God level Extraction System Chapter 1498

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Lin Kai responded: “Okay, if you have time, you can go there.”

He didn’t use an affirmative tone to agree.

Because tomorrow he has to see what will happen on Leiyuan Group, and then make plans.

Almost a week ago, I used divination. The luck trend of Leiyuan Group is tomorrow, which is the day with the worst luck during this period.

Lin Kai wants to see how bad luck this Leiyuan Group is, and then take the opportunity to see if he can do something.

At this time, Yin Suyan’s voice rang on the other end of the phone: “By the way, Wu Feifan asked me to talk to you. The past few days he was carefully studying and pondering the script lines of the male number one. Director Pan personally tested it. Yes. If you study and ponder for a few more days, you will be officially qualified for the role of the male one.

So I ask you, is he qualified to be the male one? After all, the right to speak is in your hands. Moreover, the construction progress is almost completed in 6 or 7 days. “

Lin Kai laughed: “This was built within ten days, so Lu Qingfeng must have lost. Since Director Pan said that in a few days, Wu Feifan will be able to be the first male, so let Wu Feifan take the post Male one.”

“Okay, I’ll call and tell him later.” Yin Suyan responded.

Lin Kai originally wanted to say something, but when I saw Lin Qianqian next to him, she kept getting close to him, her ear was about to stick to Lin Kai’s phone, as if she wanted to hear the sound coming from the other end of the phone.

Lin Kai had no choice but to say, “Yin Young Lady, if nothing else, I will hang up.”

How dare you think, Yin Suyan said, “It’s really something to be said by you. In the evening, a good girlfriend of mine happened to come to the Eastern Sea Opera House to perform a stage play. If you look good, can you? Come with me?”

Lin Kai said: “Okay, nothing will happen at night.”

The main reason was that he was not relieved, Yin Suyan went there alone.

Yin Suyan himself is a big star, plus he was targeted by Leiyuan Group before. Who knows if Leiyuan Group will instigate other forces to target Yin Suyan.

Especially in the entertainment industry, Yin Suyan, as a current celebrity in the entertainment industry, occupies a lot of good resources, and will naturally spawn hostility.

Even if he didn’t offend the other party, the other party wanted to destroy Yin Suyan.

Lin Kai himself is the boss of the entertainment company. Although he is just an arm-flinging shopkeeper, he also understands the tangled and complicated interests.

However, as soon as Lin Kai finished speaking, he noticed that a faintly discernable killing intent was condensing next to him.

Naturally, Lin Qianqian heard the voice on the other end of the phone, and when Lin Kai agreed, she suddenly widened her beautiful eyes and stared at Lin Kai.

Lin Kai pretended not to see Lin Qianqian now.

Soon, Yin Suyan’s slightly delighted voice came from the other end of the phone: “That’s it. There is an opera house on Eastern Sea Luoyang Road. We will meet at the door at 6:1 in the evening.”


Lin Kai responded immediately and hung up the phone quickly.

As soon as he put away his mobile phone, Lin Qianqian polished the pair of small tiger teeth and hummed, “I also watch the stage play. It’s really high class.”

Lin Kai said with a smile: “The stage play that’s all, there is nothing high and not high. Besides, you didn’t say everything, Yin Young Lady has endorsed your company for free. If you have accepted a kindness, I am also impossible to refuse? “

Lin Qianqian didn’t say anything when she heard this.

Then, two people walked into a restaurant and had lunch.

But the food was not served. Suddenly, a woman in her 20s, dressed in the outfit of a broad wife, passed by Lin Kai and Lin Qianqian.

The woman dressed up by Mrs. Kuo first stopped by Lin Qianqian, then looked at Lin Qianqian with a surprised look, and said: “You are… Are you Qianqian?”

Lin Qianqian was originally talking with Lin Kai. After hearing the words of Mrs. Kuo dressing up a woman, she quickly looked over. She was puzzled and then she seemed to think of something, cry out in surprise: “Are you Xiaoyi?”

The little Yi in Lin Qianqian’s mouth is named Liu Yi, and her whole body is full of the smell of money. No matter clothes, bags, shoes, etc., they are all luxury goods.

Not to mention, there are not too many kinds of expensive jewelry on her body, for fear that others will not know that she is very rich.

Liu Yi smiled and nodded: “It’s me, really didn’t expect, I can see you here. In the past few years after graduating from university, I haven’t met many people. It seems that you have not changed much.”

When Liu Yi spoke, her face was full of smiles, but in Lin Kai’s eyes, this smile was fake.

Especially the change is not very big, Liu Yi’s biting words are particularly heavy, somewhat intriguing.

Before Lin Qianqian could respond, Liu Yi’s gaze fell on Lin Kai, and he quickly looked at Lin Kai, and then tsk tsk said: “I said Qianqian, is this your boyfriend or husband? Shuai is a little handsome, it seems only handsome.”

Liu Yi seems to be complimenting Lin Kai, but in fact The words mean more than they say, she is full of disdain for Lin Kai, the tone that looks down on Lin Kai.

As the Boss of a company, Lin Qianqian couldn’t hear the ridicule in this tone. Lin Qianqian’s pretty face instantly became cold. She didn’t at all go to Liu Yi.

She was just a dormitory roommate when she was in college. There were 6 roommates. Lin Qianqian had a good relationship with only 4 people, except that her relationship with Liu Yi was average.

But even if Liu Yi saw that Lin Qianqian’s complexion was very unsightly, she still said: “Qianqian, I just got married, do you know who my husband is?”

Originally, Lin Qianqian didn’t want to pay attention to Liu Yi, but Liu Yi stayed here and didn’t leave. It was quite annoying.

So, she said indifferently: “I haven’t been in contact for a few years, and you withdrew from the classmate group and didn’t add friends. How do I know who you are married to.”

As soon as Lin Qianqian finished speaking, Liu Yi moved towards another part of the restaurant and waved his hand: “Husband! Come here! Look who this is!”

Then, a man in a suit came over.

Lin Qianqian was obviously stunned when she saw the man in the suit, she should have known each other.

Liu Yi said with a smile: “What? Surprised? My husband is Yao Dadong. Don’t look at my Dadong’s former poverty. Isn’t there a saying, ten years in Hedong and ten years in Hexi, it’s just in line with my Dadong. Now He is the vice president of a large company, and after another 5-6 years, he may become regular.

Today is when he is free, come out to eat with me. If I hadn’t wanted to eat some special dishes, I would have taken me to a Michelin restaurant. Those high-end ones have long been tired of eating, and it is good to change the taste occasionally. “

Liu Yi couldn’t stop showing off.

Yao Dadong, who was next to Liu Yi, was also taken aback when he saw Lin Qianqian, then his eyes flashed with surprise, and then he politely said to Lin Qianqian: “Lin Qianqian, I haven’t seen it for a long time.”

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