God level Extraction System Chapter 1500

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On the occasion of a meal for 2 people.

This restaurant walked in. A lady in her 40s. Although the lady is a professional suit, the jewelry worn on her hands, neck, and even her hair is very luxurious.

The lady moved towards directly, and Liu Yi and Yao Dadong walked to the table.

Both Liu Yi and Yao Dadong saw that the lady was coming, and they all got up and gave their seats politely.

After the lady sat down, Liu Yi and Yao Dadong sat down.

“Mr. Wu, what happened?” Yao Dadong asked.

Mr. Wu, the lady, shook his head and said, “I still can’t do it. The other side told me that he wouldn’t be able to do it as an agent in the province. He would build a direct sales store by himself. Only in other provinces would each province provide a sales agent quota. .”

When Yao Dadong heard this, his face was a little embarrassed: “The company, and Eastern Sea has a few direct sales stores, or that kind of very small storefront, apart from this, there are no other direct sales stores in this province. They are all like this, so don’t give it to the province. It’s too wasteful to provide a distribution agency.”

Yao Dadong said, looking towards Mr. Wu, helplessly said: “Mr. Wu, the company’s skin care products are foreseeable and will definitely sell well in the future. Our company also happens to be an agent in this area, and the company has already ordered an external order and asked me to get it. If the agent distribution of skin care products is not completed, I will not be guaranteed.

Mr. Wu, you are also related to the interests of our company. Didn’t you say that you have a nephew who works as the technical director of that skincare company? Can you let your nephew find a way? “

Mr. Wu sighed: “It’s not that I didn’t go find my nephew, but my nephew doesn’t know what’s going on. Now he is not in the position of director. I have become an ordinary employee, so I have nothing to do.”


Yao Dadong felt like a bolt from the blue and could hardly accept this fact. You know, he has made a military order against his company. If it is not completed, his position as vice president will be lost.

Although Mr. Wu does not belong to Yao Dadong’s company, Wu always starts a company by himself and has close interests with the company where Yao Dadong works.

To be precise, Mr. Wu needs to use Yao Dadong, and likewise, Yao Dadong also needs the help of Wu’s head office, so that a win-win situation.

So at this time, Mr. Wu said again: “I also asked my nephew, the boss of that company went out in the morning, saying that he was going to be on the Eastern Sea Commercial Street, look at the shops, and plan to build a direct sales store. Or try One’s luck, if you meet the boss of that company, just have a good talk.”

Yao Dadong was puzzled: “The boss of the company is very mysterious, and there is no photo and so on. I don’t know if it is a male or female. How can I try one’s luck?”

Mr. Wu said: “You can rest assured, I have heard. The boss of the company is a young woman. And the largest shareholder is a young man. The greatest technology of skin care products is provided by the young man. I also want to call the company boss. , Or call it.”

“Oh?” This made Yao Dadong’s eyes bright and he said: “Then trouble Mr. Wu, give me the number of that company’s boss, I’ll call and ask.”

Afterwards, Mr. Wu gave Yao Dadong a phone number, and Yao Dadong called.

Just when the other party hadn’t picked it up, Yao Dadong thought of something in vain, and quickly said to Mr. Wu: “Mr. Wu, what is the name of the company’s boss? I should always give it a name, otherwise I’m not sincere.”

Mr. Wu sorry said: “If you don’t tell me, I almost forgot. It seems to be surnamed Lin, whose name is Qianqian.”

“Lin…Lin Qianqian?”

Now, let alone Yao Dadong, even Liu Yi was shocked. The two looked at each other and they could see each other’s astonishment and uncertainty.

At the same time, two people were very disdainful. How could it be the Lin Qianqian they knew.

However, Yao Dadong and Liu Yi couldn’t help but look at Lin Qianqian.

2 What was frightening was that Lin Qianqian actually picked up the phone, and the phone with Yao Dadong was connected, and then Lin Qianqian’s voice rang: “Hello, hello, who is it?”

Lin Qianqian was facing her back, and the dining table was far away, so Lin Qianqian didn’t know it was Yao Dadong.

Yao Dadong and Liu Yi both stared at Lin Qianqian with eyes wide open.

In the impression of two people, although Lin Qianqian is beautiful, the flowers used are quite normal, and the family background should be average.

Now I didn’t expect anyhow, I have opened a very powerful company.

“Don’t speak? I hang up if I don’t speak.”

Lin Qianqian’s voice came from Yao Dadong’s cell phone again.

Yao Dadong brace oneself responded: “That…cough cough, Lin Qianqian, it’s me, Yao Dadong…”

Before Yao Dadong could continue speaking, Lin Qianqian turned her head and glanced over there, and hung up the phone.


When Mr. Wu saw this scene, he felt strange and asked, “Do you know Lin Qianqian?”

Yao Dadong smiled bitterly, it was hard to say a word.

Liu Yi’s face is also very ugly, but she still looked towards Yao Dadong, opened the mouth and said: “Dadong, not equal to me, who invited Lin Qianqian to dinner, just apologize. Since we are classmates, maybe help us One handful.”

In fact, Liu Yi could not bear this face, but when I thought, if Yao Dadong could not complete the task given by the company, then the position of Vice President Yao Dadong would be gone.

This means that life will not be so good in the future.

Compared with this, Liu Yi decided to go to Lin Qianqian.

Yao Dadong is also sighed: “Okay.”

Later, Yao Dadong ordered a glass of wine and took Liu Yi to the table where Lin Qianqian and Lin Kai were.

Yao Dadong took the lead and raised the wine glass and said with a smile to Lin Qianqian: “Qianqian, I have offended a lot before. Don’t take seriously. I came here to toast and make a payment.”

Liu Yi also immediately said: “Yes, yeah, it was our fault before, I will use tea instead of wine, and I will also toast you a cup.”

Lin Qianqian frowned her eyebrows, although she didn’t understand, why the two of them came again and came to toast.

However, Lin Qianqian’s understanding of these two people is absolutely impossible, and she apologized for no reason.

Quite a kind of one doesn’t visit a temple without a cause.

Not to mention Lin Qianqian, Lin Kai, who has been watching silently, has this feeling.

So Lin Qianqian said indifferently: “Sorry, I can’t drink.”

Yao Dadong said with a smile: “It’s okay, you can drink water or drinks.”

Before Lin Qianqian responded, Yao Dadong drank all the glass of wine in his hand.

At this moment, Mr. Wu also came here, and she happily said: “So you know, Vice President Yao, if you and Mr. Lin know each other, you don’t need me. You have to discuss with yourself and take the skin care product. This province’s agency business. I’m leaving.”

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