God level Extraction System Chapter 1508

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Lin Kai saw Yin Suyan’s sign that he was with Yin Suyan tonight, and this stage play was also starring Yin Suyan’s girlfriends, so it was not good to spoil the atmosphere here.

Therefore, Lin Kai directly ignored the young man.

However, the young man reluctantly said: “I said you are too greedy, 3000 yuan is not enough, enough to buy ten tickets.”

The young man’s tone was full of aloof and remote gestures, and stood up, immediately took out a check, wrote 2 yuan, and then threw it to Lin Kai: “10000 yuan is enough? Take this check, roll it to me, don’t hinder me from watching the stage play!”

Funny to say that the young man’s voice now speaks louder than anyone else, and he stood up to block the audience in the back row.

This behavior of young men really hinders others.

Not only that, the young man did not sit down immediately, but glanced condescendingly, and the young woman next to him saw the young woman’s gaze with his satisfaction.

The young man’s face was even more smug.

The young man’s name is Zeng Zi’an, and the young woman next to him is Liang Xiaoyan, who is considered half of his girlfriend.

The reason for saying half of it is because there is no formal contact yet, but it is at the stage of confirmation.

Zeng Zian has been chasing Liang Xiaoyan for a long time, and he also knows that Liang Xiaoyan likes the musical “City of Philharmonic”. The tickets for the first day are sold here. Zeng Zian bought two tickets and waited to see tonight.

For Zeng Zian, this is not the point. The point is to perform well in front of Liang Xiaoyan and then take the opportunity to confess.

Especially Liang Xiaoyan just now, she didn’t like the two people in the front row.

This gave Zeng Zi’an a chance to perform well, and then used the money to get the pair of cheating couples in the front row away.

In this way, not only in front of Liang Xiaoyan, it shows that she is rich.

At the same time, he is very happy in his heart. What he likes most is that he can really act wilfully if he has money.

In his opinion, the cheating couple in the front row would definitely bow their heads, pick up the check, and leave the opera house dingy.

Zeng Zian also saw that Liang Xiaoyan’s current expression was a bit strange to him, and she became even more proud.

Liang Xiaoyan was indeed moved by Zeng Zian’s behavior. She was also surprised by Zeng Zian’s financial resources. She wrote a check for 2 yuan at will and threw it out so casually.

Seeing that the check was thrown on the seat, it was not completely thrown out. Liang Xiaoyan took the check back and said with a smile: “Isn’t it a waste of 2 yuan to go out for doing?”

Zeng Zian is hearing this, pretending to be a very big money, and said: “There is nothing to waste, anyway, there is money. If you are happy, it is worth it.”

This sentence moved Liang Xiaoyan for a while, and then the two of them ignored Lin Kai and Lin Qianqian and started to kiss me and me.

Lin Kai saw the two people and didn’t continue to say anything, so he looked back. If the two people weren’t forgiving anymore, he would no longer hinder Yin Suyan’s face, and would ruthlessly give them a severe lesson.

At this time, Yin Suyan also retracted his gaze, and the pretty face approached Lin Kai, and said in a low voice, “The clothes and bags on the girl’s body look like they are all famous brands or even luxury goods. In fact, they are all fake. Goods. Originally it cost a few 10000 to more than 10000 yuan, but this fake is only a few 100 yuan at most.”

To be honest, even if Lin Kai is an Immortal Cultivator, there is no difference at all for this. Women are worthy of being women, for this kind of eyes can be clearly seen.

Without waiting for Lin Kai to finish, Yin Suyan continued: “And that man, it is the same. He looks like high-end goods all over his body, but in fact, none of them are real. Even the Rolex of the watch is also fake. , You can buy it for a few hundred.”

Lin Kai suddenly became curious: “Since he is all fakes, and there is no real thing, it means there is no money. Then why is it a check for 2 10000 when he sells it?”

“It should be a play, I guess, even if we ask for the check, the man will think of various ways to tear the check.” Yin Suyan smiled: “I endorse many high-end famous brands and luxury goods. You can tell at a glance.”

Listening to this, Lin Kai’s eyes showed a hint of playfulness: “In this case, then these two people are pretending to be big money?”

“I guess so.” Yin Suyan covered his mouth and smiled: “If those two people dare to provoke us, I will come to expose the true colors of the two. When the time comes, it will be fun. I am still looking forward to the two who will provoke us. I.”

Lin Kai shook his head and laughed. Yin Suyan’s most real side was revealed before his eyes again.

After two minutes, it was 7:1 in the evening, when the musical began to perform.

Songs and dances are naturally inseparable from song and dance, especially this kind of “City of Philharmonic” theme.

Yin Suyan’s best friend Su Qiaoqiao, the female number one, is pursuing her love and dreams, constantly wandering, from the confusion at the beginning to the determination later. In the end, the sublimation of life is as melancholy as at first sight, which makes people very thoughtful.

Although Su Qiaoqiao is not a star, but because of Zhang’s beauty and the acting skills shown in the stage play, he became popular after being uploaded to the Internet by netizens, and he was regarded as a’net celebrity’.

However, Su Qiaoqiao didn’t have any reaction to his popularity on the Internet. He still immersed himself in the stage play every day to polish himself.

Su Qiaoqiao was indifferent even to various economic companies in the entertainment industry who sent invitations to her, signed contracts with a lot of money, and gave the best resources.

Under the exposure of this deed, Su Qiaoqiao was even more sought after by many netizens and became a fan of Su Qiaoqiao.

It is mainly because of Su Qiaoqiao’s concentration to sharpen his acting skills and love the spirit of stage play, which makes many netizens feel emotional.

Lin Kai was also amazed by Su Qiaoqiao’s acting, which is not weaker than Yin Suyan’s acting.

You know, Yin Suyan won the actress award.

If Su Qiaoqiao enters the entertainment circle, with her acting skills, she will certainly be able to get a place in the entertainment circle.

And Lin Kai also noticed that Su Qiaoqiao kept looking at him during the performance.

Su Qiaoqiao knew that Yin Suyan would bring a male friend over, so he wanted to see who it was.

Su Qiaoqiao didn’t expect, Yin Suyan really brought it, and it even seemed that the two were quite close. As a result, it was the first time in my heart that I was very eager to finish this stage play.

In the past, she wished to act slowly so that she could stay on stage for a while. It’s different now. She knows Yin Suyan’s proud and arrogant, she doesn’t usually see any man in her eyes, so she is curious about Lin Kai.

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