God level Extraction System Chapter 1501

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“Skin care products in our province?”

Lin Qianqian frowned her eyebrows. From yesterday afternoon to now, I don’t know how many people have requested her contact information through various channels. Or the contact of company employees, in short, is for a distribution agent.

Lin Qianqian handed the matter over to a department of the company, whose female manager is her confidant.

Whether it is her or the female manager of that department, there is a point of view that people from other provinces can sell agents, but this is definitely not possible in this province.

After all, the company is not that big and the manpower and material resources are not enough. Naturally, people from other provinces can’t get in. They can only rely on distribution agents to open stores.

As for the province, although the market has not been opened yet, there are plans to open at least a few direct sales stores in every urban area of ​​the province.

Especially Eastern Sea will set up a general direct sales store, so as to better control the brand.

Lin Qianqian is not stupid, she suddenly understood why Yao Dadong and Liu Yi would come to apologize.

Mr. Wu has already clarified the matter.

Immediately, Yao Dadong told his company and the tasks assigned to him one by one.

I continue to apologize very much again: “It’s really sorry, just now it was our dog’s eyes. Qianqian, although my company is not in Eastern Sea, it is also a well-known enterprise in this province. It can guarantee the agency sales in this province and it will definitely get better and better. Besides, you are still my classmate. As long as you hand over the agency to me, I will do it myself!”

Lin Qianqian said indifferently: “No, I said it a long time ago. This province will not hand it over to any dealers.”

This time Liu Yi was a little annoyed: “Lin Qianqian, your company is still very small and cannot establish a store in every urban area of ​​this province in a short period of time. However, Dadong’s company has, in a short period of time, The strength of building stores in various urban areas of the province. Therefore, it is a win-win situation with Dadong’s company.

Moreover, if Dadong fails to complete this task, he will be fired by the company. As an old classmate, how can you stand by and die? “

Don’t talk about Lin Qianqian, Lin Kai couldn’t help but laugh when he heard this. Now he talked about the affection of his old classmate. When he mocked Lin Qianqian before, why didn’t he say that he was an old classmate.

Of course, he couldn’t control this matter, he was just watching, and knew that Lin Qianqian would have his own judgment.

Next moment, Lin Qianqian said differently: “Don’t kidnap me morally, business is business, classmates are classmates, two things. Although the company is mine, but I am in charge of the rice bowl of 2 people, how can it be for Yao Dadong’s rice bowl? Lost the jobs of our employees, right?”

Before Liu Yi and Yao Dadong could react, Lin Qianqian said to Lin Kai: “Lin Kai, finish eating, let’s go after eating.”

Lin Kai ordered nodded and paid the bill when he finished ordering.

Then Lin Qianqian and Lin Kai left together.

When Yao Dadong saw Lin Qianqian, with such a determined attitude, his expression was extremely anxious, and he ignored that many, and shouted at Lin Qianqian who was not far away: “Lin Qianqian! Are you really that ruthless!”

Lin Qianqian didn’t even look at Yao Dadong, and continued to go outside the restaurant with Lin Kai.

Yao Dadong’s expression was ugly to the extreme. Seeing that his words were invalid, he immediately said in a threatening tone: “Good, good! Lin Qianqian, if you didn’t give me the agency of your province, you just wait! I heard that you are going to open a direct sales store. , Hey, let me show you the strengths of my company! Don’t think this is Eastern Sea, but it can also make it hard for you to drive!”

Liu Yi also threatened: “Yeah! Lin Qianqian, your company is still too small, and the company my Dadong is in is not what you can imagine! If it’s not for your company’s products, you will not take care of it! Since you don’t let my Dadong act as an agent, then either the fish dies or the net splits! No one is better off!”

Lin Qianqian stopped when she heard this, turned her head and looked at the clamoring two people coldly, coldly said: “You two, it is still the same as before, it is disgusting.”

Lin Kai was also very speechless and shook the head. I have to say that Lin Qianqian’s two classmates are really top grade. It’s no wonder that Lin Qianqian’s attitude when seeing them from the beginning is very interesting.

It turned out to be such a top grade classmate.

Yao Dadong just saw it. Lin Kai shook his head there, and he was very annoyed. He didn’t like Lin Kai at first, and now he scolded directly at Lin Kai: “Boy! What thing are you! Dare to look at me like that! I graduated for a few years! Time, climb up to the position of vice president of a listed company! The annual salary of 1000000 is only on the surface, and there are various hidden benefits. It is easy to earn 10000000 a year!

Add up to 1000000 in my whole body. what about you? What the hell! Pick up a broken bone and become a treasure. The whole body is also a stall! You pretty boy who eats soft rice, what right do you have to laugh at me! “

Before Lin Kai could speak.

Lin Qianqian turned around, looked at Yao Dadong and Liu Yi coldly with beautiful eyes, and said in a icily voice: “You two really interprets what is called a dog’s eye to look down on people. Lin Kai next to me, Mr. Lin, is the biggest in my company Shareholders! Not only that, but skin care products provide the greatest technology!

Hehe, the real boss of your company. If you really want to choose one between the two of you, you will definitely choose Lin Kai! Instead of you! So, what is your value! Compared with Lin Kai, you are one heaven one earth! Lin Kai is in heaven! And you are on the ground! “

After hearing Lin Qianqian’s words, Yao Dadong’s expression became angry again. He only then remembered. Mr. Wu said that Lin Qianqian is the largest shareholder of the company!

And that shareholder provided it, the technology of skin care products! You know, the value of that technology is in the industry, but someone wants to invest a good 2 billion to buy it out!

equivalent to, if Lin Kai is willing, he can easily earn a 2 billion cash casually! It is completely the value of killing him now!

Lin Qianqian sneered at this time, and then said: “Also, he also has a company, which is the Boss of Dafeng Entertainment in Beijing. Dafeng Entertainment is one of the top 3 entertainment companies in China Xia Country. I don’t need to say more about its market value, you and Compared with Lin Kai, you are not qualified to compare with Lin Kai!

I really thought I had some achievements, so I couldn’t be proud of it! It’s too low to see people! “

Lin Qianqian naturally said so much because of Lin Kai’s injustice.

Lin Kai also knew that Lin Qianqian was kind, so he shook his head and said with a smile: “Lin Qianqian, what do you say that many do? Just leave it alone.”

Lin Kai’s vision is high. He sees a lot of people like this, so he is very calm.

Lin Qianqian didn’t say anything more when she heard Lin Kai’s words, but on her pretty face, she still smelled of injustice.

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