God level Extraction System Chapter 1504

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Lin Kai finished speaking without waiting for Chen Zhiyuan to say anything.

Lin Kai began to ask Chen Zhiyuan, “On the contrary, it was you. After you were discharged from the army, it was just like disappear from the face of the earth. I have been looking for you, but I didn’t expect to meet you here. However, according to your previous temperament, I’ve beaten the contractor a long time ago, so why do you want to do that? I am short of money?”

Chen Zhiyuan smiled bitterly: “After I retired from the army, I just wanted to live a peaceful life, marry a wife and have children, and the expenses of leaving the army were enough for my life. However, some changes happened later, and it is difficult to say a word. Anyway, during that period, I was very depressed.

Later, I met my current wife, very affectionate. She also gave birth to a daughter smoothly, now a little over 3 years old. Because of a chronic disease, I only noticed it some time ago, which requires a lot of medical expenses. My previous expenses included selling some coolies in addition to retirement fees. After all, my legs were inconvenient, I couldn’t work normally, and I couldn’t be a bodyguard.

So now, I have no choice but to run out to see if I can get any job. “

Chen Zhiyuan was talking, sighing, and then took out a half smoked cigarette from his pocket.

The cigarette is very cheap, 2 yuan and 5 half.

Obviously, Chen Zhiyuan used it sparingly. One cigarette was washed several times.

Lin Kai can see from this detail that Chen Zhiyuan is indeed not doing very well now.

Lin Kai felt sad and guilty at the same time. Had it not been for him, Chen Zhiyuan would not have lost his legs like this.

You know, Chen Zhiyuan was a man of equal fame with him in the army at that time, and he was very strong.

If you continue to stay in the army, it will also have boundless prospects, at least the one with some status in 9 Longshan.

Even if you don’t want to go to 9 Longshan, but choose to retire, you can also be a private bodyguard.

But now one leg is useless and nothing can be done.

Lin Kai sighed, he saw Chen Zhiyuan’s leg. Since he hadn’t been treated for many years, it was a little troublesome even for him.

He needs to find some medicinal herb to heal Chen Zhiyuan’s legs.

Therefore, Lin Kai said to Chen Zhiyuan: “War Tiger, rest assured, your daughter must be fine.”

Lin Kai plans to treat Chen Zhiyuan’s legs in two days, and he will also cure Chen Zhiyuan’s daughter’s illness by the way.

Since he hasn’t gotten a good treatment yet, Chen Zhiyuan’s leg method, so he didn’t say much in this regard. He still went to talk to Chen Zhiyuan when there was a treatment.

Chen Zhiyuan thought Lin Kai’s words were comforting him, and did not wait for him to say anything.

Lin Kai thought for a while and handed over a few hundred cash to Chen Zhiyuan and said, “War Tiger, I don’t bring that many cash. I will give this money to sister-in-law and my niece first. Pause, wait a few days and I will be free, and then I will visit you again.”

Lin Kai knows Chen Zhiyuan’s temperament.

If he directly transferred a few hundred thousand yuan, Chen Zhiyuan would definitely not ask for it.

If he really wanted to, Chen Zhiyuan would not get through as he is now. He would have applied for help from the state a long time ago.

In other words, Chen Zhiyuan made a contribution, but Chen Zhiyuan did not apply for subsidies from the state because of his temperament.

That’s why Lin Kai inferred that Chen Zhiyuan’s inner temperament has not changed.

Sure enough, Chen Zhiyuan had hesitated for a long time even for the few hundred dollars. If Lin Kai hadn’t said in advance, he would give the sister-in-law and niece a good meal, otherwise he would have refused it long ago.

Lin Kai saw this, shook the head and asked Chen Zhiyuan to hurry up.

Chen Zhiyuan only accepted it.

Then Lin Kai and Chen Zhiyuan talked a few more words and left a contact information for each other.

Lin Kai will find the medicine ingredients he needs these two days, and will immediately set off to treat Chen Zhiyuan and his daughter.

It didn’t take long for Lin Kai to get into the car, and with Lin Qianqian, he continued to the direction of the industrial park.

Looking at Lin Kai’s car, Chen Zhiyuan didn’t look strange, but couldn’t help thinking that Lin Kai now has this ability, and I don’t know if Lin Kai has changed, and whether he will really come to see him in two days.

Chen Zhiyuan sighed, especially when he lowered his eyes and looked at the few 100 yuan in his hand, he was actually quite uncomfortable.

Then, Chen Zhiyuan took the money in silently.

The contractor should have regained consciousness not long ago.

Although the contractor was seriously injured within the body, Lin Kai did not kill him either.

He happened to see Lin Kai giving away a few 100 yuan to Chen Zhiyuan, and saw Lin Kai driving a luxury car with a beautiful woman sitting in the luxury car, and went straight away.

Suddenly, the contractor drew a mockery of Chen Zhiyuan: “Haha, a kidnapper is a kidnapper. It looks like that person treats you very well. In fact, it is nothing more than seeing that you had a little friendship with him, so he gave that little money and sent you away. I didn’t see it. , He is so fast, can’t help but leave with a beautiful woman? Hey, so don’t want to make friends with him!”

Even if the head of the contractor was seriously injured within the body, he naturally dared not say anything about Lin Kai, but when he saw Chen Zhiyuan, he vented all his anger to Chen Zhiyuan.

Chen Zhiyuan didn’t say a word, moved towards the superintendent, limped to the front, then looked towards the superintendent with a cold face, and said indifferently: “I believe my brother is not that kind of person! But you say so My brother, I will teach you a lesson!”

Although Chen Zhiyuan has a temper, in the past few years, because of the polishing of social life, he has been rounded up, but in the bones is still that violent temper.

Especially since I haven’t seen Lin Kai in a few years, I saw it today, just like high-spirited and vigorous when I was in the army.

Therefore, Chen Zhiyuan was rude, first took out a red banknote, threw it to the contractor, and then punched the contractor severely.

Under this fist, the contractor instantly dizzy and eyes blurred, and fell into a coma again.

at the same time.

Lin Qianqian, the co-pilot in the car, also heard the conversation between Lin Kai and Chen Zhiyuan.

When Lin Kai first got in the car, Lin Qianqian asked Lin Kai to talk about what happened to him and Chen Zhiyuan.

Lin Kai slowly recounted the past of the two people.

After listening to this, Lin Qianqian was deeply moved.

At this time, Lin Qianqian wiped her tears with a tissue, and asked Lin Kai: “Your comrades are like this. Why do you only give this money. Lin Kai, let’s go, I personally support your comrade’s daughter, all Medical expenses.”

Lin Kai shook the head and said: “Actually, this is not a question of money or money, and if you fund this way, I believe my comrades-in-arms will not accept this. Wait for two days, let my comrades-in-arms and their daughters, Let’s talk about it when the treatment is complete. When the time comes, I will arrange it with my comrade in arms.”

Lin Kai said, sighed, in fact, he blames himself more than anyone else, especially when he sees Chen Zhiyuan’s desolate look now.

Lin Qianqian also understood something, so she didn’t speak again.

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