God level Extraction System Chapter 1505

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At half past one in the afternoon.

Lin Kai took Lin Qianqian to the Eastern Sea Industrial Park.

Basically, every city has such an industrial park with various large and small factories.

This industrial park of Eastern Sea was newly built a few years ago. With the development of Eastern Sea, the scale of this area is no longer sufficient for the development of Eastern Sea.

Therefore, Eastern Sea has divided new areas and built new industrial parks.

Lin Qianqian mainly considered that the new park is still far away and the equivalent to is on the edge of the Eastern Sea, so he chose the old park.

After a while, Lin Kai followed Lin Qianqian’s directions and came to a factory.

The factory door was open, but there was no one inside.

“What’s the situation? Yesterday, the personnel department has just hired employees. The personnel department has already notified that they have officially started work today. Why didn’t anyone see it? And the security guards? Several security guards were hired to prevent people from coming to the factory to make trouble. “

Lin Qianqian frowned her eyebrows, and then she couldn’t help but looked towards a security booth next to her.

Inside the security booth, I saw a few security guards, playing cards inside, as if they were at home, so casual.

Even Lin Kai’s car drove to the door of the factory, and no one noticed it.

So leisurely, even Lin Kai frowned.

It can be said that if this factory is in such a hurry, the main reason is the sales volume, which is far beyond everyone’s imagination, and it cannot be quickly invested in a larger factory for production.

Otherwise, if the buyer bought it, it would be bad if it is out of stock.

didn’t expect, work here hasn’t started yet.

Now the security guards are still there, each minding their own business, playing cards, and chatting while playing cards.

“Hey, this job is too easy, as expected, it’s nothing like recruitment.”

“Yes, I heard that we can stay so idle forever.”

“It shouldn’t be. Isn’t the sales volume on the company’s side very good? Only then reinvested in the new factory to produce, why is it so leisurely?

“I don’t quite understand it. Anyway, it is the management of the company. Anyway, the management is so regulated. We follow the regulations and get the salary every month.”

Just as several people were talking, Lin Kai and Lin Qianqian had quietly walked in.

“Do you say it again?” Lin Qianqian coldly said to several security guards.

One of the young security guards saw Lin Qianqian, his eyes suddenly flashed with heat. It seemed that he didn’t know Lin Qianqian, so he whistled, said with a smile, “This beauty, is there anything wrong with coming to our factory?” I am willing to serve you personally. If you are looking for a job, I can introduce you to a very leisurely position, but you have to…”

Before the young security guard could finish speaking, another 50-year-old security guard named Zhang Zhenxiang quickly stopped the young security guard and said, “What are you talking about! This is the company boss, President Lin!”

The young security guard was startled.

Lin Qianqian watched this scene coldly and said indifferently: “Why are you playing cards here so leisurely? Also, why didn’t other workers come to work?”

“I don’t know this. I have to ask the manager Qin Wen who manages this factory.” Zhang Zhenxiang was also smart, and immediately transferred this contradiction to Qin Wen who manages the factory.

Qin Wennai is a very senior manager of the company. He has done a lot for the company. Lin Qianqian felt that he could be promoted and managed the factory.

Lin Qianqian didn’t expect it. Qin Wen had just managed it. So, it was obvious that the company’s skin care products couldn’t be bigger.

No wonder Qin asked, when he confessed to the factory here yesterday, he told Lin Qianqian the past few days, don’t inspect it yet. After talking for a few days, it was completely settled over there, and then I went to investigate.

Lin Qianqian felt strange and asked Lin Kai to take her here to investigate.

Unexpectedly, something really went wrong.

At this moment, Lin Qianqian couldn’t help but called Qin asked.

Qin Wen quickly answered the phone and asked, “Mr. Lin, what’s the matter?”

Lin Qianqian didn’t say immediately, she was in this new factory, but she didn’t say anything in her voice: “Where are you now?”

Qin asked immediately responded: “Mr. Lin, isn’t this the first day the factory started? I naturally manage and manage in the factory to prevent these workers from being lazy and so on.”

Lin Qianqian said indifferently: “Oh? Really? I just arrived at the factory gate, let alone the silhouette, why didn’t I even see the shadow of your car?”

As soon as Lin Qianqian’s words fell, Qin Wen was silent for a while, and then Qin Wen pretended not to hear, and there was no signal, so he hung up the phone.

Lin Qianqian’s pretty face was angry. Obviously, she was impossible to hand over this factory to Qin Wen, and even the company side fired Qin Wen.

Lin Qianqian confronted Zhang Zhenxiang, coldly said: “Call everyone who is still in the factory now.”

That Zhang Zhenxiang didn’t dare to disobey, and understood that the matter was serious, so he began to call everyone in the factory.

In addition to Zhang Zhenxiang’s security guards, there is also a sweeping Aunt who sleeps there.

In short, this is not like a factory to be started at all, more like a factory that is not maintained.

Lin Qianqian looked at these people and continued: “from now on, this factory is directly managed by me. So you will not be so leisurely. You need to follow the normal rules to work and do things. If you continue to be leisurely like this, I am sure Will be expelled, do you understand?”

The security guards and the sweeping Aunt were all nodded.

Because the salary offered by this factory is higher than that of other factories, naturally the previous situation will not appear.

Lin Qianqian asked, “What about other general workers or technicians?”

Lin Qianqian frowned her eyebrows. Although Qin Wen will deal with the situation here, the employment contract will be sent to the company, and she will personally stamp it.

Knowing that there were more than 100 people recruited in this factory, Qin Wen probably wanted to delay the production of skin care products before letting other people come to work.

But this morning, Qin Wen posted a circle of friends, that is, all the workers in the factory came.

It should be said that they are all called, even if they do not produce skin care products, they will all stay in the factory, otherwise this is too obvious.

As for Qin Wen’s purpose, Lin Qianqian guessed that Qin Wen was very likely to be bought by others, which caused the skin care products to not be provided to customers in time, and then made trouble.

Therefore, there is a high probability of being a competitor, such a disgusting person.

Lin Qianqian could have imagined that she didn’t continue to communicate with Qin Wen, but why the group of workers had left.

Soon, Zhang Zhenxiang stood up and said, “This morning, all came. Manager Qin Wen said that there will be no work arrangements for the day, but they will all stay in the factory. But since manager Qin Wen After I left, there was a problem.”

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