But for emotional matters, he didn’t have that thought for the time being.

After all, if Lin Yuan didn’t solve it in a day, he was afraid that it would hurt others.

Especially last time, when Dong Shu and Lin Qianqian almost died, Lin Kai was alerted.

So although I understand the minds of the two women, I haven’t developed and so on.

Lin Kai thought of this and said: “You can ask Yang Mengzi, okay, it’s early in the morning. It seems that you are done with the company and ran over. The master bedroom will let you sleep, you go Wash and sleep.”

“No! I will sleep on this sofa! Anyway, you are not sincere, let me go to sleep in the master bedroom.” Lin Qianqian said proudly.

“All right, you don’t go and I will go. If anyone is uncomfortable, go to the guest room to sleep. You are an adult, so I don’t need to say anything.” Lin Kai reluctantly shook his head and walked into his room.

Pay attention in my heart, when Lin Qianqian calls in the future, he will set a special ringtone to prevent Lin Qianqian from being suspicious because he did not answer the phone.

At the same time, Lin Kai had to admit that a woman’s power of observation can be inferred through some subtle things.

Lin Kai entered the room while thinking, and rested himself.

On the 2nd day, Lin Kai got up early and saw Lin Qianqian not at all on the sofa. It seemed that she was sleeping uncomfortably and went to the guest room.

Sure enough, after Lin Kai finished washing, Lin Qianqian walked out of the guest room in a daze.

Lin Qianqian didn’t have that overbearing attitude in the early morning.

Perhaps it was the understood truth, and I also apologized to Lin Kai.

In response, Lin Kai just waved his hand and asked Lin Qianqian to wash up too, and he went out to buy breakfast.

After the breakfast for 2 people, the 2 people went to the commercial zone in the center of Eastern Sea, strolled around, to see if there were any suitable shops or the like.

Lin Qianqian called Lin Kai together. Another reason is that the Leiyuan Group has a lot of power in the Eastern Sea central area. If it is targeted by Leiyuan Group people, it will be troublesome.

Lin Kai also thought of this. Although he knows that Leiyuan Group is afraid to be on the surface now, but based on Linyuan’s various crafty plots and machinations, he may be able to produce some moths.

So at that time, Lin Kai agreed without the slightest hesitation.

Lin Qianqian has a very clear goal, to find a place in the best position of Eastern Sea, find a big store, and make the company’s skin care products the main outlet store.

In this way, a brand can be built and displayed.

Lin Kai and Lin Qianqian are here, just and honorable in the central business world, making a circle.

Lin Kai is not afraid of Leiyuan Group and will look at him. No matter how courage Lin Yuan is, it is impossible to take a shot in the central business world. After all, the country is now watching Leiyuan Group closely.

Soon, I learned that there is a relatively large western restaurant called Xixi Keli Restaurant on the commercial street, which is subletting.

At first, both Lin Kai and Lin Qianqian thought that the location of this Sisi Keli restaurant was not so good on the commercial street, but it turned out that it was in the center of the commercial street, or on the most prosperous street in Eastern Sea.

It should be said that this position, no matter what it sells, of course, if the quality is at least not that bad, the business will not be bad, the kind of stable profit.

Not to mention, this is a mid-range western restaurant.

Mid-range western restaurants belong to the kind that ordinary people eat once in a while, and the kind that the petty bourgeoisie often visits, and it is more profitable.

didn’t expect, such a store would actually be transferred.

Lin Kai and Lin Qianqian walked into the Sicily restaurant with doubts.

In the restaurant, the decoration is also the kind of mid-to-high-end decoration, a relatively normal western restaurant, which conforms to the atmosphere of a western restaurant.

There is no one here except a man in his 30s who has obvious wrinkles.

The wrinkled man was smoking cigarettes one by one, without stopping.

He saw that Lin Kai and Lin Qianqian came in, their voices were very weak and said, “Sorry, I will rest today and will not open.”

As soon as Lin Kai entered, he could perceive that Yin Fiend Qi was flooded with it, giving people a gloomy feeling.

Of course, this kind of Yin Fiend Qi is not too rich and has no effect on ordinary guests, but if you stay in it for a long time, it will definitely be affected.

Lin Kai is an Immortal Cultivator. For Yin Fiend Qi, he is naturally very sensitive. If you change to an ancient martial arts, most of the ancient martial arts may not be able to detect the strangeness here.

But if it is from the Pihua Mansion, it is not necessarily.

The members of the Bihua Mansion are all proficient in the technique of subdue monsters and defeat demons, and are also keen on Yin Fiend Qi.

Lin Kai couldn’t help but glance at the wrinkled man who just spoke.

In the eyes of the ordinary person, this wrinkled man may not have a good rest, some dark circles, his face is pale, and he looks very weak.

But in Lin Kai’s eyes, men with wrinkles are caused by long-term exposure to the body by Yin Shao, which leads to lack of energy.


Suddenly, Lin Kai found some clues from the wrinkled man’s neck. He saw the wrinkled man, always hunched back unnaturally, as if something was pressing him.

Lin Kai immediately urged the golden pupils, and only then saw that on the neck of the wrinkled man, there was a child-sized evil man sitting on the neck of the wrinkled man.

As a result, wrinkled men are always unconscious, hunched back, it is because of evil sitting on the neck.

And this evil evildoer is not only simple, sitting on the neck, will stick out the long black tongue little by little, and inject Yin Fiend Qi into the wrinkled man.

After Yin Sha completely entered the body, this evil spirit might swallow the wrinkled man all at once.

Lin Kai observed this evil time.

Lin Qianqian opened the mouth and said to the wrinkled man: “You misunderstood. We saw that your store is going to be transferred out. We are here to have a look and talk.”

After hearing Lin Qianqian’s words, the wrinkled man stood up excitedly, but his whole body was obviously hunched behind him.

Naturally, it was because of standing up and sitting on the neck of the evil spirit, making it more stressed.

Moreover, the hunchback is not the hunchback of a normal person, it is all together.

Lin Qianqian was very curious when she saw the strange look of the wrinkled man, and whispered to Lin Kai: “This man seems to be very strange. He seems to be in his thirties. He stands at a good age for a man. When he walks, he looks like It’s like a late old man.”

Lin Kai hearing this was just laughed. Of course, he knew the reason. The evil spirit had entered the body too badly, and the evil spirit was sitting on the neck.

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