God level Extraction System Chapter 1497

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Lin Kai saw Qian Hengsheng’s appearance and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I said everything, as long as the rent is 500,000, you are guaranteed not to lose.”

The implication is that he has a solution.

The reason why Lin Kai was so idle to help Qian Hengsheng solve it was naturally because of the system and released a task to help Qian Hengsheng get rid of the evil spirit sitting on his neck.

The reward is the ability to withdraw silver. Lin Kai wants to use this to put the rent price under pressure, otherwise the money will be saved for nothing.

That is why Lin Kai wasted so much tongue.

Qian Hengsheng was hearing this, looking excited, looking at Lin Kai, and immediately said: “Brother…no! This little brother, you mean, there is a way to save me?”

Lin Kai nodded said: “Yes, the premise is the rent is 500,000. I will help you for free, how about?”

Qian Hengsheng without the slightest hesitation said: “As long as you solve this matter for me, the rent is 500,000 and 500,000!”

Mainly, one’s own life is more important than money. No matter how rich, lifeless enjoyment is nothing.

Qian Hengsheng continued: “Of course, if you lie to me, take responsibility for the consequences.”

Lin Kai didn’t care, and said, “You don’t need to do anything, you just need to wait a moment.”

Lin Kai said, running True Qi with True Qi circulating in his palm, and then directly stretched out his hand and grabbed Qian Hengsheng’s neck.

In an instant, Lin Kai took the evil man up with one hand.

No matter how hard the evil spirit struggles, it won’t help.

This evil evil spirit is the most common evil evil spirit, but it stays in the human world for a long time, causing Yin Fiend Qi to become thicker and thicker, relying on the way of Yin Fiend into the body, and then devouring people.

If Qian Hengsheng continues like this, for a few days, he will be swallowed by evil spirits.

In Lin Qianqian’s or Qian Hengsheng’s eyes, Lin Kai’s move is very strange, and I don’t understand what Lin Kai is doing.

Because both of them are ordinary persons, no evil can be seen.

Don’t talk about evil, even Yin Fiend Qi can’t detect it.

However, Qian Hengsheng’s eyes were surprised, because after Lin Kai made that strange behavior, his whole body was relaxed. Originally, there was a 1000-jin boulder on his neck.

This caused him to hunch back at every turn, and he often gasping for breath, and the blood does not flow smoothly, just like a Senior.

Now, the 1000-jin boulder seemed to have been removed, and his body stood upright, as if he was ten years younger!

Qian Hengsheng looked towards Lin Kai’s hand. He vaguely sensed a sense of coldness, which was exactly the same as the sense of coldness he felt during the past few days!

This made Qian Hengsheng believe Lin Kai’s words! He is indeed haunted by evil!

At this time, the evil spirit wanted to break free, and continuously released Yin Fiend Qi to wrap Lin Kai.

How could Lin Kai allow this evil spirit to succeed, his other hand immediately urged True Qi, and directly slapped the evil spirit.


As Lin Kai’s words fell, the evil spirit let out a scream, and then the evil spirit burned from top to bottom.

Lin Qianqian and Qian Hengsheng could not see the evil spirits, but at this moment they could see an inexplicable flame and a cold scream.

And soon after the flame burned, it turned into strands of black smoke, which was still clearly visible.

Regardless of whether it was Lin Qianqian or Qian Hengsheng, seeing this scene, they could think of what that thing turned into black smoke, and they all took a few steps back subconsciously in fear.

Seeing this, Lin Kai laughed: “Money Boss, that evil has been solved. As for your body, it is much better than before. If you rest for a few days, the Yin Fiend Qi within the body will disappear. When the time comes and you will be completely better.”

Qian Hengsheng was pleased and bowed to Lin Kai and said, “many thanks master! many thanks master!”

While Qian Hengsheng was grateful, under a remote bridge in Eastern Sea, there was an old man with a white beard dressed like a beggar. As if he had sensed something, he immediately pinched his finger. The complexion slightly changed: “Damn! The evil I arranged. How could it be solved? Could it be that the group of people in the Bihua Mansion? It’s not right, the past few days, there were no people from the Bihua Mansion staying in the Eastern Sea, so who else can solve the evil that I arranged?”

The white-bearded old man couldn’t understand, simply shook the head, took out a bottle gourd of wine from his waist, lay in the corner under the bridge, and continued to drink.


And Sicily restaurant.

Lin Qianqian and Qian Hengsheng signed a subletting contract with a low price of 500,000 and got a lease term of 4 and a half years! It can be said that if outsiders hear this price, they will definitely not believe it. After all, it is too cheap, just like a fantasy story.

However, Qian Hengsheng didn’t feel distressed, because solving the evil thing was tantamount to saving his life.

Lin Qianqian took a higher look at Lin Kai, didn’t expect and this method.

As for the decoration later, Lin Qianqian will do it herself, so Lin Kai is not needed.

Renovation can’t be completed in one or two days, not to mention that this is a restaurant, so it is a bit difficult to remodel.

So Lin Qianqian was not in a hurry to decorate. Before noon, she asked Lin Kai to take her for a walk around the skin care store in the nearby mall.

Lin Qianqian concluded that those skin care products do not pose any threat to her company’s skin care products.

Lin Qianqian is very grateful to Lin Kai, because Lin Kai provides three-color sapling liquid, which has improved the effect of skin care products by several grades, and this can break a blood path from the highly competitive skin care industry.

Lin Kai just smiled.

After a round, it was almost noon.

Lin Qianqian was going to invite Lin Kai in the vicinity to eat, but Lin Kai happened to have her phone rang, and it was Yin Suyan who called.

Lin Qianqian saw it. On the screen of Lin Kai’s phone, the name of the caller ID was Yin Suyan, and she became vigilant.

Lin Kai also noticed Lin Qianqian’s emotional changes. He hesitated. He still had a headache for women. Who knows how Lin Qianqian would react if he answered this call.

However, Lin Qianqian, when he saw Lin Kai hesitating to answer, she just said speechless saying: “I am not the mother Old Hu. I can’t take care of you any more. You don’t want to answer it soon. And Yin Young Lady speaks for our company free of charge and accepts it. It’s a big favor, maybe Yin Young Lady, what can I do for you?”

Lin Kai shook his head and laughed. He could hear Lin Qianqian’s jealousy, but he quickly answered the phone.

“Mr. Lin! The level of construction behind the mountain range in the outskirts of West City is a few days faster than we thought! It is estimated that it will be completed in 2-3 days! Mainly, those workers, and engineers, look. These buildings were even more beautiful and perfect than expected, causing them to rush to build with all their strength.”

At this point, Yin Suyan paused for a while, and then said, “I will go there tomorrow. Let’s take a test first. If you have time, come here if you can.”

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