God level Extraction System Chapter 1512

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After Su Qiaoqiao heard Yin Suyan’s words, he ignored Young Master Bai and went straight to the dressing room to change the costumes for the performance.

Bai Shao naturally also knows Yin Suyan. Yin Suyan is a national Goddess, except for people who never watch TV, newspapers, magazines, or do not surf the Internet.

Otherwise, they will know Yin Suyan.

Shao Bai was also shocked. Yin Suyan was here, and then said with a puzzled look: “Yin Suyan, you also followed Qiao Qiao and this Mr. Lin to the street food hot pot restaurant?”

Yin Suyan said in a non-salty or indifferent tone: “Unexpectedly, Young Master Bai will also be chased from the capital. But don’t expect you to invite Qiao Qiao, Qiao Qiao made an appointment with us.”

Yin Suyan is Su Qiaoqiao’s best friend, knowing that Bai Shao has been pursuing Su Qiaoqiao.

Shao Bai heard this, sighed, and looked very unwilling, pointed at Lin Kai, and asked: “Sister Yin, can you tell me what is the relationship between him and Qiaoqiao?”

Yin Suyan was taken aback for a moment, what should have been thought of, said with a smile: “Lin Kai is a good friend I invited to come to join Qiao Qiao. Qiao Qiao took the initiative to treat us to thank us.”

After Bai Shao listened, it was obviously sighed in relief, and he gradually turned away from Lin Kai’s bad eyes. It seemed that it was not a rival in love, so he was completely relieved.

Shao Bai thought for a while, and said, “Sister Yin, it seems that you have a different relationship with this Mr. Lin. How about you and this Mr. Lin eating alone? So that Qiaoqiao will not be in the middle, being a light bulb, not equal to me invite Qiao Qiao to eat alone. Of course, you and Mr. Lin eat wherever you like. In short, I will also bear the cost of eating and drinking, how about?”

At this time, Su Qiaoqiao had finished changing clothes and came over, indifferently said: “I am a light bulb, I am happy, Yin Suyan is my best friend. Please have a meal, but you also need to take care? You are not me who!”

Su Qiaoqiao’s this remark embarrassed Shao Bai and didn’t know what to say.

Su Qiaoqiao ignored Bai Shao and said to Lin Kai and Yin Suyan: “We can go now.”

So, three people walked out here together.

But before he left far, Shao Bai chased up with a cheeky, “Um…that I think the street shop is pretty good, very delicious, you go to eat, take me one too! I treat! dinner!”

Su Qiaoqiao faintly glanced at Shao Bai, and said, “Didn’t you say that it is noisy and unhygienic?”

If it were not for her to know, Young Master Bai had no bad thoughts, and the Beijing Bai Family, among those Aristocratic families in Beijing, had a good reputation, otherwise I would not bother to talk to Young Master Bai.

If it were to be replaced, the Young Master commiting any imaginable misdeed, she would directly issue an eviction order.

At this moment, Young Master Bai continued to shamelessly and said, “Isn’t that what I said before, the shop on the street is a fireworks, right, buddy?”

With that, Shao Bai took out a pack of good cigarettes and handed a cigarette to Lin Kai graciously.

Lin Kai refused directly. He hadn’t smoked for a long time, so he planned to refuse.

But he didn’t say much, this Young Master Bai really didn’t have any thoughts, but he had previously regarded him as a rival in love.

Anyone has a bad face to look at their rivals.

Su Qiaoqiao was indifferent to the stalking of Bai Shao, but she let Bai Shao go with him. Anyway, she treated Bai Shaojie as a passerby.

Around 8 o’clock in the evening.

In a hot pot restaurant by the lake, Lin Kai 4 people are sitting outside.

Although this is by the lake, it is also a street shop.

This is a better location deliberately chosen. After all, Yin Suyan and Su Qiaoqiao’s identities are quite special. If you can choose a good place, choose a good place.

Lin Kai and Bai Shao are sitting on the side, and opposite are Yin Suyan and Su Qiaoqiao.

Yin Suyan was actually going to sit with Lin Kai, but Su Qiaoqiao didn’t want to sit with Bai Shao.

Su Qiaoqiao let Yin Suyan be with her, which made Shao Bai sigh.

The hot pot is still there, and Bai Shao 100 is bored, and said to Lin Kai: “Brother Lin, your Rolls-Royce Phantom is pretty good. I looked down on you before, so offensive.”

As he said, moved towards Lin Kai and toasted a glass of wine.

In this regard, Lin Kai just laughed: “It’s okay.”

Yin Suyan and Su Qiaoqiao both wore hats and sunglasses to prevent others from discovering that they were talking quietly.

Shao Bai became bored again, and continued to say to Lin Kai, “Can I discuss something with you? When halfway through the meal, you will take Yin Suyan to play and buy something. Anyway, leave it to me and Qiaoqiao. Time alone, that’s fine, okay?”

Lin Kai nodded: “Yes.”

Young Master Bai is not that kind of bad guy. Lin Kai feels relieved. The most important thing is that Su Qiaoqiao himself does not catch a cold with Young Master Bai. Even if Shao Bai and Su Qiaoqiao get along alone, there will be nothing.

Shao Bai was instantly excited, and kept telling Lin Kai that he was a good brother.

At this moment, the system released a task for Su Qiaoqiao to resolve a difficult situation and leave worries behind, rewarding gold extraction ability.

Lin Kai without the slightest hesitation looked towards Su Qiaoqiao and said: “Miss Su, are you twin?”

In fact, the system has already given Su Qiaoqiao’s personal information. He naturally impossible to say that he had to ask questions like this first.

Before Su Qiaoqiao could answer, Shao Bai was the first to stand up and said with a laugh: “Brother Lin, what are you kidding? I have known Qiaoqiao for several years, but I have never heard of it. Qiaoqiao is a twin. .”

After Bai Shao finished speaking, he lowered his voice and said to Lin Kai: “Brother Lin, this is your fault. You have chased after the national Goddess Yin Suyan. Even I envy you. But you say this now. If it’s amazing, it’s definitely trying to attract Jojo’s eyes, is it possible that, do you still want to catch Jojo?”

Lin Kai laughed and ignored what Bai Shao said.

On the contrary, Yin Suyan and Su Qiaoqiao, when they heard Lin Kai’s words, were stunned, and then both looked at Lin Kai in amazement.

Especially Su Qiaoqiao, she looked towards Yin Suyan and asked: “Su Yan, did you talk about cuteness with Mr. Lin?”

Yin Suyan immediately shook his head: “Qiaoqiao, these years, have you still not understood me? Regarding your secrets, even those close to you, as long as you don’t get your permission, I won’t say it.”

Lin Kai knows who the cuteness of the 2 population is, so he said with a smile: “Miss Su, Su Yan did not tell me, but I know a little feng shui technique. Judge something.”

Su Qiaoqiao was surprised: “Mr. Lin still has this ability?”

Although Yin Suyan was also a little surprised, she had seen Lin Kai with many great abilities, and she could tell this kind of thing by looking at it. It seemed nothing compared to curing Pan Liguo’s terminal illness before.

Yin Suyan said, “Mr. Lin has cured Director Pan’s terminal illness and will not lie.”

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