God level Extraction System Chapter 1511

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Su Qiaoqiao fell into silence when she saw Lin Kai, and she chuckled slightly. She said what she was saying.

In any case, she only has a girlfriend like Yin Suyan. I feel that no matter what Lin Kai’s identity or relationship is, if she treats Yin Suyan sincerely, she will feel relieved.

Lin Kai was contemplative, Yin Suyan was interested in him, whether he wanted to show congeniality, or seemed to be a little watery.

After all, it is not the time to talk about this kind of wind and snow.

In the end, Lin Kai came to a conclusion, that is to let the flow go.

When he came to the conclusion, Su Qiaoqiao had already removed his makeup, leaving only a light makeup.

Su Qiaoqiao stood up and said to Lin Kai that she was going to change clothes.

Just before Su Qiaoqiao left, a handsome man walked into this dressing room with many roses in his hand.

And this handsome man moved towards Su Qiaoqiao directly.

Soon, the handsome man walked up to Su Qiaoqiao, and then handed the rose to Su Qiaoqiao: “Jojo! Sorry! I’m late! The main reason is that the flight was delayed because of the weather, although I I haven’t seen your performance on the stage, but it must be great!

To express my apologies for my late arrival, I have already booked the best western restaurant in Eastern Sea for dinner together! I went there to see it myself, the environment was very good, no one bothered! “

What the handsome man said is clear and logical.

However, Su Qiaoqiao looked at the handsome man, obviously with a trace of disgust, which is probably annoying the handsome man.

Su Qiaoqiao and Yin Suyan are both well-educated, so she politely refused: “Young Master Bai, first, I did not invite you over, but you are coming from the capital. Second, I have been with friends. An appointment has been made, so I will have dinner with my friend in the evening, so there is no need for you to treat.”

“Young Master Bai?”

Lin Kai suddenly remembered that there is a Bai Family in Beijing, speaking of which he and Bai Family still have some connection.

To be precise, there is a contradiction between this Bai Family and the hidden Aristocratic Family Ye Family until now.

Lin Kai understood, at the Dragon Burial Abyss in Deer Mountain that day, Ba Ye who snatched the reverse scale keel was from the hidden Ye Family.

Yin Shen found out for him, Ye Family Young Master and Lin Yuan were walking very close.

Lin Kai looked at the young Bai in front of him. If he really came from the Bai Family in Beijing, he could understand the hidden Ye Family through the mouth of the young Bai.

If you look at it alone, Lin Kai doesn’t put Ye Family hidden in his eyes, but if he is cooperating with Leiyuan Group, then he has to be careful.

In terms of crafty plots and machinations, Lin Kai admits that he is inferior to Lin Yuan.

While Lin Kai glanced at the white young man, the young white boy heard Su Qiaoqiao say that and snorted: “I made an appointment with a friend for dinner? Who is it? Although you didn’t invite me over, I bought a ticket. Yes, in order to support you specifically, I officially started to tour the country. Knowing that this Eastern Sea is your First Stage tour, it’s very important, so I came here deliberately from Beijing.

Seeing that I am so sincere, you’d better make an appointment with your friend and push it directly. I’m here to invite you to dinner, and the food is definitely the best. “

Young Shao Bai had a thick face. As he talked, he couldn’t help but his eyes fell on Lin Kai, and asked: “Jojo, you have an appointment with a friend, but he failed?”

Su Qiaoqiao’s pretty face responded calmly: “Yes, let me introduce you, this is Mr. Lin. When I finish changing clothes, I will go to dinner with him.”

Bai Shao’s complexion changed suddenly, it seems that he didn’t expect it.

As Su Qiaoqiao’s suitor, Bai Shao certainly understands Su Qiaoqiao a little bit, and understands that Su Qiaoqiao rarely has contact with men, let alone eat together.

So that, after he heard it now, he stared at Lin Kai, coldly snorted: “Mr. Lin is that? Where do you invite Jojo to eat? I want to see, can you afford it? I asked. But the western food of Eastern Sea cream of the crop, there are ingredients of the cream of the crop, and there is even a private band that performs for us during the meal.

As a well-known stage actor, Qiao Qiao is very popular on the Internet, and his reputation status is comparable to a second-tier star. So if you ask, you must go to a high-end place, otherwise the price will be lost! “

Lin Kai was speechless. He was shot while lying down. He obviously didn’t do anything or said anything, so he was targeted by this young master.

femme fatale.

Lin Kai sighed with emotion.

Before Lin Kai could respond, Su Qiaoqiao spoke first: “Sorry, Shao Bai, you have to understand one thing. That is, Mr. Lin did not invite me, but I invited Mr. Lin. As for me, Mr. Lin, where to eat, and You have nothing to do.”

“You invite him?” Shao Bai’s face changed and changed again, absolutely unexpectedly, it was Su Qiaoqiao who invited Lin Kai on the initiative, which made Shao Bai’s heart sink.

It also made his hostility towards Lin Kai deeper.

Ever since, Shao Bai stared at Lin Kai firmly again, sneered: “Are you still a man? I’m sorry to let a girl treat you? Don’t you have the money to treat you?”

Lin Kai indifferently said: “This is Miss Su’s initiative to entertain guests. Of course, it’s okay if I forcefully invite them. It’s just a hot pot restaurant with street food. I think you can afford it.”

Su Qiaoqiao hurriedly said: “Mr. Lin, what are you talking about? I said I would ask, it’s me, how can you force you to ask.”

Shao Bai frowned, “Street hot pot restaurant? It’s noisy and unhygienic there. What to eat there!”

Lin Kai said: “This is called a scent of fireworks.”

“Che, you are indeed a poor ghost. I don’t know how our upper class people would go there to eat!” Bai Shao said, while looking at Lin Kai disdainfully.

Of course, what he said is contrary to expectations, even if the most worthy one eats the delicacies of mountains and seas every day, it will inevitably be greasy and will always go to roadside stalls and the like.

And the roadside stalls are indeed the best.

Shao Bai knew this, but couldn’t admit it. He had to refute Lin Kai and let Su Qiaoqiao see how bad Lin Kai was.

Then Bai Shao looked towards Su Qiaoqiao again and said, “So Qiaoqiao, it is noisy and unhygienic there. I am afraid you will ruin your body. I still accept my invitation to go here for the high-end Western food of the cream of the crop. Places like street shops are not safe. Once someone recognizes you for 10000, it’s not good. For high-end Western food, you can eat it with confidence.”

“Why is it bad?”

At this moment, Yin Suyan just came back, and when she heard Shao Bai say there, she couldn’t help but speak.

Yin Suyan saw that Su Qiaoqiao had finished removing her makeup, but he hadn’t changed his clothes yet, so he said: “Qiaoqiao, I haven’t changed clothes yet, go quickly, and then we will walk away from the hot pot.”

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