God level Extraction System Chapter 1503

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It’s just that the foreman stopped Chen Guaizi, inhaled the cigarette in his hand, and threw it on the ground.

The contractor took out another red banknote and said, “Chen Jiaozi, you won’t earn 100 dollars a day like this. Let’s do it, I’m very upset today and need to vent. So I treat you like a sandbag and punch you so many The one in my hand will be given to you, equivalent to the cost of the things you move in a day and a half, how?

Of course, you can refuse. But if you refuse me, the construction site here will not welcome you a kidnapper to carry things. “

Chen Guaizi’s resolute face showed a trace of anger, and two fists were clenched tightly.

But it seemed that something came to mind. The clenched fist was immediately released, and he faintly responded: “Okay.”

After listening, the contractor got up laughed heartily, and then raised a fist without the slightest hesitation, which hit Chen Guaizi’s chest.

Chen Guazi did not dodge, let the contractor smash it.

When the fist hit Chen Guaizi, Chen Guaizi just browsed slightly wrinkle and motionless.

On the contrary, the foreman screamed in pain while shaking his attacking hand.

“Damn! It hurts!”

The contractor was screaming, his fist just hit someone’s body, but it was clearly hitting the Copper Wall Iron Bastion. And he used his full strength, as everyone knows, the strength is mutual, so under his full strength, his fist was also shaken, and it was about to fracture and the pain was terrible.

The foreman didn’t believe in evil, so he threw his fist into Chen Jiaozi’s belly and attacked.

Chen Jiaozi still didn’t avoid it, even his face was calm.

Let the contractor’s heart feel hairy, and immediately stopped his fist, not daring to hit it, for fear that it hurts like before.

As a result, the head contractor threw the red banknotes on the ground and cursed: “Look at you, pitiful, just treat it as a puppy on the side of the road.”

In fact, the 100 contractors were unwilling to give it. Because this Chen Jiaozi seemed very strong and afraid of being beaten, he threw the red banknotes on the ground and walked back to the door of the construction site.

Chen Jiaozi looked at the money on the ground, he hesitated a little, then lowered his head to pick it up.

“Hehe, I thought you were so good, you didn’t pick it up for this little money!” The foreman looked at Chen Jiaazi with disdain.

Chen Guaizi looked at the contractor indifferently, without saying anything, but silently put the red banknotes in his pockets, and then proceeded to move things.

In the car on the side of the road.

Lin Kai and Lin Qianqian both saw the scene at the construction site.

Lin Qianqian was the first to mutter to herself: “That person is disabled and suffers from this. The contractor is too hateful.”

Lin Kai didn’t say a word, his face was gloomy, and he got out of the car and walked to the side of Chen Guaizi.

Since Chen Guaizi turned his back to Lin Kai, he didn’t know Lin Kai was here.

Lin Kai looked at Chen Guazi’s back, with a slightly hoarse voice, and said, “War Tiger.”

Chen Guaizi was about to move things, but when he heard these two words, his whole body trembled, as if he couldn’t believe it, and then he turned around.

When he saw Lin Kai, Chen Guaizi exclaimed: “Zhanlong! Why are you here?”

“Haha, 2 mental illnesses, and Dragon-Tiger and so on, are you really making TV shows there?”

The foreman was laughed at by the conversation between two people, and laughed at them continuously.

Lin Kai showed a chill in his eyes, then took out 100 yuan, threw it on the foreman, and said coldly, “Similarly, I will give you 100 yuan. You can just let me snap a finger.”

The head of the contractor sneered: “Just a flick, there will be 100, such a good thing, of course I want it. Okay, just a flick, otherwise, you will pay me ten times the price, which is 1000!”

In order to be cautious, the contractor took out the recording function of his mobile phone and recorded the words.

“No problem, I just flick it.” Lin Kai said indifferently.

“Okay! You can start!”

The head contractor has already recorded, but he is not afraid of Lin Kai’s remorse.

Lin Kai walked to the head of the contractor with a calm face, then extended the hand and flicked the head of the contractor’s forehead lightly.

It seems to be a light flick, but in fact, even the ancient martial arts can’t bear this power. What’s more, it was the contractor, which caused the contractor to fly directly into a sandy ground in the construction site under the finger of this finger.

Fortunately, he fell on the sand. Even so, the contractor was seriously injured and immediately passed out.

At the moment when he was in a coma, the contractor was horrified and couldn’t believe it. He was seriously injured by the man with a flick of his finger.

After Lin Kai finished this, he returned to Chen Jiaozi and said, “Brother, I haven’t seen you for a long time! Your legs are still like that, and have been bad. If you didn’t help me block them, I would have died a long time ago. that.”

Chen Kaizi shook the head: “It’s nothing. At that time, I was a comrade-in-arms of a company, and they were all doing tasks. And I heard that after you entered 9 Longshan, I was very pleased. How are you now?”

Lin Kai entered a unit when he did not enter 9 Longshan as a special force, but only later did he enter 9 Longshan when he selected special forces.

And Chen Guaizi was actually called Chen Zhiyuan, a comrade in arms of the army at that time.

At that time, Chen Zhiyuan was called War Tiger, and Lin Kai was called War Dragon.

Although only a few months to get along, the experience of that period is hard to forget.

Originally, Chen Zhiyuan could also be selected into 9 Longshan, but in the last days, he performed a very important task.

Chen Zhiyuan limped in order to help Lin Kai block a shot.

After that, Chen Zhiyuan left the army early with regret.

Lin Kai deeply remembers this kindness. In fact, as early as the moment he became an Immortal Cultivator, he wanted to find Chen Zhiyuan and he wanted to cure Chen Zhiyuan.

It’s just that after Chen Zhiyuan left the army, he didn’t know where he went. Even the other comrades in the army could not find out where Chen Zhiyuan was, as if he had disappeared from the face of the earth.

Because Chen Zhiyuan’s files were actually blank, because the mission at that time was top secret, and no files could be kept.

Therefore, there is no way to check Chen Zhiyuan’s whereabouts through the national level.

However, Lin Kai didn’t give up searching, he just didn’t expect, but he saw Chen Zhiyuan on a newly developed construction site outside the Eastern Sea city area. This surprised Lin Kai.

Chen Zhiyuan looked at Lin Kai and asked with a smile: “You haven’t answered me yet. It’s still at 9 Longshan, why did you come here?”

“I’m indeed still at 9 Longshan, but now I am in a semi-retired state.”

Lin Kai didn’t directly say that he is the owner of the 9th mountain of 9 Longshan. It is better for Chen Zhiyuan to not know this. The less he knows, the safer he is for Chen Zhiyuan.

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