God level Extraction System Chapter 1507

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At 5 pm, Lin Kai drove his car and returned to the downtown area of ​​Eastern Sea.

When passing by a Chinese medicine store, I bought a few medicine ingredients.

The direction to go back is the opposite of 100 Shantang, otherwise, I will go to 100 Shantang to buy it.

With these few medicine ingredients, combined with the black and white Spirit Mushroom, Chen Zhiyuan’s leg disease can be completely cured.

However, you have to buy a few others, not Chinese medicine.

It took Lin Kai some time and all medicine ingredients were purchased.

Seeing that it was almost 7 o’clock in the evening, Lin Kai went to the Eastern Sea only one opera house.

Ten-twenty minutes later, Lin Kai arrived at the door of the opera house.

Lin Kai didn’t see Yin Suyan’s silhouette at the door.

He was about to plan. When he called Yin Suyan, he unexpectedly had someone extend the hand behind him and seemed to want to do something.

Lin Kai didn’t turn around, but reacted very quickly. He grabbed the hand, and it was very smooth as soon as it touched it.

“Mr. Lin, it’s me!”

Yin Suyan actually wanted to play a prank with Lin Kai, just to cover Lin Kai’s eyes, and then change his voice to let Lin Kai guess who she was.

Not knowing that Lin Kai is so sharp, now he even grabbed her hand and pulled it forward as if he wanted to threw her away.

But at the moment when he was threw away, Lin Kai pulled Yin Suyan back in time, because he saw that it was Yin Suyan and shook his head slightly.

In this way, Yin Suyan was pulled into Lin Kai’s arms.

Yin Suyan is simple jeans, with a white T-shirt, a fashionable hat, and a pair of sunglasses.

Even so, it gives people a very amazing feeling.

Yin Suyan is still in a panic. She took off her sunglasses and gave Lin Kai a beautiful eyes: “Mr. Lin, you are too cautious. I just want to cover your eyes and guess who I am. hmph. ! Really boring!”

Lin Kai was a little embarrassed and laughed. He was indeed overly cautious, mainly because he was about to make a phone call, plus he was forced to kiss yesterday, so he appeared more cautious.

Who thought Yin Suyan would use this method to meet him.

After all, Yin Suyan is a big star, how can he be like a child.

Lin Kai had no choice but to say: “It’s not like you suddenly, I reacted a little faster.”

Yin Suyan was not angry and glanced at Lin Kai again, but feeling Lin Kai’s warm embrace, he was secretly happy.

However, the people passing by gave a lot of eyes, Yin Suyan could only put on sunglasses, and reluctantly left Lin Kai’s embrace.

Fortunately, no one recognizes her, otherwise, the headlines tonight will be occupied by her and Lin Kai.

At this moment, Yin Suyan said to Lin Kai: “Mr. Lin, I have already bought the tickets. There are still ten minutes to go. Let’s go in now.”

“Sure.” Lin Kai nodded.

Soon, two people walked into the opera house.

When I passed by the entrance of the Opera House, I saw a sign with a poster of the performance on it. It was a musical called “City of Philharmonic”.

At the door, Yin Suyan was involuntarily holding Lin Kai’s hand and walked directly into the opera house.

Lin Kai felt that Yin Suyan’s tender little hands, said with a smile: “You are holding me so just and honorable, so you don’t worry about being seen by fans, do you?”

Yin Suyan rolled the eyes: “What? Is this disgusting?”

Lin Kai smiled: “No, I just think that if you are so proactive, you are not afraid of me being unsatisfied.”

Yin Suyan hummed: “It’s not that I’m not afraid, I’m afraid that you dare not.”

For a while, Lin Kai was speechless and couldn’t help shook the head.

Without the great mountain of Leiyuan Group, how would he let Yin Suyan be so proactive, but now is not the time.

In order to change the subject, Lin Kai asked: “Yin Young Lady, which stage is your best friend acting in?”

Yin Suyan said: “My best friend is Su Qiaoqiao, the female number one in the stage play. Su Qiaoqiao is also my college classmate, both of whom came from a major. It’s just that Su Qiaoqiao has been mixing in stage play after graduation to sharpen it. Own acting skills.”

Yin Suyan said, and Lin Kai passed the ticket inspection place and entered the opera house smoothly.

This opera house is similar to the movie theater, with more than a dozen rows of positions, and each row can seat a dozen people.

At the current position, almost 70% of the people are sitting.

The ticket that Yin Suyan bought belongs to the front row, but it is also in the fourth row, the best place in the middle.

“These 2 tickets were actually given to me by Qiao Qiao, but in order to support my girlfriend’s stage play, I finally forced to transfer money to her. Speaking of which, I gave me 2 tickets on purpose, and I hope to bring them. Some male friend came over. I also said that I was impossible to bring some male friend over. I just didn’t let my girlfriend wish, so I brought it over.”

Yin Suyan muttered and sat in the middle of the fourth row with Lin Kai.

Lin Kai shook his head and laughed at Yin Suyan’s words, just like a child’s rebellious psychology.

Combined with the previous Yin Suyan, trying to blindly guess whose childish behavior was from behind, it is hard to imagine that this is the true side of Yin Suyan.

Lin Kai couldn’t help but said with a smile: “As expected of a close friend, you are like this. If you wait for your girlfriend to come and see me, wouldn’t I be embarrassed.”

Yin Suyan pu chi laughed: “That’s not true. Anyway, you have a thick skin.”

Lin Kai was speechless, and was about to say something, but unexpectedly, a sharp female voice came from the back row: “You are going to speak out, and it is quarreling me.”

Lin Kai looked back and saw that there was also a young man and a young man in the back row.

Lin Kai brows slightly wrinkle, the stage play hasn’t officially started yet, if it starts and still talks, it is really not good.

But the stage play hasn’t started yet, not to mention that he and Yin Suyan spoke very quietly, but some nearby audiences spoke loudly.

Before Lin Kai could speak, Yin Suyan said to the woman behind: “Sorry, we will speak as little as possible.”

Yin Suyan didn’t want Lin Kai to go arguing and avoid unnecessary troubles.

Lin Kai shook the head and said nothing.

Instead, the young woman sneered.

And the young man next to the young woman, seemingly to please the young woman, took out a thick stack of money from his wallet, moved towards Lin Kai and handed it over: “You take these money, and it will disappear from my sight.”

Lin Kai eyebrow raised, and the clay figurine is still 30% angry. This young man seems to really think that he can act wilfully if he has money.

Yin Suyan just backed down, didn’t expect this young man, he was still unable to tell good from bad.

Even Yin Suyan was very dissatisfied with the young man’s behavior.

If it were not for her special status, she would have quarreled with each other a long time ago.

Ever since, she motioned to Lin Kai to stop arguing, and the stage play started immediately, and she still watched the play at ease.

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