God level Extraction System Chapter 1506

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Then, under Zhang Zhenxiang’s narration, within a period of time after Qin Wen left, other general workers or technicians appeared one after another, suffering from headaches of varying degrees.

All in all, it’s very evil, as if the Feng Shui here is not good, because after this happens, the rest of the general workers or technicians also leave first.

Only a few security guards, and a sweeper Aunt, stay here to guard the factory temporarily.

Lin Qianqian was curious, all the general workers or technicians had that kind of weird symptoms. Why did these security guards still sweep the floor Aunt, they all stayed for almost a day, not at all anything happened.

Lin Qianqian found it funny again, but when she saw Lin Kai next to her, she was a little convinced that there was something evil in this place.

In the morning, Lin Qianqian saw with her own eyes that Lin Kai had killed an evil evildoer.

The evil spirit not only affected the restaurant business. At the same time, it also affected the body of the restaurant boss, making him in his 30s, at the age of being strong and physically strong, but like a late old man.

So Lin Qianqian had to think about this situation in the factory.

Faced with Lin Qianqian’s doubts, Zhang Zhenxiang said: “We are not quite clear, but we can be sure that we have never been to the second building of the factory. I heard some general workers say that there is a block next to the second building. The weird stone, the mushroom-shaped stone, is still the kind that stands upside down. The mushroom-shaped stone will give off a peculiar smell.

They all doubted whether it was the mushroom-shaped stone that caused headaches and even hallucinations in those people. A few of us have never been, but it has been fine. “

“Mushroom-shaped stones? Strange taste? Headache? Hallucinations?”

Lin Kai, who has been by Lin Qianqian’s side, quietly watching, suddenly raised his brow, moved towards the second building of the factory and walked over.

Lin Qianqian didn’t even think about it, so she followed.

The security guards and Aunt, who hesitated slightly, followed Lin Qianqian.

After all, Lin Qianqian is a Boss, how can she not follow.

In this way, the entire group came to the corner of the second building and found the weird mushroom-shaped stone.

Not only that, there are strange characters carved on the stone, and these characters are not Chinese. Of course, it’s not in English, it’s more like a symbol.

Others can’t recognize these symbols, Lin Kai can recognize them at a glance, this is a seal technique.

Lin Kai’s eyes were curious, which further confirmed his guess.

So, without the slightest hesitation, he moved the golden pupil, moved towards the stone, which is the soil, and looked over.

Sure enough, he clearly saw one thing.

Lin Kai smiled and murmured to himself: “It’s really travel far and wide looking for something, only to return and find it easily.”

Inside that soil, is a very rare black and white Spirit Mushroom!

This Spirit Mushroom is one of the most important medicine ingredients for treating Chen Zhiyuan’s leg injury!

Other medicine ingredients are very easy to find, as long as you go to a Chinese medicine store, you can buy them.

And this black and white Spirit Mushroom is different, Spirit Mushroom is very ordinary, but black and white Spirit Mushroom is very rare.

Because of the black and white Spirit Mushroom, 500 years formed, 300 years absorbed Heaven and Earth Yang Qi, 200 years absorbed Heaven and Earth Yin Qi. Therefore, a mature black and white Spirit Mushroom will take at least 1000 years.

Lin Kai intends to finish the matter in these two days, to find the black and white Spirit Mushroom, and then to treat Chen Zhiyuan’s leg.

I didn’t expect to see the black and white Spirit Mushroom in Lin Qianqian’s factory.

As for the general workers or technicians in the factory, why do they have headaches and hallucinations? That’s because the peculiar smell that the black and white Spirit Mushroom has matured can indeed affect people’s bodies.

In other words, this underground is a mature black and white Spirit Mushroom!

Lin Kai is extremely pleased that the mature black and white Spirit Mushroom is more medicinal. It can be said that it can really do it and cure 100 diseases.

Originally, he was looking for a black-and-white Spirit Mushroom that was formed.

Today, there is a mature black and white Spirit Mushroom.

Look at the rune carved on this stone, there are also certain years.

Rune is a seal technique, with the stone, it will guard here. It seems that a few hundred years ago, some experts also knew that there was a black and white Spirit Mushroom in the ground, so they sealed the black and white Spirit Mushroom first to prevent people from discovering it and pick it up when it was mature.

Just a few hundred years have passed away in a hurry, and the changes are too fast. This black and white Spirit Mushroom has only been in these 100 days and has begun to mature.

Lin Kai was thinking about it, and under Lin Qianqian’s surprised eyes, he waved his hands and cracked the seal on the mushroom-shaped stone.

The mushroom-shaped stone cracked in an instant, turned into countless small fragments, and crashed to the ground.

The mushroom-shaped stone is always supported by the seal technique.

If you lose the power of the seal, it will be like dry soil.

Lin Qianqian couldn’t help looking at Lin Kai curiously at this time. She knew Lin Kai was powerful, and there must be something there that attracted him.

The security guards Zhang Zhenxiang and the sweeping Aunt stared at Lin Kai dumbfounded.

Then, under the shocked eyes of several people again, Lin Kai stomped slightly, those stone fragments, voluntarily let out a path, and the ground also cracked.

In the middle, a black and white mushroom half a palm was exposed.

It is the black and white Spirit Mushroom that has matured for 1000 years!

“Lin Kai, what is this?” Lin Qianqian asked.

“Spirit Mushroom.”

Lin Kai didn’t say anything about it, but he explained right away that this Spirit Mushroom affects human health.

Zhang Zhenxiang, the security guards and the sweeping Aunt, when Lin Kai said this, they all glanced at the black and white Spirit Mushroom in horror, and even stepped back a few steps, afraid to approach.

Lin Qianqian didn’t ask too much, since Lin Kai has solved the evil in this place, she will notify the employees.

If you get sick because of Spirit Mushroom, you can meditate. If there is no symptom, I have just arrived now for a meeting.

Lin Kai installed the black and white Spirit Mushroom for the cautiously.

Lin Qianqian just finished the notification. She saw that Lin Kai was fine, and she said, “I am here and have to deal with a lot of things. You sent me here and solved the evils in it. See you It’s okay, you’re still going to make an appointment with Yin Young Lady.”

Lin Kai has already given Lin Qianqian many body protection symbols, and Lin Qianqian has also brought him, and this is Eastern Sea, if Lin Qianqian is attacked immediately.

Lin Kai will be here soon, so there is no need to worry about Lin Qianqian’s safety here.

Now that Lin Qianqian said so, he nodded: “Okay, you are busy.”

Lin Kai said, and left without looking back.

After Lin Qianqian saw Lin Kai leave so decisively, after humming, she started to be busy with herself.

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