God level Extraction System Chapter 1510

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“Lin Kai?”

Su Qiaoqiao said with a smile: “I remember, you two will go with me first, here is the backstage, after I change the costumes for the performance, I will treat you to a good meal. How to say It’s the first time I have seen that my Su Yan has taken the initiative to ask for a male friend. So it must be done, so good congratulations!”

Su Qiaoqiao said the words’male friend’ and’congratulations’ very heavily, with a smile on his face, as if he had regarded Lin Kai as Yin Suyan’s boyfriend.

Lin Kai just shook his head and laughed.

It was the audience who did not leave when they saw Su Qiaoqiao coming, each and everyone exclaimed, but fortunately, the quality is quite high, no one came to disturb Su Qiaoqiao.

Just staring at Su Qiaoqiao, it seems that they didn’t expect, Su Qiaoqiao came to invite in person for two audiences. It seems that the identities of the two viewers are also very unusual.

Yin Suyan also responded with a smile: “Qiao Qiao, what’s the matter. I’ll ask for this meal, then go to the backstage to change clothes, so we can go early.”

The conversation between Su Qiaoqiao and Yin Suyan was naturally heard by Zeng Zian and Liang Xiaoyan in the back row.

These two people stopped scolding each other, but stared at Yin Suyan with incredible eyes.

2 people absolutely didn’t expect, what Yin Suyan said before was true! The relationship between Yin Suyan and Su Qiaoqiao is really extraordinary!

Before, Yin Suyan said that when the stage play was over, he took Lin Kai to see Su Qiaoqiao backstage.

At that time Liang Xiaoyan mocked. Although Zeng Zian didn’t say anything, he didn’t believe it at all.

But now!

Su Qiaoqiao actually came to invite Yin Suyan and Lin Kai to go backstage!

Can imagine how extraordinary the relationship between Su Qiaoqiao and the two people is!

More importantly, Su Qiaoqiao, what is calling Yin Suyan, Su Yan?

Wait, why does this profile look so familiar?

Su Yan? Yin Suyan?

“Wait! She is Yin Suyan!”

“It’s really! I heard that Su Qiaoqiao’s classmate is the national Goddess Yin Suyan, and the two have a good relationship!”

Some viewers recognized it and exclaimed.

At this time, as if a stone stirred up 1000 waves, the audience who had not left were all shocked.

The spectators who were about to leave were all at the exit door. Hearing the discussion here, they all returned and looked at Yin Suyan.

These performances are enough to prove that Yin Suyan’s popularity is so high that he is worthy of the newly promoted national Goddess.

Moreover, no matter how high the quality of the audience is, seeing Yin Suyan and other national Goddess, each and everyone is crazy.

“Yin Suyan Goddess! Let’s take a photo!”

“Goddess! Just sign it!”

Seeing this scene, Su Qiaoqiao immediately took Yin Suyan’s hand and went to the backstage of the stage play.

As for Lin Kai, he naturally acts as a bodyguard, so that crazy audiences are easily stopped.

When he arrived safely backstage, Yin Suyan was just and honorable and took off the sunglasses he was wearing.

Although the staff inside were also surprised at Yin Suyan’s arrival, they were not so surprised.

They just greeted Yin Suyan one after another.

Because Su Qiaoqiao is in the National Theater.

These staff are also professionals from the National Theater.

In addition, in the past, Yin Suyan would occasionally visit Su Qiaoqiao, and many of these staff members were not so strange about Yin Suyan’s arrival. After all, they knew that the relationship between the two was a girlfriend.

At the moment in the dressing room, Su Qiaoqiao was sitting in front of the mirror, where he was removing makeup.

Although there is a makeup artist who will come to remove makeup, Su Qiaoqiao doesn’t need it. Can she do it herself?

When Su Qiaoqiao was taking off her makeup, she was not idle, but talked to Yin Suyan: “Su Yan, you are bringing a male friend here tonight. This must be my treat. I said it before. Now you Help me think about what to eat.”

Yin Suyan was not polite at hearing this, and said with a smile: “Okay.”

Yin Suyan said, looked towards Lin Kai and asked, “Mr. Lin, what do you want to eat?”

Lin Kai shook his head slightly. In fact, he doesn’t care. He can eat anything, but I think everyone is satisfied with those things.

So Lin Kai said, “Hot pot, it’s just in the autumn. The temperature tonight is still a bit cold. It’s just good for eating hot pot to get rid of the cold.”

“Okay, then hot pot!”

Lin Kai’s proposal really made Yin Suyan and Su Qiaoqiao both immediately agree.

After that, Yin Suyan wanted to go to the toilet, but before leaving, Yin Suyan whispered to Lin Kai: “Mr. Lin, when it is convenient for me to go, if Qiaoqiao asks you, what is your relationship with me, don’t say anything. , Deliberately let Jojo guess like that.”

After Yin Suyan confessed, he left here.

Lin Kai couldn’t help but shook his head and laughed. It seemed that Yin Suyan was trying to cheat on Su Qiaoqiao’s appetite.

Just as Yin Suyan thought, when Yin Suyan left, Su Qiaoqiao didn’t remove her makeup, and turned to the chair. The impatient asked Lin Kai, “Mr. Lin, where are you from? How did you meet Su Yan? How is you two developing?”

Su Qiaoqiao asked 3 questions in one breath, and the questions were quite straightforward.

Lin Kai was speechless and straightforward enough.

However, Lin Kai also followed Yin Suyan’s instructions and did not answer directly. Instead, he answered vaguely, saying that he met on the Internet.

After all, on Weibo, Yin Suyan helped Lin Kai forward the Weibo about Leiyuan Group, which many people still know.

Su Qiaoqiao was impressed by Lin Kai’s words.

After all, Su Qiaoqiao naturally also has Yin Suyan’s Weibo, and the incident was still a big deal.

Because of Lin Kai’s answer, Su Qiaoqiao didn’t get anything useful.

Ever since, Su Qiaoqiao asked directly: “Mr. Lin, do you and Su Yan plan to get married and so on?”

Su Qiaoqiao asked like this to understand the relationship between the two people.

Lin Kai said with a smile: “Look at what you said, the two of us have not yet reached that point. They are just friends.”

What Lin Kai said was also clever. He neither pointed out nor said it was not. The main reason was to follow Yin Suyan’s instructions just now and let Su Qiaoqiao guess.

Su Qiaoqiao was really stunned by Lin Kai’s words, helplessly shook the head, knowing that there was nothing to ask.

She had no choice but to say: “Mr. Lin, I know that Su Yan has a temperament. If it weren’t really interesting to you, I wouldn’t invite you to come here to watch my stage play. No matter where he progresses, Mr. Ruo Lin is also interested in Su Yan. As for smoke, I hope you treat Su Yan sincerely. Su Yan looks like a glamorous star, but she is also a little woman.”

Su Qiaoqiao’s this remark made Lin Kai fall into contemplation.

Lin Kai could naturally see that Yin Suyan was interested in him.

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