God level Extraction System Chapter 1509

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After almost an hour, the stage play was almost finished.

Yin Suyan said to Lin Kai, “Mr. Lin, it’s over immediately. We will go to the backstage dressing room to see Qiao Qiao. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen Qiao Qiao for a long time.”

After the stage play is finished, the actor still has to go back to the dressing room, change the costume of the show, and remove the makeup. The process also takes a certain amount of time.

As for Yin Suyan being able to enter the backstage, naturally he was allowed.

Lin Kai clicked nodded.

But at this time, there was a sarcasm in the back row, which came immediately.

“Hehe, do you consider yourself who? The backstage of this stage play, how can you enter as long as you want? Besides, this is the stage backstage starring Su Qiaoqiao. Su Qiaoqiao is the most popular domestic stage play. There are also a large number of fans on the Internet. The popularity is comparable to that of the second-tier stars. You will see you when you say you see it!”

Obviously Liang Xiaoyan heard Yin Suyan’s words and started to frigid irony and scorching satire to Yin Suyan inexplicably.

Liang Xiaoyan felt uncomfortable, so she continued to ridicule: “If you can enter the backstage at will and see Su Qiaoqiao, then I can meet Wu Feifan at will! I also heard that Yin Suyan is also in Eastern Sea, so I can see it too. To this kind of national Goddess, it’s a joke!”

When Lin Kai heard Liang Xiaoyan’s words, he shook his head for a while, and even provoke Yin Suyan.

Now it is not necessary for Lin Kai to take action, Yin Suyan will solve these two people in the back row.

Because Yin Suyan has seen the disguise of the two people.

Sure enough, when Lin Kai was thinking about it, Yin Suyan’s pretty face curled up with a smile, then turned around, glanced at Liang Xiaoyan faintly, and slowly said, “This lady, as far as I know, the one in your hand The price of the bag is 60000 9, but there is an anti-counterfeiting mark. That is, on the right side of the bag, there will be an oval line.

This line is made of special materials, and the handwork is also cream of the crop. Why is your bag completely round? But I know that high imitation goods do not have that level of craftsmanship, and there is no way to make oval lines. As long as you have a little understanding of this aspect, you can know this anti-counterfeiting mark. “

Yin Su whispered.

Yin Suyan’s words made Liang Xiaoyan’s face extremely embarrassed, she wanted to say something, but she didn’t know what to say, so she could only fall into awkward silence.

Zeng Zian was shocked. He looked at Liang Xiaoyan very unexpectedly and asked: “Liang Xiaoyan, the bag you bought is a high imitation bag? You have said clearly that your bag is a consignment, and it was hard to buy it. The original price was 60000. 9. Due to the limited quantity, I finally bought it at 90000. I also said that I have a family business in my family, which is not bad for money. Why did I buy high imitation goods?”

This Liang Xiaoyan looks so mediocre. The reason why Zeng Zi’an pursues Liang Xiaoyan so persistently is mainly because he sees Liang Xiao Yan family having money.

Now that I heard that the bag that Liang Xiaoyan bought was fake, Zeng Zi’an naturally rushed to inquire.

Liang Xiaoyan was questioned like this, and for a while, she lost one’s head out of fear, and she didn’t know how to answer.

The smile from Yin Su’s cigarette mouth was even worse. She did not forget to make up the knife and said: “By the way, this man’s Rolex watch looks the same as the real one, but when you look carefully at the side of the watch, the small English characters engraved on it are a bit faded. You know, the real one. But using the best material to build, impossible appears to fade.

There is also the suit on the body. The fake ones are too unconcerned. Looking at the label on the back, they missed an English letter. It can be said that this man, from top to bottom, nothing is true. “

At this moment, it was Zeng Zi’an’s turn to be awkwardly silent. He also wanted to refute, but he didn’t expect the other party to say so clearly. What age is it now, as long as you check it online, you can find out that his whole body is indeed fake, so no matter how you refute it, it is useless.

And Liang Xiaoyan immediately became mad, glaring at Zeng Zi’an, and said very angrily: “You still have a face to talk about me? Didn’t you say that you are the pampered young master of the listed group? Father is the chairman of the board, what preparations Inheriting the position of chairman? Such an identity, how can you buy fake things, you still go from top to bottom, all fake! I am really blind!”

Naturally, Liang Xiaoyan agreed to Zeng Zi’an because she was fancy Zeng Zi’an’s money, otherwise she was unwilling to agree to Zeng Zi’an because Zeng Zi’an was a bit ugly. didn’t expect that Zeng Zi’an was also fake, which made Liang Xiaoyan extremely angry.

“Yo Oh, you are a bitch! You have the nerve to say that I am! You are lying!”

Now that he had torn his face, Zeng Zian stopped pretending, and directly cursed Liang Xiaoyan.

Liang Xiaoyan did her part and scolded Zeng Zi’an severely.

In this way, the two began to scold each other, and even spit at each other.

It just so happened that the performance of the stage play was also introduced at this time. The nearby audience saw Liang Xiaoyan and Zeng Zian being insulting each other, and each and everyone watched with interest.

These audiences also know that these two people deceived each other, thinking that the other party is a’twin’.

2 people scolded each other without any sympathy, it was a dog biting a dog.

Lin Kai also watched with interest, this attractive spectacle scene.

I have to say that Yin Suyan is still professional, and I can tell at a glance where there are high imitations of brand-name goods and where there are defects.

It was this that made Liang Xiaoyan and Zeng Zian both speechless.

If they are not very professional, it is estimated that Liang Xiaoyan and Zeng Zian will definitely try their best to refute this.

Lin Kai looked at these two people in the back row, and they were about to fight, still watching the show, it’s the dog biting the dog that’s all.

Two people, no one is a good bird, they all think they have fallen into a triumph, but in fact they are all liars.

Fortunately, both of them are liars. Otherwise, if one of them is not a liar, they will really be deceived.

At this moment, Yin Suyan didn’t even watch the show, but planned to call Lin Kai and go backstage together.

Unexpectedly, Su Qiaoqiao on the stage didn’t change clothes, but the impatient came off the stage and ran directly to Yin Suyan.

Su Qiaoqiao first walked to Yin Suyan’s body, hugged Yin Suyan, and smiled: “Su Yan, it’s been a long time since I saw you, you are still so beautiful.”

Yin Suyan rolled the eyes: “Look at what you said, you are not the same.”

Su Qiaoqiao laughed at hehe and said, his eyes fell on Lin Kai, and said: “The man next to you is the male friend you invited. Hello, my name is Su Qiaoqiao.”

“Lin Kai.” Lin Kai also said hello politely, after all, it is Yin Suyan’s best friend.

Su Qiaoqiao is indeed extremely beautiful, and on the same level as Yin Suyan, but with 2 different styles. Su Qiaoqiao is more royal sister, and Yin Suyan is the kind of pure Goddess.

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