God level Extraction System Chapter 1499

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Before Lin Qianqian spoke, Liu Yi lifted her hand up, pointed at the jade bracelet on her wrist, and continued to show off: “Dadong, this 70000 yuan jade bracelet, I don’t know why, now I feel like wearing it. It’s not good. After 2 days, when you are free, buy me another one. I was going to buy it last time. How about the 120,000 gold hand bracelet?”

Yao Dadong secretly scolded the prodigal maidens, but when he saw Lin Qianqian here, he said quite generously: “Isn’t it just 120,000 gold hand bracelets? After dinner, I will buy them for you. Anyway, these jewelry , I’m not afraid of more, I’m afraid not to buy.”

Liu Yi was satisfied and nodded, and looked towards Lin Qianqian, opening the mouth and said: “Qianqian, thank you for not agreeing with Dadong’s pursuit of you. It is precisely because of this that I can marry such a good man. Many thanks to you. At that time, Dadong was really not so good. He wanted money but no money, and he wanted no good looks. Now it’s different. It’s already a high salary of 1000000.”

Liu Yi’s this remark, Lin Qianqian and Lin Kai, did not respond much. Instead, Yao Dadong on the side didn’t think he was straightened out, but looked very proud.

Lin Qianqian glanced at Liu Yi and said indifferently: “Thank me for what I did. At that time, I was not the only one who rejected Yao Dadong, so there is no need to thank me. Besides, what are you doing now has nothing to do with me.”

Yao Dadong’s complexion turned red, and he was immediately embarrassed. When Lin Qianqian was in college, she was a schoolgirl and was pursued by countless people, and he was one of them. Like many people, even Lin Qianqian’s face is rarely seen, one of the most unremarkable suitors.

After that, he relied on a little opportunity to enter the company and began to develop.

With the development being quite good, Liu Yi took a fancy to his potential and fell in love with him.

As Lin Qianqian’s roommate, Liu Yi naturally knew that Lin Qianqian refused Yao Dadong’s pursuit, and she was still very uncomfortable.

Now in this restaurant, I ran into Lin Qianqian who hadn’t seen her for several years.

Both Liu Yi and Yao Dadong wanted to prove to Lin Qianqian that the man Lin Qianqian despised at the time is doing very well now.

Especially when I saw Lin Qianqian, it seemed that she had a very ordinary life, and it aroused two people, and couldn’t help showing off to Lin Qianqian.

As a result, Liu Yi gave another fake smile and said, “I must thank you. After all, if you agree to Dadong’s pursuit, I will not live such a good life with Dadong now.”

Liu Yi paused, glanced at Lin Kai, and shook her head: “The one who pursued you at the beginning, although no one can compare to him in appearance, but I told you long ago that being handsome is useless unless it is Handsome and rich. But handsome and rich, there is no shortage of women. And handsome, there is no money, but it is useless.

After marriage, all kinds of firewood, rice, oil and salt will not be mentioned. Usually, buying all kinds of clothes, bags and cosmetics costs a lot of money. What’s more, the things he is wearing, what kind of stuff, what kind of animal bones, are too unusual and shabby. Obviously, he can’t afford the clothes and bags you want. “

When Yao Dadong heard Liu Yi say this, he also noticed that on Lin Kai’s wrist, the bone of a dragon was turned into a bracelet.

Naturally, other people can’t see that this is a True Dragon skeleton, and they only think it is a skeleton of animal bones.

Yao Dadong disdainful smile, and then raised his hand, wearing a famous watch with a price of several hundreds of thousands, which was deliberately revealed for Lin Kai and Lin Qianqian to see.

“I am Yao Dadong, the deputy manager of Donghui Group. Brother, where are you employed?”

Yao Dadong stretched out the hand wearing the famous watch, reached out to Lin Kai, and then asked.

Lin Kai and Yao Dadong shook hands, indifferently said: “Lin Kai, right now is unemployed.”

Although Lin Kai has his own company, he is an arm-flinging shopkeeper and has many shares in the company. However, he has no official position and is a major shareholder.

So that Lin Kai just said casually that he was unemployed.


Yao Dadong was stunned, thinking that Lin Kai was in contrast to him. Sorry talked about his profession and became even more disdainful in his heart.

Immediately, he pointed his finger at the dragon bone bracelet on Lin Kai’s wrist, and said, “What kind of bones are you making this thing, it is glittering and translucent, it can be regarded as a handicraft, it is estimated that the price is a few 100 yuan at most?”

Lin Kai responded indifferently: “I don’t know, I found it in the wild.”

“Hehe, it turned out to be picked up. Maybe it is an antique. I know a friend who appraises antiques. If you want to appraise, I can speak for you.” Yao Dadong smiled happily and confirmed that this person is definitely Sorry said it, just so perfunctory.

Liu Yi didn’t let this opportunity pass and asked Lin Kai: “Since I am unemployed, what kind of life do I usually live on? Now even if I lie at home, how can I spend 10000 yuan a month?”

If it weren’t for these two people and Lin Qianqian knew each other, Lin Kai would have ignored it.

Looking at Lin Qianqian’s face, Lin Kai continued: “1000 dollars.”

Lin Kai is the truth. He really doesn’t need to spend any money, so when he invites people to dinner, he spends a little bit, but usually doesn’t spend anything at all.

“It’s only 1000 yuan?” Liu Yi pretended to be very shocked: “I have to spend 2 for a manicure. You are too saving.”

As Liu Yi was talking, the waiter had already served the food.

Lin Qianqian said to Liu Yi appropriately, coldly said: “Okay, Liu Yi, our food is here, we will have a chance to talk later.”

Liu Yi said without hesitation: “Qianqian, depending on whether it is an old classmate or a college roommate, I still advise you. If you are handsome and have no money, you should divide it as soon as possible. You don’t have to wait after getting married. It’s so good for you. If you really don’t listen, if one day you don’t even have money to eat, you can come to me and I can lend you a little.”

It seems to be kindly persuaded, but the tone is full of aloof and remote and mockery.

Originally, Yao Dadong wanted to say a few last words, but Liu Yi pulled him away.

While pulling, she disdainfully said: “Dadong, I didn’t see Qianqian sour us. It is estimated that we are having a good time. She feels uncomfortable, so she doesn’t welcome us. We are also impossible, cheeky, and continue to stay. “

Soon, Liu Yi and Yao Dadong left here.

Lin Qianqian apologized to Lin Kai and shook her head helplessly: “When she was in school, Liu Yi was such a snobbery, so in the college dormitory, no one played well with her, it was just normal. Don’t worry too much. .”

Lin Kai laughed: “I’m fine, it’s still important to eat.”

Lin Kai really doesn’t care, it’s not as attractive as the food on the table.

Lin Kai and Lin Qianqian began to eat comfortably.

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