God level Extraction System Chapter 1502

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Therefore, Lin Qianqian was coldly snorted and continued: “If at first, if you are communicating normally, if you ask for an agent in the province, it is not impossible to negotiate. After all, they are all classmates, at least to give some face. But as soon as I ridicule me, it’s all. In the end, I even mocked my friend. This incident has nothing to do with Lin Kai from beginning to end!

However, it was unsatisfied time and time again, all kinds of despised Lin Kai! Yao Dadong, how can you compare to your achievements? And Liu Yi, you are the one who hasn’t changed, you are still so snobbish and love vanity! “

Lin Qianqian said, only then left with Lin Kai.

As for Yao Dadong and Liu Yi, they stood there in a daze, looking at the backs of Lin Kai and Lin Qianqian, their expressions were very embarrassed, and they didn’t know whether they were angry or ashamed.

Soon after seeing Lin Kai taking Lin Qianqian into a Rolls-Royce Phantom, both of them looked weak.

At the same time, they were both unwilling, and the couple left the restaurant immediately.

Yao Dadong and Liu Yi came to a corner of a nearby park and sat down.

Liu Yi said unwillingly: “Dadong, what should I do about this matter?”

Yao Dadong looked very worried: “Lin Qianqian’s attitude is obviously impossible to give me the agency distribution in the province. Alas, I can only wait for the company to fire me. Or I can talk to the boss, maybe watch In my performance in the past few years, I will be let go.”

“How could you let you go! When you competed with him, you were offended! So 10000000 don’t intercede! I can’t afford to lose this person! And you are willing to dismiss this way? You rely on one to take the lead The relationship between shareholders has secured the position of vice president! The current chairman can only work for a few years at most, when the time comes is your position!

Besides, if you are fired. What will I use in the future? I need to spend money on all aspects, so I can’t wait to sit still! “

Liu Yi hummed: “Since you can’t wait and die, then either the fish dies or the net splits! Just like what you said before, let Lin Qianqian not be here and open a direct sales store!”

Yao Dadong said with a bitter expression: “I think too, but before that was my quick slogan, I was about to be fired, how can the company help me! Without the company’s help, this is totally impossible!”

Liu Yi gritted his teeth and said, “I can do it! Isn’t this in Eastern Sea? Eastern Sea’s Leiyuan Group is the most powerful! There is a Leiyuan Group named Tang Ge, who is one of the senior executives of Leiyuan Group. Powerful and powerful in Eastern Sea. Brother Tang, I have eaten with you a few times. You should be familiar with it. Just ask Brother Tang for help!”

“Brother Tang?” Yao Dadong browses slightly wrinkle: “Brother Tang did eat a few times, but he is not very familiar with it, and the guy has a big appetite. If he doesn’t give a heavy gift, he won’t help.”

Liu Yi sneered: “Give a heavy gift to a heavy gift! Compared to your being fired, giving a heavy gift is nothing! Think about it, if this level is over, in 2 days, you will be the chairman of the company. , It’s yours! When the time comes, have boundless prospects!”

Yao Dadong was heard and his eyes lit up, too! He made a call quickly.

And Lin Kai led Lin Qianqian to the industrial park outside the urban area of ​​Eastern Sea.

Two days ago, Lin Qianqian had expected that skin care products would definitely sell well. The production line of her company did not meet the current sales demand at all, so she bought a factory in Eastern Sea Industrial Park as a new production line.

Fortunately, that factory is also related to skin care products. For some reason, it was transferred, and it happened to be taken by Lin Qianqian. It didn’t take so much effort to buy various equipment and the like.

If you hire Perfection in these 2 days, you can start production.

It can be said that the factory has been established, and the location of the main direct sales store is also well selected. After that, the way is laid across the country to create a brand effect.

The Eastern Sea city is still a certain distance away from the industrial park.

At this time, Lin Kai drove his car in silence, heading towards the industrial park. As a company shareholder, he was still obliged to go to the new factory area and inspect it.

Of course, Lin Qianqian actually asked him to go, otherwise he wouldn’t bother to see it.

Lin Qianqian looked towards Lin Kai, who was driving seriously, and whispered: “Lin Kai, I’m sorry, what happened in the restaurant just now, I made you tired.”

In any case, Yao Dadong and Liu Yi are both her classmates. It was because of her that two talents came here. In the end, the two people used extremely vicious words to attack Lin Kai, which made Lin Qianqian blame herself.

Lin Kai shook his head and said with a smile: “I don’t care. Who cares about dog eating shit? Isn’t that making yourself sick?”

Lin Qianqian puchi chuckled and laughed: “The description is very appropriate and correct. It is totally disgusting. I really don’t need to care.”

As she said, she couldn’t help saying: “Lin Kai, should I take Sister Dong Shu over and have a good meal at your house? Last time, due to the injuries of Sister Dong Shu and I, I didn’t make good use of my cooking skills. Just use your cooking skills.”

Lin Kai felt a bit reasonable. Just as he was about to promise nodded, he suddenly stopped because he instantly remembered that he and Yin Suyan had agreed tonight to accompany Yin Suyan to the stage play.

So, he helplessly said: “Next time, I have an appointment with Yin Suyan tonight.”

“hmph! ”

Lin Qianqian hearing this, rolled the eyes, she naturally knew that Lin Kai had an appointment with Yin Suyan tonight. That’s why she tentatively said that, didn’t expect Lin Kai at all.

Lin Qianqian was still about to say something, but the car suddenly braked and interrupted what she was about to say.

The car then immediately turned a corner and stopped in the parking area on the side of the road.

Lin Qianqian was obviously surprised. She looked towards Lin Kai with a look of confusion, said curiously: “Why stopped before the industrial park?”

Lin Kai did not respond immediately. Instead, he looked at the window on the side of Lin Qianqian’s co-pilot position and looked straight over.

To be precise, Lin Kai is looking at a burly silhouette, a young man in his 20s.

Although this young man looks ordinary, but his whole body reveals an aura that is different from ordinary people.

But one leg of the young man was limping somehow, so he limped when he started walking.

Not only that, the young man also carried heavy things on his back and walked into the nearby construction site.

Obviously, the young man is working at the construction site.

“I said Chen Guaizi, can you be a bit more dignified and move faster. Originally, it cost tens of dollars a trip. If you delay like this, you can’t make a lot of money.” At the gate of the construction site, one of them should be a contractor. Smoking a cigarette and shook his head to the young man.

The young man, Chen Guaizi, did not finish speaking, but he was quickening his pace as quickly as possible, and quickly moved the things he was carrying into the construction site.

He is going to return again and move other things.

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