God level Extraction System Chapter 1496

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At this time, the wrinkled man walked in front of Lin Kai and Lin Qianqian at a slow speed and introduced himself.

This wrinkled man is the Boss of the Sisi Keli Restaurant and his name is Qian Hengsheng.

After Qian Hengsheng finished his introduction, he said weakly: “You have also seen that my shop is located on the most prosperous street in Eastern Sea, and the flow of people is also the largest. No matter what business you are here, it is totally different. Lack of customers. As long as you did good, it will be more attractive.”

Lin Qianqian couldn’t help asking: “So what is the sublet price?”

Although the company’s skin care products sales are booming, in short, they will not be short of money in the future, but Lin Qianqian still has to plan carefully and has become a habit. Otherwise, she is also impossible to start a company at a young age.

Qian Hengsheng’s pale complexion was overjoyed, and he felt that there was a play, so he immediately responded: “My store is signed for 5 years in one breath. The annual rent is 1,000,000, and I have rented it for half a year. In other words, there are 4 remaining. A total of 4.5 million in a year and a half, but I am also anxious to go out, so I will give you a discount, a total of 4 million, subletting for 4 and a half years, how about?”

Lin Qianqian is hearing this, just about to say something and so on.

Lin Kai took the lead and said: “Money Boss, 500,000 rented to us, to ensure that you will not lose.”

Qian Hengsheng was stunned and rented 4 million. He has already been rented out by 500,000. This is a rent of 4 and a half years!

absolutely didn’t expect, this person bargained so much, he cut 8 out of 7 directly!

Suddenly Qian Hengsheng was furious, but on the surface he was still afraid to show that he was the buyer after all.

It’s just Qian Hengsheng’s voice that is very cold: “Brother, are you pure heart to make trouble? If you come to make trouble, please leave. If it’s cracking a joke, I won’t mind, the price is not satisfied. If you do, you can still talk. But if you insist on bargaining like this, then you are not welcome!”

Lin Qianqian’s pretty face is red, and she also thinks that Lin Kai, this bargaining is too cruel.

On this most prosperous street in Eastern Sea, the rent for 4 and a half years is 500,000, which is equivalent to hundreds of thousands a year, and the store is quite large, at least 300 square meters.

This kind of large storefront is the best in the area. A year of hundreds of thousands, then it is equivalent to a storefront on an ordinary street.

Before Lin Qianqian could speak, Lin Kai continued to laugh at Hehe and said: “Money Boss, you only heard the first sentence, and the latter sentence guarantees you will not lose, but you ignored it. Take me to tell you that you are not losing, and tell you to listen to it. Later, your attitude will be very different from the previous one.”

Lin Kai paused for a while and continued: “Qian Boss, your restaurant has been open for half a year, plus the various activities at the door, and the price, I guess the business is really good. Why, so eager to open the store Sublet it out?”

Often opening restaurants or restaurants, 3 months is the threshold, if 3 months is still a loss, you may choose to sublet. Half a year is also a hurdle. If there is no profit in half a year, you will definitely find a way to sublet.

But this is not the case at Hoh Xil Restaurant. On the contrary, business must be good.

When Lin Kai said this, Qian Hengsheng sighed and began to explain the situation.

Because of this, as long as you inquire a little bit, you will know, so since you ask, there is nothing to hide.

The Sicily restaurant has attracted attention since it opened six months ago.

Eastern Sea is a new big city, and it has become an Internet celebrity city in the past year, so various stores have moved in.

Sicily is one of them. Sicily itself is a mid-range western restaurant of a big brand chain.

Only in the first-tier cities, there will be.

So appearing in Eastern Sea, there is also a lot of attention. Many people come to try it and are satisfied after eating.

The business behind is getting more and more popular. Until a week ago, for some reason, the kitchen was a few degrees colder than usual, and even more than ten degrees at night. Not only that, no matter whether it is the food placed outside or the food in the refrigerator, it will rot inexplicably.

How could it be possible for guests to eat rotten food, so the business was closed a few days ago and a special person was invited to investigate.

As a result, only food can rot inexplicably.

I can’t find the reason, even more how to solve it. As a result, the restaurant could not be opened anymore, so it was subletted out.

At this point, Qian Hengsheng sighed again: “So you can rest assured that only food is inexplicably rot. I just heard from you that you sell skin care products. Skin care products are here. There is no problem.”

Lin Kai sneered in his heart, Qian Hengsheng only said one, not two.

The food is rotten, of course, because of Yin Fiend Qi. The western restaurant itself is a variety of steaks, sashimi, etc. Yin Fiend Qi is very corrosive to the flesh and blood of this animal.

At the same time, it also has serious damage to the human body.

For example, Qian Hengsheng in front of him is the most serious. He was originally a man in his 30s, but now he is about to become a late old man.

Lin Kai can be sure that the chefs and waiters in this restaurant are also affected by Yin Fiend Qi to varying degrees, but not as bad as Qian Hang Seng that’s all.

Qian Hengsheng was targeted by evil men, causing this.

Therefore, Lin Kai said indifferently: “Money Boss, do you have other things that you haven’t said? For example, the physical condition of your restaurant staff, and your physical condition, is getting worse than a week ago, right? “

Qian Hengsheng was surprised: “How do you know? A week ago, since the cold in the kitchen, my body is indeed getting worse every day. As for the other employees, it’s just a cold and sick. I may be sick, and there is nothing to do with the restaurant. relationship.”

Lin Kai sneered: “I don’t know if it matters, but I still know that in the past few days, we don’t talk about restaurants. Even your house has all kinds of weird things happening, am I right?”

Qian Hengsheng’s eyes widened, he looked at Lin Kai in disbelief, and suddenly sighed in vain: “Yes, the food in my house in the past few days is also rotten inexplicably. And in the middle of the night, we can always hear strange sounds.”

Qian Hengsheng said, he looked at Lin Kai again, frowning and said: “How do you know? I haven’t told outsiders about this.”

Lin Kai laughed: “Unfortunately, I know some feng shui techniques. I can see that you are surrounded by evil and evil spirits have entered your body, causing this situation.”

“What? Evil? The evil spirit enters the body?” Qian Hengsheng face revealed a trace of Panic. It seems that only this explanation can explain these weird phenomena!

Especially since he personally experienced these weird things, and his body was getting worse and worse, he couldn’t find anything when he went to the hospital.

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