God level Extraction System Chapter 1513

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The most shocking is none other than Bai Shao.

Shao Bai opened his eyes wide and said, “So, Qiao Qiao, you are really a twin? Why have I never seen your twin elder sister or younger sister? Don’t say I’ve seen it, I haven’t even heard of it. Ever.”

Su Qiaoqiao ignored Bai Shao’s shock. She looked at Lin Kai with interest and said with a smile: “Mr. Lin, Su Yan admires you so much, so I believe you are truly capable. Mr. Lin can also. Seeing one, then I will ask Mr. Lin again, can you see anything else?”

Lin Kai laughed and took the bait. He asked so to attract Su Qiaoqiao’s interest.

Immediately, Lin Kai responded: “I did see other things. Looking at it from face to face, then you are the elder sister of twin, that is to say, you also have a younger sister of twin. For someone else, twin must be Will be together, but you two are different, because you two really have that kind of telepathy.”

Su Qiaoqiao’s beautiful eyes began to show incredible colors, but Lin Kai was really hit by Lin Kai, and it was so accurate!

She is indeed an elder sister, and she has a twin younger sister named Su Mengmeng.

Other twins, at best, have a little tacit understanding, a little tacit understanding than ordinary brothers and sisters.

But she is different from Su Mengmeng, it is completely telepathic, able to perceive what the other party is thinking.

This is Su Qiaoqiao’s biggest secret, and I didn’t tell Yin Suyan about this secret.

This kind of telepathy feels good when you go to school. After all, one plus one is greater than 2. With this kind of telepathy, two people have very good academic performance.

Therefore, they were admitted to their favorite universities.

But after going to university, it’s different.

In the future, they have to live separately. With this kind of telepathic interference, unless two people want to like a man and then marry a man.

However, this is a bit unrealistic, so that the two people have never been in love through childhood, and they rarely talk to boys.

In addition, they are all big now, with their own jobs, preferences, and life.

This kind of telepathy has gradually become a burden and trouble for two people.

Even after graduating from university, two people rarely meet each other. If this kind of telepathy is not resolved, they will not see each other, so as not to affect each other.

They used to be very good sisters. It can be said that they are inseparable, and the two of them are like one person.

Now because of telepathy, there is no way to meet.

In this case, telepathy will lose its effect, but it is also a temporary cure.

Su Qiaoqiao thought of this, deeply sighed in her heart, but thinking of Lin Kai, her judgment became more and more accurate, which gave her some hope.

She sighed to Lin Kai: “Mr. Lin’s guess is good, and too accurate! More than a master! Deity!”

Afterwards, Su Qiaoqiao told his secret.

Lin Kai has already seen her secret, so there is nothing to hide.

After speaking, Su Qiaoqiao sighed again: “It’s been a long time since Mengmeng and I met. Even though they are far apart, they sometimes telepathize. It’s just that when we are not together, that’s all. This is entirely a temporary solution, not a permanent cure.”

Bai Shao and Yin Suyan were surprised when they heard Su Qiaoqiao’s this remark. They didn’t expect the kind of true telepathy in this world.

This kind of telepathy has a good side and a bad side.

Lin Kai has already understood the secret of Su Qiaoqiao through the system.

The task given by the system is to help Su Qiaoqiao and Su Mengmeng, the twin, to solve this telepathy.

Therefore, Lin Kai said with a smile: “In addition to seeing some faces, he also knows some Chinese medicine. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, this kind of telepathy can also be said to be a disease.”


Su Qiaoqiao 3 people are puzzled.

Lin Kai nodded: “Yes, it is a disease. If it is a disease, it can be treated.”

Yin Suyan smiled and said, “That’s very good! Qiao Qiao, I didn’t say it before. The terminal illness that Mr. Lin gave to director Pan Liguo is cured! You must know the terminal illness of director Pan Liguo, even the domestic doctor of cream of the crop , I’m not very sure that Dao Pan can be treated well, but I dare not go for surgery. The probability of death is too high.

Director Pan had only a few months to survive at most, but after Mr. Lin took the shot, it only took an hour to cure Director Pan’s terminal illness! The domestic Doctor Peak in charge of Pan Dao said that only a Divine Doctor who understands Chinese medicine can cure Dao Pan with a high probability. And Mr. Lin, belongs to the kind of Divine Doctor outside the world! “

“God! So amazing! No wonder Su Yan, you have fallen to Mr. Lin!”

Su Qiaoqiao was even more surprised, and then quickly looked at Lin Kai, and said very politely: “Mr. Lin, then can you help me solve this kind of telepathy between cute and cute?”

Lin Kai waited for Su Qiaoqiao’s words and smiled: “I just said that this is a disease, of course it can be resolved.”

Su Qiaoqiao’s beautiful eyes lit up, and she was immediately excited: “Mr. Lin, can it be cured now?”

Lin Kai smiled and nodded: “Naturally, you don’t have to thank me, Su Yan is my friend. You are Su Yan’s best friend, since I encountered this kind of thing, you will still be cured.”

Lin Kai is also telling the truth. If the system does not release this task, if he understood and Su Qiaoqiao has this trouble, he will help solve it.

Yin Suyan was still a little touched when Lin Kai said this, putting it that way, Lin Kai had already regarded her very seriously. Otherwise, I would not say such a thing.

Yin Suyan said to Lin Kai hehe said with a smile: “Mr. Lin, if you solve the telepathy between Qiaoqiao and Mengmeng, I will arrange for you, Qiaoqiao’s free endorsement. The reason why Qiaoqiao In addition to sharpening his acting skills, he has been immersed in the stage play and not in the entertainment circle because of his telepathy with Mengmeng.

If the telepathy is gone, Jojo will choose to go to the entertainment industry to work hard. After all, Qiao Qiao and my university choose the same major, both of which are film and television drama acting departments. With Qiao Qiao’s acting skills, his reputation will not be weak in the future. Wouldn’t it be better to have such a free tool? “

Su Qiaoqiao also smiled and said, “Yes, yes, what can Mr. Lin do to help in the future, I will definitely spare no effort.”

Then Su Qiaoqiao looked at Lin Kai expectantly, and then said: “Mr. Lin, why are you free to help me and Mengmeng to solve the telepathy thing?”

Lin Kai thought for a while, and said, “I’m not free for these two days. I will notify you when I’m done. During the treatment, your younger sister must also be present, just to talk to your younger sister.”

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